The Major Driving Don’ts that Hurt Your Car Battery

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Ask every used Japanese car exporter about car batteries and they only have one thing to say: Defective batteries, contrary to popular belief, are mainly caused by bad driving habits rather than manufacturing defects. Since improper handling and poor maintenance are the culprits behind a car battery’s short lifespan, it’s important for every driver to keep a close eye on some of the major don’ts when driving a vehicle.

Whether you are new to driving or not, the car expert tips below can help you take better care of your vehicle and save valuable time and money from battery repair and replacement.

Neglecting Proper Maintenance

Why regularly check the battery when you can just leave it all to your professional mechanic? For one, most car owners only pay their mechanic a visit when their engine fails or when they need major repairs. Owning a car doesn’t stop at paying your bills over the counter. It just starts there. Car batteries, just like other car components, need regular maintenance. By checking your battery’s voltage and your car’s water level, you can prevent your battery from discharging and you can dramatically extend its lifespan.

Using Tap Water for the Battery

When your car’s water level is running low, there is only one thing left for you to do: add distilled water until you reach your battery’s ideal water level. While it may seem more practical to just use tap water, doing so can damage your battery since tap water contains metal ions that can be highly reactive to electrodes and ions. These chemical reactions can damage your battery’s charging capacity. Distilled water, by contrast, secures the integrity of your battery since it has the ability to dilute lead acid, which is important in maintaining the flow of electricity within the battery.

Not Turning Your Ignition on

Ever wondered why your car battery keeps on discharging whenever you go out of town for extended periods of time? Overusing your vehicle may cause car problems, but leaving your car unattended for too long can also drain your battery. This happens because even when your ignition is turned off, your battery releases energy until it gets discharged. This is why car experts always check on their battery levels to make sure that their battery won’t drain over time.

Not Fixing a Faulty Car Alternator

According to a used Japanese car exporter, checking your car’s alternator is important in maintaining your car battery since it is responsible for charging power cells. If your car always gets discharged, ask your mechanic for car expert tips, or better yet, replace your alternator if it is already necessary.

Overcharging Your Battery

In addition to our car expert tips above, you should always do your homework before attempting to charge your battery on your own. While regular car charging is crucial in extending battery life, overcharging can lead to bigger problems that can pose safety hazards. A lead-acid battery produces hydrogen and oxygen once overcharged. These chemical reactions can lead to two things: shorten your battery’s lifespan or cause an explosion. If you are not sure about how to charge your battery, it’s best that you ask the pros in the field so you won’t encounter bigger car-related mishaps along the way.

Battery maintenance is an important part of keeping your car from malfunctioning. If you need assistance, ask a used Japanese car exporter or a professional mechanic to help you with minor or major car repairs. This way, you can be sure that your foot is set on the right track.

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