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Import Left Hand Drive from Japan

Are you looking to import Left Hand Drive cars to your country? We at can help you with that. We will be with you in every step, from selecting your cars, setting your budget until shipment to your country.

We have previously exported to Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, (Luxembourg), UK, Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Vehicles are inspected for their Exact Condition

The long-lasting popularity of Left Hand Drive vehicles with Japanese car enthusiasts has created a unique market of second-hand European cars (Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche and more) that are open for export, and available at interesting prices for private users as well as for resellers. Every week there are thousands of good condition vehicles throughout the country that we can bid on for you.

Afraid of high taxes once the vehicles arrive at the port? We advise you on the costs and check via our free inspection before bidding. Each vehicle are inspected twice to ensure it's exact condition.

Get a free consultation from our Experts

Our European Market Experts are available 6 days a week to advise you in market price on the vehicles in Japan, on import procedures and every other question you might have on the process. We have the experience and knowledge of both the market in Japan and in different EU countries to advise you on which models in what condition it is possible to buy in Japan. The exact cost breakdown, all information and pictures on the vehicles and the results of the inspection are shared with the customer, there are no hidden costs or facts.

Subscribe for our weekly left hand drive auction email

In order to keep you updated on the vehicles that are coming at the auctions, we send out an exclusive auction mail for free twice a week, with a selection of vehicles that you might be interested in. For all of the vehicles in the mail we send additional photos, the translation of the auction sheet and can do the free inspection before bidding.

How do i make my own Auction Email Alert

  1. 1. Login or Signup/Register to our website
  2. 2. Go to https://carused/jp/mypage/wishlist
  3. 3. Enter your search parameter
  4. 4. Click add to wishlist
  5. 5. Done! You will start receiving FREE Email alerts for upcoming auctions
Auction Email Schedule: You will receive the FREE Auction email alerts every Wednesday and Thursday and Results on Friday and Saturday

How it works - Bidding, buying and importing process

  1. 1. Find an interesting unit for you
  2. 2. Arrange the refundable auction security deposit via PayPal / bank transfer
  3. 3. Get a free consultation including the translation of the auction sheet, all photos and market price information
  4. 4. Give an offer on the vehicle.
  5. 5. Wait for the bidding result on the actual auction day
  6. 6. If we won the bidding, we issue the invoice and finalize shipment once the payment has been confirmed.
  7. 7. The car arrives at your port after about two months time.

Why Choose

There are a lot of Car Export companies in Japan, but we are proud to say that our services are the best! is renowned for its professionalism, love for detail and ability to provide the best possible service for its customers. Throughout the years we have successfully exported hundreds of Left Hand Drive vehicles around the globe. Our multilingual personnel will know how to answer all the questions you have and replies in English, German, French and Japanese to all of your inquiries. We take pride in our attention for detail and will support you with our knowledge so that importing from Japan will be a pleasant and worth repeating experience for you. we have listed the rasons why WE are the best choice for you!

  • We are a Japanese Company
    We can accurately translate the auction sheet which is written in Japanese and assist you at the auction.
  • We have access to ALL Car Auctions in Japan
    with over 140,000+ Cars listed weekly. not many offers this kind of access to the Car Auctions. We provide this access to you for FREE!
  • We provide Auction Car Alert for FREE
    List any number of cars and we will notify you if it is coming to the Auction soon. You will also be notified of the auction results so that you will have a future reference as to the market price of the vehicle.
  • NO Hidden Fees!
    we can provide you all the details that you need. You can request for our agent fee table
  • We are on your side!
    We want to win the Auction at the lowest price possible for you! Why? Because we do not put a margin on the Auction cars, we only have our low agent fee. We will try our best to get the car for you at your budget!

Our Satisfied Auction Users


New Comments from Oman about 2003 Ford Mustang

The car I bought from Carpaydiem is in immaculte codition and I would like to recommend this seller to my friends and my future purchase. Best regards Mr.ARK786


Our Cars Becomes Precious Gift for Father!!! from Arab Emirates!

I'm happy with the Hiace-Super Saloon you sent me, very happy actually. That's my dad the with the bus i bought him


Happy To See the Customers Happy Face from UAE!!

Hi how are you today Happy new year Thanks for nice co-op with me .Car is very good. Thanks again for your co-op Thanks Tamim


New Review From Bahrain!!

Thank you very much this like new car


Totally satisfied

1. What do you think of the quality of communication between you and Totally satisfied. - I communicated with carused with emails and whatsapp. I always got replys fast. 2. ...