Easy-to-Follow Steps for Moving a Power Seat Manually

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Whether you got your vehicle from a dealership or a used car auction, ergonomics and comfort are crucial to the safety of your drives. You should be able to move your seat to the direction you want to ensure that you won’t feel any hassle while you’re behind the wheel.

When you are sitting conveniently, you will be able to maneuver your car well. On the other hand, if the driving seat’s space is awkward or too cramped, you will not be able to step on the pedals with ease. Eventually, your chair will annoy you, making your driving experience quite frustrating.

These days, modern vehicles—including those from a used car auction—come with power seats. This technology allows you to redirect your chair’s placement, allowing you to maximize your hand-and-feet coordination. While this feature is beneficial and practical, it will fail eventually. Various problems can cause this, including a faulty switch or a damaged unit.

If you want to exercise your DIY skills to be able to move your power seat manually, you can consult this article. Our easy-to-follow tips are applicable for most types of vehicles, including a BMW, Mercedes Benz or a Toyota!

First Step: Remove the Casing or Housing

To be able to free the cable from the motor, you need to unscrew some portions of its housing. Remember that you need to remove the screws to be able to determine what you need to fix inside. Once you’ve removed the screws, keep them in a safe storage place.

Second Step: Inspect the Tubing

When you look inside the conduit (plastic) or tube, you will see the woven propeller. This component drives the motor, so it is essential that you check the condition of the wiring connections.

Third Step: Attach the Sides

To ensure that the seat motor will work, you need to attach one of the sides before the drill and motor. Do not forget to mount it securely, making sure that it functions perfectly. Remember to attach the sides one by one, allowing one seat motor to move at a time.

Fourth Step: Connect the Lines Properly

Make sure you find the right pair of connection to avoid risking your safety. Keep in mind that trying to arrange the wires without looking into or studying the wire diagram can be hazardous for you. Once you’ve properly connected the lines, you will be able to move your power seat manually with ease.

These steps are the ideal option for fixing a faulty seat motor. As long as the motor is connected to the power correctly, you will be able to move your power seat to your desired position. Now, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you can drive comfortably and safely.

On the other hand, if you want an easier way to fix your malfunctioning power seat, we still recommend that you hire an expert mechanic. You can drive your BMW, Mercedes Benz or any type of car to the nearest service center. A qualified technician should be able to fix the issue right to its core. In this way, you will be able to move your power seat to any direction you wish. Moreover, you won’t experience the same problem in the near future.

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