Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter – Built for Tough Conditions

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If you are looking for a reliable, medium-duty truck, then the Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter is the ideal vehicle for you. Several generations of this truck have been serving the specialised vocation and general freight sectors for quite some time.

Introduced by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation in 1984, the ‘Fighter’ range was offered in a range of mid-sized and big-sized truck models. The current configuration of the Fuso Fighter has been around for some years now. However, in several countries, it still remains popular due to its reliability, strength and performance.

Popular Used Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter Models

You will be able to find the Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter in different transmissions and drivetrains depending on the model. It is also available in various types of engines, including a 200-HP, a 220-HP, a 245-HP, a 280-HP, a 255-HP and a 270-HP Mitsubishi engine. You can expect good performance and lasting power when you choose the Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter.

At, you will find a wide selection of Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter. We have curated some of the most that most of our customers choose. You can use the engine code or model code to review the specs and auction grade of the available units in our list. Here are some of the most popular Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter models in our collection:

1993 Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter (Manual Transmission)
Model Code: FK618J
Engine Code: 6D17

1999 Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter (Manual Transmission)
Model Code: FK629
Engine Code: 6D17

1991 Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter
(Manual Transmission)
Model Code: FK417JK
Engine Code: 6D16

1988 Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter (Manual Transmission)
Model code: FK417H
Engine code: 6D16

1989 Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter (Manual Transmission)
Model code: FK417Fカイ
Engine code: 6D16

What Makes a Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter the Ideal Truck for Industrial Use

Some of the most desirable features of a Fuso Fighter include its high travelling performance, as well as its aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior. The cabin exterior features properly positioned steps and expansive assist-clip doors that open at a wide angle, making it convenient for you to step in or out. You will also love the roomy storage spaces and the strategically placed switches on the instrument panel.

You can also expect the Fuso Fighter to handle a wide selection of cargo applications. Its fuel-efficient, high-power 6-cylinder engines are designed with torque that is optimised to improve handling even in long-distance travels. Smooth-shifting, six-speed transmissions deliver the power, letting the driver experience the reliable performance for which the Mitsubishi Fuso is known for.

You can open the front panel with the simple press of a button, allowing you to conveniently access the clutch fluid ports, windshield wiper fluid, air filter, wiper motor and links and the radiator reservoir tank. The Fuso Fighter is also designed with a forward-tilting cab that provides easy access to the powertrain and engine. These features make it easy for advanced and even novice truck users to maintain such vehicle.

All of these features are complemented by Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter’s electroplated undercoating that is rust resistant. With its resistance to corrosion, the cab stays stunning with proper maintenance for many years.

Import a Used Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter to your Country

Whether you need a Fuso Fighter in Kenya, Malawi or other countries, you can trust that has you covered. Our team of industry experts have exported several used Japanese cars to various countries for many years. If you need assistance, our team will also provide you with the necessary information to conveniently process your purchase.

For inquiries about importing used Japan cars in your country, contact today!

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