Where do you put Hiace genuine jack?

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Make sure to jack up in the correct position

Now that troubles related to a flat tire have been reduced, the chances of jacking up by yourself are decreasing. However, if you forget the work procedures, it will not help you in case of an emergency. Also, if you fix it incorrectly, you may damage the car body, so you need to handle it carefully. It is important that you read the instruction manual provided with the car and master the correct working method before starting the work.


First, the jack is stored in the lid at the left corner of the step when you opened the left-side sliding door. Since the jack is fixed in such a way as to stretch the top and bottom of the storage part, turning the hook area counterclockwise to lower the height of the jack allows the fixed jack to be loosened and taken out. And take out the jack handle set (handlebar, extension bar, jack handle) and wheel stopper in the tool bag.

Remember that there are basically only four safe points to use a jack. It is important to know exactly where you can hang up before you work.
One thing to keep in mind as a basic theory is to work on a well-paved flat area. Under no circumstances should you go under the car body while jacking up. This is because there is a high risk that a vehicle that has been jacked up might fall.

Start your work by putting the parking brake on. Next, fix the front and rear of the tires located diagonally to the place where you want to jack up with two-wheel stoppers. And in the set where you can put the jack, the rear needs to be fit with the round bumps on the rear of the lower part of the left and right leaf springs with the recesses on the top of the jack.

At the front, there are guide ribs under the floor (frame part) of the body just behind the front wheels so that the round part at the top of the jack fits perfectly, so it is OK to set it there. When using something other than the in-vehicle jack, such as other methods or garage jacks, seek advice from expert advice once. Jacking up in other places would risk breaking the body.

When you open the sliding door on the left side, there is a lid, in which the in-car jack is stored. Make sure you don’t panic in case of an emergency.


The jack-up point is also specified in the instruction manual, so please check. The front side should be applied to this position of the frame.


When using a lift in a maintenance shop, use the front side of the leaf spring in this way. The bump at a rear side is OK.

The jack-up point at the rear should be on the bump at the end of the leaf spring. Other places may damage your car.

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