How to Fix Problems with your Automatic Transmission Linkage

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Are you starting to hear humming, buzzing, or whining noises coming from your car? Are you beginning to notice a delayed response time on your transmission? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you might need to check the condition of your car’s shift linkage.

How to Diagnose a Faulty Automatic Transmission Linkage

Keep in mind that the automatic transmission is essential in the car’s operation. Once it starts functioning, its gears regulate the travel rate of the vehicle. Moreover, the automatic transmission ensures that the car runs in a moderated and smooth fashion, keeping the car and the driver safe. It is essential for you to diagnose the problem as soon as you can. After all, if the issue is not addressed immediately, it can be harmful not only to your vehicle’s transmission but also for your safety.

One of the most common indicators of a faulty automatic transmission linkage is frequent overheating of the engine. You might also notice that the transmission fluid is significantly reduced. Aside from those, there will be banging and clanging noises while you are driving. In most cases, faulty automatic linkages are caused by the daily wear and tear or the lack of regular maintenance.

If the automatic transmission linkage starts to become faulty, you might notice that it has become challenging to shift your car or truck into gear. You might even notice your vehicle changing gears on it own while you are driving. As this happens, your engine releases a burning smell. It also begins to make the clanging or knocking sounds we mentioned above. When you check the fluids in the engine, you might see that there are metallic clumps and fine particles throughout the device.

By the time the linkage of the automatic transmission becomes severely damaged, the vehicle will not change ears at all and might stop to respond completely. At this point, the Check Engine light will turn on while the car grinds or shakes to a halt.

Adjusting the Shift Linkage

When people buy used Japanese cars or brand-new vehicles from their local dealerships, they usually give no thought about learning how to do some minor automotive troubleshooting. In some cases, adding more fluid fixes common transmission problems. In other cases, the linkage between the control lever and the transmission needs some adjustments.

If you are confident with your skills, you would only need the essential tools for car emergencies to adjust the shift linkage. You need to identify the column shift and the floor shift that are engaged by a cable. It is worth noting that every automatic transmission contains a matching shift linkage. They may vary depending on the car and the cabin. However, for most vehicles the function of the shift linkage is the same.

If the linkage is not correctly aligned, it will cause various problems, including an inability to engage drive or to start the engine. Keep in mind that the exact adjustment method depends on the transmission type and the design of the linkage. However, the usual procedure is to remove the linkage from its connections to the selector lever on the transmission. Make sure that the selector inside the car and the lever on the transmission are in the same control position.

Check the alignment of the linkage. Ensure that the end lines up exactly with the matching section of the selector lever. If you notice any misalignment, you can adjust the linkage. Typically, you’d only need to screw a threaded part in or out. Try reconnecting the linkage, then check if the transmission is working properly.

Whether you need to buy used Japanese cars or you need to get your vehicle repaired, your best bet is always to seek professional help. If you want to ensure that your automatic transmission linkage is appropriately fixed, bring your car to a reliable mechanic.

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