Top 5 Commercial Vehicles Imported from Japan

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There are many good reasons why people around the world prefer Japanese import cars. Whether you are buying a new or used JDM car, you can expect the same reliability, durability, and performance. The best part is, you can get these vehicles at a more affordable price when you buy them from used car websites like Whether you are searching for a family-friendly SUV or a cargo-capable van for your business, there’s always something for you in this market.

Across the world, Africa is the biggest consumer of used Japanese import cars. If you’re still wondering what vehicle to purchase for your business, keep reading this article. We are going to discuss the top five commercial cars imported from Japan.

Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter

Trucks play a crucial role in any country’s economy, and when it comes to importing these vehicles, the Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter remains to be the top choice among fleet managers and businesses. Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation released this truck as the mid-size version of its Fuso line. It is distinguishable by the ‘Fighter’ badge attached to the front, instead of the common rear placement. Internationally, the Fuso Fighter continuously competes with the GMC W-Series, Chevrolet W-Series, Isuzu FRR / FSR / FTR, and the Bering MD. In Japan, its direct competitors include the Isuzu Forward, Hino Ranger, and the UD Condor trucks.

The great thing about the Fuso Fighter is it is designed and built to have a long lifespan. It has a robust and durable chassis that features no protruding parts, simplifying the way you install the body you prefer. Moreover, it has a broad windshield and a strategically designed mirror, making it more convenient for the operator to see what’s happening around them. It is quite rare to equate comfort with medium-duty trucks, but the Fuso Fighter does an excellent job at this.

Toyota LiteAce Truck

The Toyota LiteAce truck is widely imported by businesses and individuals who need to transport significant amounts of cargo and commercial goods. Most of the models under this line run on diesel fuel. Moreover, they vary in loading capacity, size, and appearance. However, what’s common among them is the widened rear cargo space.

Toyota developed the LiteAce truck after the Japanese automaker saw a growing demand for affordable cab-over-engine trucks with an ability to carry up to 1,000 kilograms. In comparison, the MiniAce truck had a 500-kilogram payload capacity. On the other hand, the LiteAce truck can carry up to 750 kilograms while featuring a three-seat front bench. When you opt to buy a Toyota LiteAce truck, you can choose between a low-deck or high-deck cargo bed.

Toyota HiAce Van

As we’ve shared in our Toyota HiAce van review, this vehicle is the ultimate workhorse and any tradesman’s choice.  It is rugged, simple, and dependable. While there is nothing fancy about any Toyota HiAce van for sale, the four-cylinder petrol engine underneath the passenger compartment allows it to take heavy cargo with ease while maximizing the available load space. Over the years, its dominance has been challenged by vans from Ford, Hyundai, and even cheaper Chinese brands like Haval. However, none of them can match the level of quality and reliability that any Toyota HiAce van for sale can provide.

What’s notable about the HiAce is its broad range of variants. Those who would mainly use it for transporting passengers can opt for the narrow-bodied Commuter. On the other hand, those who with a roomier budget can choose the wide-bodied Grandia GL and Super Grandia. Needless to say, there’s always an ideal HiAce for everybody.

Mazda Bongo

The Mazda Bongo was initially released in 1966 as a cab-over pickup truck and van. Mazda continued to manufacture this line until 2018 when the Japanese automaker decided to concentrate on releasing economy vehicles. When you find the Bongo in used car websites, you will see that it is available in rear-, middle- and front-mounted engines. It is worth noting that this line inspired the long-running Kia Bongo vehicles. The Mazda Bongo is also known by other brand names, including the Mazda Access, Ford Econovan, and the Mazda E-Series.

Through the years, the Mazda Bongo was challenged by vans of the same class from other brands. Mitsubishi designed and manufactured the Delica as a direct competitor of the Bongo. On the other hand, Nissan launched the Vanette line with the same shape as the Bongo and the Delica. Despite being discontinued, Bongo variants remain popular choices in used car websites.

Nissan Vanette

Manufactured by Japanese automaker Nissan, the Vanette was initially released in 1978 as a van and a minibus. It is a versatile vehicle that both families and businesses can use. The Nissan Vanette has an externally compact body, but when you open its doors, you will see that there is plenty of legroom inside. The van was designed with the engine placed underneath the driver’s seat, maximizing the available space.

The Nissan Vanette has plenty of excellent features, including storage spaces, a camera for rear-view parking, intelligent keys, and power windows. Moreover, it has a cup holder which allows the passenger to conveniently carry their drink with them. Most of the models have safety features like standard airbags, side bags, and electronic brake force distribution. The Vanette also offers anti-lock brakes with brake assist that is especially useful when skidding or driving on slippery roads.

These are just some of the features that make this vehicle look attractive to customers. Generally, the Vanette offers a good driving position, allowing it to become a van that provides complete comfort. To this day, the Nissan Vanette remains popular in the Philippines, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius.

So, are you planning to buy one of these Japanese import cars? Well, make sure you make the right decision so that you can get the best value for your money. That said, you should only place your trust in reliable used car websites like

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