The Best French Car Brands / Manufacturers 2018 – 2019

If there is one thing we’re certain, it’s that French cuisine isn’t the only best thing about France. Dominating Europe with fast, sporty and futuristic cars, the French car industry continues to keep heads turning by continuously innovating car models and makes. By revolutionizing every driving experience, France is able to rise above the stiff competition in the European car market.

Even better news: the French car industry doesn’t just focus on speed and aesthetics as it releases variants that are tailored to every car owner’s needs. From top-performing racing cars to family-friendly vehicles, France ticks all the right boxes without sacrificing brand presence and quality.

Looking to buy used cars Japan from prominent French brands? Let’s get you acquainted with the strongest and toughest French manufacturers today.


Peugeot (puh-joh) may be one tough brand to pronounce, but it definitely didn’t have a hard time entering and dominating the local and international scene. Founded by Armand Peugeot back in the year 1896, Peugeot bears a rich history that strongly personifies the French cultural heritage. As the brand grew and evolved, it further diversified into offering products that perfectly capture the essence of car ownership. Prioritizing comfort and quality, Peugeot continued to grow big until it gained an impressive reputation at a global scale. In fact, the company is one of the top European car manufacturing companies with productions reaching less than 1 million on an annual basis.

As a fruit of Peugeot efforts, the company received prestigious awards from numerous award-giving bodies. From manufacturing military equipment during the World War II to releasing electric cars, SUVs and hatches, Peugeot keeps strengthening the car industry by its enormous contributions.

Aside from conquering France, Peugeot has also grown in popularity in several countries such as China, Russia and Latin America. If you want to buy used cars Japan from this Italian giant, some of their best-selling units include Peugeot 107, Peugeot 301, Peugeot 308, Peugeot 408 and Peugeot 3009.


Citroën won’t take a backseat when it comes to producing top-tier vehicles on an international level. The company was developed by Andre-Gustave Citroën in the year 1991. The idea of creating a car manufacturing company sprung when he was left with an empty factory after World War I. Pioneering several car features, Citroën made headlines as it was the first ever car company that went into mass production outside the US. In just 8 years, Citroën was able to rank as the biggest car manufacturer in Europe and the fourth biggest car manufacturer in the world. One of its legendary vehicles is the Citroën 2CV, which was first launched in the mid-50’s.

From an empty factory to one of the biggest car manufacturing companies, Citroën now offers a huge selection of automobiles that are fit for different driving applications. The company’s lineup includes sport-oriented cars, SUVs, passenger cars, EVs, vans and commercial vehicles. Some of its top-selling models are Citroën C3 and Citroën C4, along with its luxury marque, the Citroën DS, which is a front-engine, front-wheel drive luxury car that was designed to compete against other high-end European cars.

Aside from Citroën’s huge following in France, it also has a great reputation in neighboring countries and in China. Want to buy used cars Japan to save up on your purchase? Other than offering Citroën’s best-selling segment, the Japanese market is also home to passenger and pocket-friendly models including Citroën DS3, Citroën C5 and Citroën C6.


Another major player in the French car industry is Renault–a manufacturing company that offers high quality vans and cars at an affordable price. Founded by Louis, Fernand and Marcel Renault in the year 1899, Renault is best known for providing a variety of vehicles for different industries. Other than the company’s successes in the world of motorsports, Renault also offered a line of truck models in the past before it concentrated on building reliable yet cost-efficient vehicles that are designed for different types of drivers. Whether you are a performance-oriented car enthusiast or a family-oriented buyer, you surely won’t have a difficult time looking for a Renault model that is tailored to your specific needs.

Renault further surged in popularity when it launched Renault Clio III model, which bagged the European Car of the Year Award in 2006. Outside France, Renault is a also a strong contender in Argentina, India, Argentina and Morocco. Some of the company’s best-selling models are Renault Captur, Renault Megane and Renault Espace.


From producing war vehicles for both WWI and WWII to designing racing cars that are exceptional in speed and performance, Bugatti is popular for its diverse car segments. A major contributor in the world of racing, Bugatti received numerous successes because of its top-level vehicles. The company, however, had a setback when the founder’s son, Jean Bugatti, met an accident and died while he was testing a racing car.

Today, Bugatti focuses on manufacturing limited edition sports cars. A true jewel on the road, Bugatti cars exemplify class and sophistication. If you are looking to buy used cars Japan, some of the available Bugatti vehicles on the market are Bugatti Veyron and Bugatti Chiron, so don’t miss on your chance to own one of these French cars.


Venturi may be the newest car manufacturer on our list, but it definitely isn’t the least when it comes to delivering performance and innovation. Founded in the 80’s, Venturi is popular for its line of electric cars. Ever imagined a vehicle running on solar power? Well, you can now that Venturi has designed the first ever solar-electric vehicle. And to finish off, the company also offers electric vehicles that are also fit for the race tracks. Just how cool is that?

Indeed, fresh ideas can help you rise to the top, and Venturi is proof of that. If you want to buy used cars Japan, specifically electric ones, don’t forget to check out Venturi’s top models, which are the Venturi Eclectic and the Venturi Fetish.

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