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Engine Model / Code
Engine Model Model Code
6D14 FK335, FK345, FK415, FK416, FK425, FK515, FK615, FK615GW, FK615HW
6D14T FK415, FK515
6D15 FK416, FK516, FK666
6D15T FK416, FK516, FK616, FM516, FM616, FM656
6D16 FH217, FH217GUN, FH227, FH227GUN, FK337, FK417, FK467, FK517, FK567, FK617, FK617GW, FK617HW, FK627, FK667, FK727, FL417, FM517
6D16T FK612, FK622, FK662, FK672, FM612, FM622, FM652, FN612, FN622
6D17 FH218, FH228, FK418, FK618, FK619, FK628, FK629, FK668, FK678, FK728, FL618, FL628, FL638, FL639, FM618, FM619, FM628, FM629, FM658
6D17T FK330
6D31 FK330
6M60T FK61F, FK62F, FK64F, FK65F, FK71F, FK72F, FK74F, FK75F, FL63F, FM62F, FN61F, FQ61F
6M61 FH21G, FH21GG1U, FH21H, FK61G, GK71G, FK74H, FL63H, FM62H
4D34T FK603
4M50T FK61R, FK64R, FK71D, FK71R, FK74R