How to Fix Minor Scratches and Dents on your Car

No matter how carefully you park your car, there are just some thoughtless people who leave scratches or dents on your vehicle. This can be very disappointing to see. Thankfully, in most cases, minor scratches and dents on your vehicle do not need professional attention. They vary in sizes and complexity. So, it is worth learning how to recognize the kind of damages you can repair on your own. This is one of the essential information every first-time car owner should know.

Whether you got your car from a Japan automobile auction or you purchased it from a retailer, you will find our tips useful in dealing with minor dents and scratches. Here are some of the best methods to repair these small damages on your own.


One of the tools you can use to remove dents from your car is by using a clean toilet plunger. You just have to get the plunger’s end wet, stick it on the dent, then gently pull it to see if the affected area will go back to shape. If this tool does not work for you, you can upgrade to a device that uses the same principle. It would be ideal to find one that is specifically designed to pull dents.

Repair Kits

You can also go to auto detailing shops and find kits that use the similar pulling-force method in repairing dents. These repair kits include an adhesive that you can use to attach the tool to the body of your vehicle.

Hair Dryer and Compressed Air

It may seem out-of-the-ordinary to see a hair dryer in any car maintenance tips. However, using it with a can of compressed air may just do the trick in repairing dents. Put the hair dryer on the hottest setting and heat the dent for several minutes. Take the can of compressed air, hold it upside down, then spray the recently heated area. You will start to see the dent returning to its original shape.

The scientific explanation behind this is that the metal expands and contracts due to the sudden change in extreme temperature. The dent pops out, returning the metal to its undamaged state. This method works best on larger areas of metal like the fender, the trunk, or hood.

Repairing the Paint

The methods we shared will work on dented metal. However, what will you do if the paint gets scratched or chipped? Well, there are several methods you can try. You can begin by using a scratch-repair product.

A lot of vehicles on the road today have several layers of paint protected by a clear coat. If the scratch did not reach the bare metal, there is a high chance that you will be able to fix it with the scratch-repair product. You will be able to successfully hide and blend the scratch with the surrounding surface and improve the appearance of the finish.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with paint that’s been chipped from a stone or other mishap, you have to fix it before the metal reacts to the environment and form rust. Thankfully, you can use touch-up paint to hide the small blemishes in the finish. Such product is offered in a range of colors that can match any vehicle paint schemes and finishes. You can find touch-up paint that can be brushed on with a small applicator. If the damage is bigger, it can be applied as an aerosol spray.

These are just some of the ways you can fix minor dents and scratches. If the damage is too big to repair on your own, it would be best to leave it to the hands of a professional.

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