Top European Car Brands that Can Make You Green with Envy

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The Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa aren’t the only reasons why Europe is a renowned destination. Aside from its picturesque tourist spots and its rich cultural heritage, Europe is also known for its super cars, which are produced by world-class car manufacturers. Luckily for you, you don’t have to travel to Europe to get yourself a top notch vehicle, especially now that online auctions are now making headlines in the automotive industry.

If you are planning to invest in used cars online or to buy left hand drive cars Japan, you landed on the right page because below is a guide on the top European car brands that put the word “super” in cars.


The car industry is a fighting arena, but despite the stiff competition, Germany shows no signs of backing down with its elite line of vehicles. Home of Audi, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes, Germany ups the game in the automotive industry by manufacturing vehicles that flaunt sheer class and elegance.


Audi makes driving easy by infusing cutting-edge technological features into every vehicle. Aside from displaying information on navigation, entertainment and overall car condition, Audi is also known for Audi Connect–a feature that offers drivers information on weather, traffic and road directions. And we haven’t even started on the quattro system yet. Developed by Audi, quattro system is a mechanical feature available in all Audi models. It replaces the conventional four-wheel drivetrain with a lighter and more efficient center differential, which is an important feature for those who are after speed and performance.

If you plan to buy used cars online, don’t miss out on checking some of the best-selling Audi models, including Audi Q5, Audi A6, Audi R8 V10 and Audi A3 convertible.


If luxury has a face, it would be Mercedes. A brand that continues to break boundaries by its innovative features, Mercedes proves that everything is possible with the right set of technology–and yes, this includes driving on autopilot. You heard it right. E-class Mercedes models come with a Drive Pilot feature, which enables vehicles to drive on pilot mode with a top speed of 130 mph. Also, Mercedes cars can park on their own, making it easy for you to drive and park.

With so many sophisticated Mercedes car models, it’s hard to pick just one favorite, but if you are decided to buy left hand drive cars Japan produced by Mercedes, some of the best-selling and most exported models are Mercedes Benz CLS 250, c-Class Cabriolet, S63 Coup and 380 SEC.

Great Britain

Aside from the sexy British accent, one of the things Great Britain is known for is its fast and sporty cars. Who wouldn’t spot Bentley and Aston Martin even from afar? If you’re a car enthusiast who’s looking for used cars online, below are some of the best Britain has to offer.


Bentley isn’t going to say ‘no’ to any competition as it has everything you can possibly want in a classic and timeless vehicle. Roaring loud in the world of motorsports, Bentley takes all the weight of driving off your shoulders as it offers you a reliable driving experience. Recently, the company launched the Continental GT road car, which is sleeker, faster and more reliable. Its lightweight, race-ready body configuration makes it easy to effortlessly make turns without wasting time.
The company has a strong presence in the US, the UK and the Middle East, with increasing units sold on an annual basis. Bentley Arnage, Continental GT and Brooklands are some of the best-selling models from the car manufacturer, but if none of these tickles your fancy, you can still buy left hand drive cars Japan that are equally efficient. You can even look for used cars online that can fit your budget range.

Aston Martin

If you’ve seen James Bond in action, you’d know how classy and efficient Aston Martin cars are. Designed to dominate with its classy facade and its gorgeous mechanical features, Aston Martin keeps all heads turning with its intricate car features. The brand is most famous for its grand tourers and luxury lineup, but it also offers a wide arrange of car variants that can fit your day-to-day needs.

Want to feel what it’s like to be James Bond? Buy an Aston Martin car from the list of used cars online. Some of the iconic brands manufactured by the company include Aston DB5 saloon and DB4 convertible, which, by the way, have a high market value in both local and international markets.


Italy definitely won’t back down from the lions in the car industry as the country also has its fair share of world-renowned brands. A fortress of class and sophistication, Italy is a major game player in the automotive field. If you’re planning to buy left hand drive cars Japan, let’s first have a go at what made Italy so popular and well-esteemed.


It’s no secret that Ferrari is and will always be a legend in Formula One and in other car racing events. After all, the cars produced by this Italian company are all fast and ultimately furious. Everything about Ferrari makes you want to drive endlessly whether you are on the race track or on a regular urban road. The high-priced models of the company show you real value as they are all made with top-class technological features that you only see on movies and magazines. As the pinnacle of motorsports, a Ferrari car isn’t something that you regularly see on the road, but when you do, you’d surely just be amazed with how perfect overall makeup.

Still looking for used cars online? Better check out Ferrari F12, 599, 458 and 488 and prepare to be wowed!

It’s easy to buy left hand drive cars Japan or find used cars online if you’re looking at the right place. If you need help in finding the right car for you, don’t think twice on contacting us.

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