Japan’s Best of the Best: Top Japanese Car Manufacturers that Set Fire on the Road

If you like your cars fast and reliable, a visit to Japan can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. From unbeatable racing cars to heavy-duty trucks, Japan leaves no stone unturned when it comes to offering a variety of top quality vehicles.

Planning to buy used cars Japan but still half-hearted on booking a two-way ticket? Let’s take a virtual tour on some of the companies that made this country a true legend in the automotive industry. Who knows? You might not need the plane ticket anymore since Japanese car exportation is now on the rise.

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6 Reasons to Buy Used Cars Japan: Top Japanese Manufacturers

Toyota Motor Corporation

There are countless reasons why Toyota is a high-ranking car manufacturer, but if there’s anything that the company proves, it’s that quality doesn’t have to come at an expensive price. With over 75 years of experience in the field, Toyota continues to elevate every driving experience by injecting fresh and innovative technological features into every vehicle. It manufactures around 10 million vehicles every year, and it surpasses all expectations because of its reliability, cost-efficiency and ease in maintenance.

Prius, one of the best-selling hybrid models worldwide, is a product of Toyota’s ingeniouses. As the forerunner of electric and hybrid automotive technology, Toyota incessantly climbs the ladder to success as it diversifies to meet every car enthusiast’s needs. In response to the company’s high demand in the US, the Japanese automaker has also launched a plant in North America. Today, new and used Toyota models and makes are being exported from Japan on a daily basis, with passenger cars topping the export charts. Indeed, with this company on board, it’s easy to buy used cars Japan without a speck of doubt and hesitation.

Honda Motor Company

After receiving enormous success in the motorcycle industry for nearly two decades, Honda Motor Company expanded its services and manufactured vehicular models and makes that soon put the Japanese brand at the top of the game. Just like Toyota, Honda is known for producing cars with a hybrid powertrain, which is proof of the company’s commitment to go green.

One of its best-selling models, the Honda Civic, put the company on the map when it was first launched in the year 1972. This iconic model, along with other vehicles such as the Honda CR-V and the Honda Accord, are some of the top exported models in the US and in other parts of the world. Bringing innovation at the table, Honda Motor Company remains to be one of the most successful car manufacturers at a global scale.


It’s hard to resist the unique charm of Subaru, especially if you’re planning to buy used cars Japan that feature a symmetrical all-wheel drivetrain, which was pioneered by none other than this Japanese company. Aside from its impressive powertrain, the company also developed flat boxer engines that later became a trademark of Subaru models and makes.

Even greater news for sports-oriented enthusiasts: Subaru Impreza WRX, which is among the best-selling cars of the company both locally and internationally, has bagged numerous awards and was crowned as one of the best rally cars to date. Taking every day drive to a whole new level, Subaru gives you all the reasons to get excited about owning your own vehicle. So get your heart ready as this Japanese manufacturer can effortlessly win you over with its impressive mechanical features.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Positioning itself among the best car manufacturers in the world is Mitsubishi Motors Corporation–a company that symbolizes sheer success and determination. Mitsubishi’s effort to rise against financial losses and controversies was no less than successful as it has managed to pave the way to stardom with its newer models, which are durable, reliable and passenger-friendly.

As one of the giants in the automotive industry, Mitsubishi sets new records with its famous off-road vehicles such as Lancer Evolution, Outlander and Pajero, which are some of the most-exported vehicles across different countries. True to its commitment to keep wheels turning even on the most challenging terrains, Mitsubishi has bagged awards from motorsports competition worldwide, making it a top contender in the sports division.

Nissan Motor Company

Completing half of the Nissan-Renault merger, Nissan Motor Company is among the top Japanese manufacturers of commercial vehicles in the world. Brand new or not, Nissan guarantees nothing less than exceptional vehicles that can go from day-to-day driving to commercial applications, making it one of the go-to brands of those who are planning to buy used cars Japan.

Although Nissan already made a huge name in Japan, the company did not stop there as it is also a common household name in Russia and China. Thanks to its highly reliable passenger cars and heavy-duty trucks, Nissan rose further into prominence not just locally, but globally.

Suzuki Motor Corporation

Looking for a cost-efficient yet reliable vehicle? Suzuki Motor Corporation got you covered. Known for its kei cars, four-wheel drive vehicles and commercial trucks, Suzuki keeps its steadfast approach in manufacturing lightweight and highly economical vehicular models and makes. From producing motorcycles, the company has risen to be one of the top 10 car manufacturers in the globe.

So if you want to buy used cars Japan without burning a hole in your pocket, don’t hesitate to take a quick look at the wide array of vehicles offered by Suzuki. Aside from motorcycles and kei cars, the company is also popular for its outboard marine engine and ATVs, making it the ideal choice of those who after fun, performance and reliability.

With Japanese car manufacturers pioneering innovative car features, it is not difficult to buy used cars Japan with ease and confidence even if you are living halfway across the country. From passenger cars that are grade A in comfort to robust, heavy-duty vehicles fit for all commercial applications, Japanese manufacturers are sure to meet all your needs and expectations. If you need information on car exportation, contact us now!

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