Toyota IST Overview

The Toyota IST is a compact five-door hatchback in the style of a crossover SUV that was introduced in May 2002. Toyota IST has been popularized because it was functional as a wagon and had comfortable spacious four seats.

The design and concepts were based on the first-generation "Vitz", the model featured protruding fenders and large-diameter tires, and was powered by a 1.3-liter or 1.5-liter straight-4 engine. The transmission is a 4-speed AT, and the drive system is FF or 4WD.

With its unique and user-friendly package design, it has attracted a high level of attention, especially among the younger generation, and has grown to become a highly popular model in the "Vitz" family as a powerful and dynamic model.

The Toyota IST is a fuel-efficient car that doesn't compromise on style, especially with the addition of alloy wheels. Enjoy impressive performance and sleek design with this versatile vehicle.

Popular Keywords and specifications for Toyota IST

Toyota IST was invented based on "Vitz". Since its introduction, Toyota IST has been a popular car also known as Scion A, Scion xD, Toyota xA or Toyota Urban Cruiser all over the world. In addition to its sporty sophisticated body model, its great fuel efficiency made this car world-famous.

Engine & models

Toyota IST NCP60

NCP60 is the model of the first generation from 2002 to 2007.

The car was available in 1.3L and 1.5L new-generation BEAMS (Breakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanism System) equipped with VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing-intelligent).

The lightweight body is characterized by agile dynamic performance for exhilarating acceleration and flexible practicality in the mid- to low-speed range, resulting in a nimble on-road performance suitable for an urban compact model. The 2003 toyota ist and 2004 model are recommended for their reliability and affordability.

Toyota IST NCP110

NCP110 is a model of the second generation of Toyota IST, from 2007 to 2016. It features a crossover style with a stronger SUV color than the first generation, and the tire size has also increased from the first generation’s 185/65R15 to 195/60R16.

The 2NZ-FE type 1,300 cc (87 PS) engine that was available in the first generation of IST was discontinued, and a 2ZR-FE type 1,800 cc (132 PS) engine was added in its place. Together with the 1NZ-FE 1,500 cc (109 PS), which is still available in Japan, the overall displacement has been increased. The European version has two types: the 1NR-FE 1,300 cc (irregularly called 1.33 L in Europe) and the 1ND-TV 1,400 cc diesel turbocharged version. The car was sold in the U.S. and Europe.

1NZ engine

The 1NZ engine is an inline 4-cylinder 1,500cc transversely mounted front-wheel drive DOHC 16-valve naturally aspirated petrol engine.

The longer stroke ratio provides torque, especially in the practical use range, and is characterized by excellent reliability, economy, and durability.

2NZ engine

The 2NZ engine is a short stroke engine with a bore (bore) of 75.0 mm, stroke (stroke) of 73.5 mm, and bore stroke ratio of 0.98.

This engine is also installed in the first and second generation of Vitz, Will Vi, Platz, Toyota Yaris Verso and so on.

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Toyota IST price

There are several models that are popular in Toyota IST.
We will show the average FOB price range of popular models.

NCP60 US$ 900 - 2,600
NCP61 US$ 2.000 - 9,000
NCP131 US$ 2,500 - 8,500

Common Issues With Toyota IST

Some problems with a vehicle only become apparent after many years of use. However, others are technical issues where manufacturers are forced to issue a recall.

If the manufacturer corrects the issue in time, it most likely will not affect the reliability of your Toyota IST. However, there are instances where an issue may have gone unresolved.

Fortunately, manufacturers provide needed maintenance for defects for an unlimited amount of time. Accordingly, you'll want to have your mechanic check if any recall fixes were missed if you purchase a used Toyota IST. You can start by having the mechanic check your vehicle history with the VIN number.

Toyota IST is definitely a reliable car as it is a world-famous one. However, there are a few potential issues with the vehicle.

One of the issues is that there is a rare risk that the drive shaft may break, rendering the vehicle inoperable.

Popular Usage

Since Toyota IST has sporty and stylish exterior, cool interior, and driving performance make Toyota IST a car for young people who want to enjoy a sporty atmosphere rather than a car for families.

In addition, the body style of the IST is tailored to give it an SUV-like appearance, and it evokes an image of higher quality than its other types of cars. The standard tires and wheels are 15 inches in size.

However, as it has spacious cabin room, it depends on the user how to use this car. Also, this car is used as a family car or business car.

Rivals of Toyota IST

Toyota IST and Honda Fit are often compared. Both of those models have similar specifications.

Focusing on the tank capacity and fuel consumption, it is 42 liters for the IST and 40 liters for the Fit, and JC08 mode fuel economy is 17.2 km/L vs. 21.8 km/L, so theoretically the range would be 722 km and 872 km when running until fuel is empty. That means users do not have to refuel so often even during long-distance driving.

Furthermore, the IST has a larger displacement for more top speed and acceleration as its displacement is 1,496cc while Fit has 1,317cc for displacement. For prices, the ist car price is usually slightly cheaper than Fit.

Beside the equipment, Toyota IST is offered for a more friendly and wide range of price than Honda Fit. So by choosing Toyota IST, customers can find the most affordable car for them. has such Toyota IST in various grades, models, and prices!

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