How to Buy Cars from Japanese Auto Auctions  

Just like a roller coaster ride, buying from Japanese used car auction has its own ups and downs. It is a risky and frightening endeavor, especially if you don’t know where to start looking for the right vehicle. What if you come across a fraud? What if the vehicle has mechanical problems? No matter how big or small, recurring car problems can potentially cost you a leg and an arm.  

 However, if you do find a great car deal, you can save up from buying a top-performing used vehicle. Imagine driving the car of your dreams at a pocket-friendly price. Isn’t it worth every risk? Basically, importing a car requires cautiousness. Once you find the right car export company, you can effortlessly buy a used vehicle with zero risk.  

 If you are thinking twice on investing in a used vehicle, don’t hesitate to weigh the pros and cons of Japanese car auctions. 

 If, on the other hand, you’re already 100% sure about importing a used vehicle into your country, below is a guide on how to buy cars from Japanese auto auctions, minus the sweat and the effort.  

 Tip Top Ways to Find a Car Available in Japanese Auction 

 The first step in exporting a used car from Japan is often the most time-consuming task: looking for the right vehicle.  

 Since not all vehicles can match your specific needs and expectations, it’s important that you set a specific criteria so you can filter all your options as early as possible. Otherwise, you’d be confused with the gazillions of used cars available for export in Japan.  

 Basically, most auction houses restrict the access used car auctions to professional service providers like, which is able to offer you access to around 140,000 used cars from Japanese auctions weekly. If you don’t know where to start your search, reflect on these 3 important factors: purpose, budget and maintenance costs.  

 Access Japanese car auctions for free 

 Is it wise to buy a Toyota Passo if you are 6 in the family? Will your budget fall short in case you need to make upgrades on the vehicle? Maybe the car is sold at a cheap price, but the maintenance cost is high. Always weigh the pros and cons, so you can make the best buying decision.   

 Then, create your own wish list and look for a model that ticks all the boxes in your list. This way, you can shorten your search and make the importation process easy and hassle-free.  

 To guide you as you find a vehicle in the Japanese market, below are two ways you can get the best out of your shopping experience:  

Find a Used Vehicle on Your Own 

  • Use the Auction Tool: Here at CarUsed.Jp, we greatly value your comfort and convenience. We understand that looking for the right vehicle is a tedious task, and this is why we have designed a user-friendly auction tool just for you. Our auction tool is compatible with all kinds of device, including laptops and mobile phones. It’s a powerful tool that can help you find the vehicles on your list. Even better news: it’s for free.  
  • Type the Vehicle on the Search Bar: Once you type your preferred vehicle on the search bar, you can view models and makes that match your request. We grant you access to around 140,000 vehicles on a weekly basis, making it easier for you to find everything that you need all in one place.  
  • View Photos and Auction Sheet: Every used vehicle is graded and marked in an auction sheet. The auction sheet contains unbiased information on the overall condition of the car. By reading the auction sheet, you can spot defects and scratches that may not be visible on the photos displayed on the site.  
  • Place a Bid: If you already found a car that matches your needs, place a bid. We will validate your bid and we’ll make the necessary negotiations so you can buy the vehicle at the lowest and most reasonable price.  
  • Wait for the Results of the Bid: Since vehicles are sold to the highest bidder, you’d have to wait for the results of the bid. If you win, our team we’ll contact you for the car shipping details so you can pick up the car on your pre-selected delivery port.  

 Contact Us  

  •  Pre-Select Vehicle Models and Makes: Before contacting us, decide on the vehicle/s that fit your criteria. This way, we can narrow down your options as we find the most suitable cars available in Japanese auto auction houses.  
  • Contact our Expert Team: Then, contact us by email, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Viber.  
  • Select a Car from Our Pre-Filtered List: Upon accepting your request, we will create a list of cars that match your preferences. We will also send you similar car models and makes that will be displayed on the upcoming auctions.  
  • Place a Bid: Select the car/s that you want to bid for. Place a bid for the car/s so we can make the necessary negotiations.  
  • Wait for the Results of the Bid: Since vehicles are sold to the highest bidder, you’d have to wait for the results of the bid. If you win, our team we’ll contact you for the car shipping details so you can pick up the car on your pre-selected delivery port.  

Payment and Shipping 


A refundable deposit proportional to the amount you bid is required for security purposes. By sending a deposit via email, we are guaranteed that you truly intend to purchase  the vehicle. Without a deposit, your bid will not be validated and processed. The deposit is fully refundable.  

Car Payment 

  • For smooth and hassle-free transactions, send the T.T to our bank account in Japan. The payment should be invoiced no later than 2 business days. Otherwise, your transaction will be automatically cancelled. Once your finished processing the payment, kindly send a copy of T.T receipt either by email or by fax so we can quickly process your purchase.  
  • Once your payment is confirmed, we will reserve the shipping services and de-register your pre-purchased vehicle for exportation. The earlier you send your payment, the earlier we’d be able to ship your vehicle.  
  • Kindly note that our team would not be able to process the shipping if we do not receive the invoice. Completing the payment procedure early ensures faster transactions. 


In case you want to cancel a bid, kindly notify us no later than 2 hours before the auction initiates.  

Shipping Process 

Once you complete the payment procedure, we will book the earliest available ship bound to your pre-selected port. Once booking is confirmed, we will send you the following details:  

  • Name of the ship/vessel 
  • Departure date 
  • Port in Japan 
  • Expected arrival date 

When the vessel departs from the Japanese port, you will receive the information below:  

  • Purchase invoice/receipt (proof that the vehicle was already paid prior to shipment) 
  • Car auction sheet: contains details on the overall condition of the vehicle, including history and mileage.  
  • Car warranty book/car service book  
  • Car inspection sheet 
  • Car de-registration paper 
  • Bill of Lading  

Once the vehicle arrives on your chosen port, you have to present the Bill of Lading to claim the vehicle. Then, you can register the car either by yourself or with the help of a local agent.

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