How is the vehicle shipped?

You may have some questions in mind regarding Shipment of your vehicle, but in actuality, it’s so simple! Here is the complete guide.

How is the flow after the payment?

After making the payment for the vehicle comes the shipment process. Your car will be loaded after we have confirmed your payment and you will be notified of the departure and arrival time of the ship. All of the necessary documents will then be sent to you. Once you have received the documents, please make the necessary processes on your end of the customs clearance in order to claim your car.

How do I get the car at the port?

Once you have made the necessary process required for your vehicle’s customs clearance, you will need to bring with you the B/L(Bill of Lading) we have sent in order to claim your car at the appointed discharge port.

Shipment of your vehicle from the original location to the port of your choice can take from approximately 1-2 months depending on the country.

In what way can I deliver the car from the port of discharge to the nearest city?

Our responsibility will cover from Japan to the port of discharge. Therefore, you will need to pick up and drive the vehicle yourself or use a local transportation company from the port of discharge in order to deliver the vehicle to your address. If you do not know a local company, we can introduce one to you. Feel free to contact us.

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