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Load Capacity / Model Code
Load Capacity Model Code
4 ton FH217, FH218, FH21G, FH21H, FK61F, FK61G, FK61H, FK62F, FK64F, FK64H, FK66F, FK71D, FK71F, FK71G, FK71H, FK71R, FK727, FK728,FK72F, FK74F, FK74H, FK74R, FL61H, FL63H
4-5 ton FH227, FH228, FK622, FK627, FK628, FK629, FL628, FL639
5-7 ton FK62FY, FK65FY, FK72FY, FK75FY
5-8 ton FM622, FM629, FN612, FN622
6-9 ton FM612, FM619, FM652
8-15 ton FK61F, FK62FZ, FK65FZ, FK71H, FK72FZ, FM62F, FM62H, FM63F, FN61F, FQ61F, FQ62F