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Tips on How to Remove Different Foul Smells from your Car

Over the course of time, your car’s interior starts to collect bad odors. It goes without saying that a foul-smelling cabin can be an unpleasant experience for you, the driver, and your passengers. If you’re going to sit in your car for several hours, driving can be incredibly stressful for you.

Thankfully, there is always something you can do to fix this. Whether it’s learning how to clean cloth car seats or doing simple tasks like leaving an odor-absorbent charcoal in the cabin, there are various ways you can do to get rid of the foul smell in your car. Take a look at some tips we’ve put together:

Getting a Car Wash

Sometimes, all it takes is to get a simple car wash and you can get rid of the bad odor in your car, including that lingering smoke smell. A thorough washing of your vehicle can help get rid of debris that may have found its way on the parts of the underchassis and fender liner.

Removing Waste

It may also help if you take out all the trash from your car. You might have left some food wrappers, candy wraps, and empty bottles with leftover contents that have started to decay. Make sure you check under the seats to see if some have found their way there.

Using the Vacuum Cleaner

Especially when you have kids, eating inside the car can be messy at times. This leave a trail of crumbs inside the car which can start to smell if left neglected. It can be tedious to pick these crumbs one by one. Thankfully, you can always use your vacuum cleaner to easily pick up the small bits of food that fell into the nooks and crannies of your car’s interior. Odors tend to get trapped in these areas, especially with vehicles with fabric trim. Vacuuming usually gets rid of the smell.

Leaving Charcoal, Coffee, and Baking Soda in the Car

You can try airing out the car. This means you have to leave the car doors open overnight and let fresh air circulate throughout the cabin. However, if you notice that the foul smell still lingers even after airing out, consider placing a cup of charcoal or ground coffee in the cabin. Not only do they mask pungent scents like smoke smell, they also neutralize and absorb the bad odors. What’s more, activated charcoal prevents mold build-up inside the car.

If there’s spillage on the fabric seats, cloth trim, or carpets, it would be best to immediately sprinkle baking soda on the affected area. Make sure you thoroughly rub the baking soda before leaving it for a few minutes. After that, take your vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda from the affected areas. The great thing about this substance is it effectively absorbs odors and even remove the potential stains.

Hiring Professional Help

If you’ve tried everything in our list and yet the bad smells still linger, it would be best to go to a professional detailer. It is possible that you’ve missed an area. This is especially true when you’re trying to clean out heavy vomit or spillages in your car. The detailers can remove your car’s interior panels and even apply fabric cleaner to all the seats. Once they’ve stripped out the interior, they will be able to find the source of the nasty smell in your car.

Learning how to clean cloth car seats and get rid of foul odors are just some of the essential maintenance tips any driver should know. When a vehicle is properly taken care of, it can stay in good condition and run smoothly for a long time.

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