Tips of Removing Dents from Your Car’s Door Panel

It is crucial to maintain the appearance of your vehicle because it is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. However, you do not have to break your bank just to do this. If you’re dealing with minor dings and dents, you can save money by repairing them on your own. After all, there are great DIY methods you can use to fix these problems with ease. You do not even have to be a mechanic to use the solution successfully.

In this post, we are going to teach you how to fix a large dent on a car door. Since door panels have thin sheets of metal that are stretched over lightweight frames, they are prone to dents. They are not as sturdy as fenders. However, you can easily repair them without the need to take your vehicle to a professional body repair shop.

How to Pop a Dent on your Car’s Door Panel

If you’re ready to learn how to fix a large dent on a car door, follow the instructions below:

First Step: Making the Surface of the Door Panel Wet and Slippery

Mix dish soap with water, then wet the area around the dent, ensuring that it’s slippery. Now, place a plunger in the center of the dent. Press it against the door panel gently to create suction.

Second Step: Popping the Dent

The next thing you need to do is pop the dent out by pulling the plunger back gently. If the first pull does not work, try pulling harder. To pop the dent out of the panel, you need to pull harder. If the dent is still there, release the suction by sliding the plunger down. Once you’ve removed the plunger, rinse the soap off the door panel.

Third Step: Detaching the Door Panel from the Car

Note: Before performing this step, you need to get a small container where you can keep all the screws you will remove from the interior door panel. In this way, you can find them easily once you put the door panel back in place.

Swing the door open as wide as it can go. Take a Phillip screwdriver, then start removing all the screws from the door panel. Remember that there are screws below and above the door panels. You should also remove the screws from the inside pockets. Take a flat screwdriver, then pop open the small circle or square covers.

Now, you need to pop the internal panel away from the door. You can do this by pulling it away along the edges. You also need to disconnect the door’s wiring from the back side of the interior panel. The wiring should be located behind the panel. Once you’ve disconnected it, you can lift the panel up, then pull it off the door.

Fourth Step: Peeling the Plastic Sheet Off the Metal Door Frame

Keep in mind that strong adhesive keeps the plastic sheet stuck on the metal door frame. You need to peel it off. Remember to lay it flat on a clean area, ensuring that the adhesive does not touch anything. In this way, you will still be able to reuse the plastic sheet.

Fifth Step: Pushing the Dent Out

Place your hand on the back side of the dent, then push it out gently. If that does not do the trick, you can apply more pressure or use a rubber hammer. Gently tap the dent out, putting the panel back into place. Once you’ve taken care of the dent, you can put the plastic sheet and the interior door panel in their original positions.

If the dent is more serious than you can handle, you should bring your vehicle to a professional body repair shop. Knowing your limitations can save you from dealing with costly damages down the road.

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