How to Fix Common Windshield Wiper Problems

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Most drivers do not give much thought about the condition of their car’s windshield wipers. These nifty pieces would only get attention when they do not work properly and need repairs. It can be dangerous to drive through torrential rains and foggy roads when you do not have functioning windshield wipers. Clear sight of what’s ahead is essential in ensuring the safety of your drives.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss the common windshield wiper problems. We will also provide appropriate solutions for them so you can get a clear view of the road ahead even amidst tempestuous weather conditions. Whether you bought your vehicle from a dealership or used car auctions, knowing how to repair your windshield wipers is one of the essential car maintenance tips you should learn.

Malfunctioning Sprayers

When you notice that there’s no water coming out of the sprayers, make sure you check if they are clogged in any way. You can do this by taking a cup of warm, soapy water along with an old toothbrush. Immerse the toothbrush into the soapy water, then use it to scrub the sprayer clean. You can also try cleaning the small hole using a toothpick to ensure that there is no dirt left.

Wipers Smearing in Both Directions

If you notice the wipers smearing water in both directions, it is possibly caused by one of the following issues:

  • Blades that are worn out
  • Windshield and/or wiper blades that are dirty
  • Windshield wiper fluid that’s of low quality

To resolve this, you can try using new wiper fluid, then clean the windshield and wiper blades. Get a clean rag and immerse it in hot, soapy water. Clean the soap off, then wipe rubbing alcohol on the edge of the blade. Doing so helps reduce steaking on your windshield.

Chattering Blades

If you notice your blades dragging while you are using them, it is possible that they have oil, wax, or grease build up. The build-up keeps the blades from properly gripping on the window. The solution to this is to clean your windows and blades by hand thoroughly. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, you can try looking at the wiper arm. If you notice that it is already bent, then it is time to replace it.

Wipers Seemingly Can’t Remove Water Beads

It can be annoying when the water beads won’t wipe away. A lot of treatment products for keeping your windshield clear are supposed to cause water to bead and then run off. However, in certain conditions, the water beads do not wipe or run off your windshield. What happens is they stay dancing hypnotically on the glass, affecting your vision.

This usually happens when you’re driving in an area with high pollution. The water beads tend to stick on the windshield due to the residue and grime that has built up on the glass. So, it is important to give your windshield a thorough cleanse, removing any build-up. Make sure you do this before you apply a treatment product that repels water. If you’ve tried using a strong glass cleaner, you might want to think of cleaning the windshield off with wax remover. Just make sure you use the product with caution.

If you’ve tried repairing your windshield wipers on your own yet the issue persists, then it must be time to consult a mechanic. As always, your best bet is to bring your vehicle to a professional. They would be able to assess and repair your windshield wiper problems properly.

If you want to know more tips on maintaining vehicles from used car auctions, make sure you check out our other blog posts!

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