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Should You Repair or Replace your Engine?

It is only natural for us to find ways to save money and cut down expenses. This is also the reason why JDM cars are popular around the world. They give you the opportunity to own a good car at the fraction of the actual cost. However, what if you already own an older car and the engine starts to break down? When you do not have the budget to buy another vehicle, can you repair or replace your existing engine?

Before you make any decision, it is best that you consult expert mechanics. Make sure that most of them agree that you need a replacement. You can also ask for a repair estimate if they recommend such a service.

What are the Benefits of Replacing your Engine?

  • Whether you own JDM cars or new vehicles, you can save money and extend their life by replacing the engine.
  • You can save license fees, taxes, and insurance costs.
  • You can perform the replacement at a set interval or at the moment the engine fails.
  • Remanufactured engines generally last as long as the original engine, doubling the service life of your car.

Should your Fix or Replace your Engine?

If your vehicle is less than ten years old and you have no intention of replacing it yet, your best option is to replace or repair your engine. As time goes by, trucks and cars depreciate rapidly even when you do not frequently drive them. By the time you need an engine replacement, the ‘trade-in’ or ‘book’ value will become too low that putting more money into the car would not make economic sense. So, if your vehicle is worth less than about $2,000, then you should carefully consider whether you’ll invest money on major repairs. In this case, it is better to purchase a newer vehicle.

However, if your truck or car is more than a decade old and you do not have any other reason to keep it, then it is not ideal to spend another dime on it. Forget about replacing or repairing the engine. Just tow it away to the junkyard or make some money off it by selling it to mechanics. You can also opt to donate it to charity and write it off your taxes.

Some Important Things to Remember When Rebuilding an Engine

Keep in mind that it can be expensive to overhaul an engine that has a lot of miles on it. Often, the process involves boring out the cylinders for it to accept the new pistons. The car shop labor and the parts will add up to the expenses. The mechanics may have to line bore the engine to restore the crankshaft’s roundness and alignment. Moreover, they may need to mill the deck surfaces on the engine block to bring back the proper surface finish and flatness.

Aside from the machine work, the process will require dissembling the engine. It will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for cracks or other damages that might prevent the mechanics from rebuilding the heads or blocks. The rebuilding process may also need a new camshaft and lifters or followers. Moreover, the mechanics may require other new parts, including cam bearings, timing chains, and an oil pump, among other components that are too worn out or damaged.

If you’re going to buy JDM cars, make sure you review the engine’s condition. Here at, we provide comprehensive vehicle history and inspection reports. So, you know exactly what you’ll get when you choose one of our used Japanese cars.

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