Toyota Prado 120 Type With a Wide Range of Product Line!!

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was launched in 1990 based on the Land Cruiser 70 wagon released in 1984.
The 3rd generation of Land Cruiser Prado was launched in 2002 as a more user-friendly town-use SUV that retains the cross-country feel of its predecessor while also having a luxurious interior texture.

The appeal point of the Land Cruiser Prado will be its position to bridge the gap between a large luxury SUV like the Land Cruiser and a lighter luxury crossover SUV like the Harrier. It is more affordable than the Land Cruiser and, of course, has excellent ability to run on rough roads.

The 3rd generation Prado has gained popularity by improving driving performance and safety through one full model change and three partial improvements in the model life of about eight years.


In the full model change in 2002, the diesel engine had the 1KD-FTV type of 4-cylinder 3,000cc common rail direct injection turbo, as well as the conventional 1KZ-TE type and 5L-E type for overseas markets.The drive system was a center differential full-time 4WD that used 2-speed transfer of all cars and Bosch (formerly Zexel, now JTEKT) Torsen gear, and all cars were equipped with a center differential lock and an optional rear diff-lock.
Immobilizers were also adopted for Prado as a protection against car thefts of luxury SUVs.


Partially improved. Changed the 2.7L gasoline from 3RZ-FE to the newly developed 2TR-FE.

White Pearl Crystal Shine
2TR Engine

It was the last domestic diesel vehicle that could be purchased as a new vehicle and registered for passenger use except in regulated areas, while each company withdrew from the sale of diesel passenger cars to strict emission regulations.
There are 5MT and 6MT in models outside Japan.

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Market Price

The Lowest Price of TOYOTA Prado is from FOB: US$7,226!

The price of a new car is in the price range of a luxury SUV, but if it is a used car, it will be much easier to buy. Even if the distance exceeds 100,000 km, Toyota's engine has good performance, so there is no problem in driving. On Carused.jp, the popular RZJ120W starts at FOB US$7,226.

  • Comparision by Grade

    Updated date:
    Grade Seats New Car Used Car
    TX 8 seats US$ 29,100 - US$ 8,060 -
    TX limited 8 seats US$ 30,250 - US$ 10,330 -
  • List of Popular New and Used Car Prices

    Updated date:
    Model New Car Used Car
    KDJ120W US$ 33,300 - US$ 10,900 - US$ 11,500
    VZJ120W US$ 31,200 - US$ 7,800 - US$ 8,500
    RZJ120W US$ 27,000 - US$ 7,600 - US$ 9,300
    RZJ125W US$ 28,400 - US$ 7,100 - US$ 8,000
    TRJ120W US$ 30,000 - US$ 8,200 - US$ 10,000
Compare Models

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VS Toyota Hilux Surf

The Comparison Table of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Toyota Hilux Surf

Model Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (2002 - 2008) Toyota Hilux Surf (2002 - 2009)
New car prices US$ 25,000 - US$ 44,000 US$ 21,300 - US$ 32,500
Used car prices US$ 7,500 - US$ 11,500 US$ 5,500 - US$ 8,000
Body type SUV
Dimension 4,715 x 1,875 x 1,870 mm 4,770 x 1,875 x 1,790 mm
Engine size 2,982 cc 2,693 cc
Drive system 4WD Part 4WD
Seats 5 / 8 5
  • Prado is more expensive, but it's overwhelmingly luxurious and popular compared to Hilux Surf.

    Land Cruiser Prado and Hilux Surf are often compared. Both of those models have similar specifications.
    The feature of Prado is a 5-door type and highly convenient even with the same SUV! Of course, there is also a 3-door type, and it has an extensive lineup. The price range of used cars compared to Hilux Surf is wider which means that it has a wide range of product lines!!

    Including the RZJ120W that we recommended first, the 120 Prado has become a very popular vehicle with a wide range of product lines!
    Even if it is a used car, safe maintenance and high running power are also reasons for its popularity.

    The Hilux Surf is an SUV based on a light truck called the Hilux, equipped with a part-time 4WD, and with the roof extended. Therefore, although it can carry a lot of luggage, it is not suitable for driving on rough roads and can be said to be an SUV that can enjoy outdoor sports.
    Carused.jp has such Land Cruiser Prado in various grades, models, and prices!

    Model Car Price Durability Popularity
    Toyota Land Cruiser
    Prado (2002 - 2008)
    US$ 7,500 - US$ 11,500
    Toyota Hilux Surf
    (2002 - 2009)
    US$ 5,500 - US$ 8,000
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