Different Types of Toyota HiAce Vans for Specific Uses

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It has been five decades when Toyota launched its first HiAce van. Since then, the model has been offered in various body configurations. Because of its flexibility, durability, and reliability, this Toyota van has been widely recognized as the ultimate utilitarian vehicle. It is the ideal working van for carrying tools, transporting passengers, and moving heavy materials and equipment. With its strong engine and bulky exterior, the Toyota HiAce is the epitome of the persevering and resilient spirit of hard workers.

As we’ve mentioned in our comprehensive Toyota HiAce guide, this vehicle is generally available in three classifications—van, wagon, and commuter. The van types are quite popular in the commercial sector because they have the right configurations for transporting cargo. Moreover, their payloads can go as high as 1250kg. Meanwhile, the HiAce wagon is primarily designed for transporting passengers. As such, you will find it in high deck and low deck options, with a seating capacity of ten. Finally, there’s the commuter type which can also be regarded as a minibus due to its 14-passenger seating capacity.

In this article, we are going to discuss certain types of HiAce vans that are ideal for specific uses. After all, this Toyota van is flexible enough to be used for a variety of purposes.

HiAce Panel Vans

When you’re a tradesman looking for cheap Toyota vans for sale, you’d want a vehicle that will allow you to conveniently load and unload your cargo. The HiAce panel van is the perfect vehicle for this purpose as it provides better load-carrying capacity and convenience to your daily workflow. It has a wide, sliding door that facilitates manual and mechanically assisted loading and unloading. No matter what body option you prefer, you can always expect efficient cargo-carrying from the HiAce panel van.

HiAce Minibus

Since the HiAce minibus has ample interior space, a large seating capacity, and an easy entry-and-exit sliding door, it is the ideal vehicle for transporting several passengers. It can be configured to have individual seats for the 12 occupants. Moreover, its powerful 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine can endure all the hard work.

These days there are cheap Toyota vans for sale that are compliant with EURO 5 emissions. So, it is possible for you to find a Toyota minibus that is a reliable and clean performer. What’s more, you can expect it to have an engine particularly designed to withstand the harsh demands of recreational and commercial operators. Whether you’re using this Toyota van for transporting a sports team in lengthy highways of Australia or for moving passengers in the bumpy roads of Kenya, you can trust that it will perform excellently.

HiAce Ambulance

Many emergency units around the world also use the Toyota HiAce van for ambulance conversion. With its high deck body configurations, it can effectively provide ample space for all the necessary medical equipment, tools, personnel, and patients. There are detailers that specifically work on outfitting HiAce ambulance vans with features such as patient restraints, multiple stretchers, roof-mounted electric ventilators, ceiling-mounted IV tracks, oxygen therapy kits, and metal lockers for storing various pieces of medical equipment.

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