Which do you think is going to win? High deck vs low deck In the case of a truck.

When buying a truck, what are the criteria for choosing?

Maker, model, usefulness (flat body, dump truck), load capacity, model cord, year model, odometer, shift (manual or automatic), and high deck or low deck?

So, do you know the differences between a high deck and a low deck?

High deck: As its name suggests, a truck with a high height from the ground to the truck bed. In many cases, the front and rear wheels are the same sizes.


Low deck: On the other hand, a truck with a low height from the ground to the truck bed. The rear wheels are often smaller than the front wheels.

Given this information, which is more popular? The high deck truck or the low deck truck?

Let me introduce you to an example of a common business negotiation at Carused.

Our Customers requests

Customer: I want a manual Canter with a 2 ton dump truck with either a 4d32 or 4d33 engine model.

Salespeople at our company


What country are you from? Where would you like to set a destination to be shipped? What price range will you be thinking about?

Will you accept a low deck, or does it need to be a high deck?

Within the budget, you can buy a car with around this mileage, but what about this truck?

As you can see from this conversation, high deck trucks tend to have higher vehicle prices in overseas export markets, while low deck trucks tend to have lower vehicle prices.

Why is that?

These trucks, which are mainly popular in Africa, are expected to be used on rough roads, and the high deck has higher driving stability, which allows stable driving even on undeveloped roads!

Since the number of rotations is smaller than that of a small tire, the wear of the tire will be reduced which is another advantage. Also, when a car has the same size tire in the front and rear, only one spare tire will be needed.

In addition, considering the work efficiency, a low deck has some advantages. For instance, it has a knocking-up feeling and absorbs vibrations well to reduce the burden on cargo and a driver. But even if these advantages are taking into account, a high deck will have a much higher value.

However, there are some customers who are looking for a low deck because the price is cheaper.

We propose a car which meets the user’s needs, so please contact our professional staff at Carused.


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