How to Remove and Replace the Tires of your Toyota Hiace Van

Generally, a Hiace van is a commercial workhorse. So, if you own one, chances are you use it for deliveries or for transporting passengers all-day-long. No matter how excellent the Toyota Hiace specifications are, the vehicle’s tires can blow anytime, anywhere. So, it is important that you know how to change your van’s tire in the event of an emergency or a breakdown. In this post, we’re going to discuss all the basic repair information for changing your tires.

Signs of a Flat Tire

Knowing the right tires for specific road conditions is one thing, but learning how to detect a flat tire is a different matter. If your van has a modern tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), you will see the warning lights illuminating, prompting you to check your tires. You will also hear noises from the tires while the ride becomes abnormally bumpier. If you notice the steering wheel pulling in one direction, then it must be high time you check your tires. At the early signs of a flat tire, you must pull over to a safe place that is away from traffic. Check every tire and look for signs of air loss.

Preparing Accordingly

If you do not have a spare tire for your Hiace van, you should get one immediately. Remember to check this tire from time to time. You would not want to replace a blown tire with another damaged tire, right? You should also keep a flashlight and tire gauge in your vehicle at all times.

How to Remove the Flat Tire and Replace it with your Good Spare Tire

After parking your van in a safe place, get the items you need for changing the tire. You’d need a jack to lift your van off the ground. However, remember not to prop the vehicle while you are underneath it. Make sure that the vehicle jack is extended about an inch shorter than the frame of your van. Place it below the vehicle and raise it, allowing the jack to come into contact with a solid portion of the van, near the tire that needs to be replaced. Keep on raising the jack until it lifts the corner of the van about one to two inches off the ground.

To see the lug nuts attached to the rim of the tire, you might need to remove the hubcap. Get the tire wrench, and use it to loosen each lug nut. Remove each of them while sufficiently supporting the tire’s weight Once you’ve removed the lug nuts, you should be able to remove the flat tire easily and replace it with the spare tire.

Reattach the lug nuts and use your hands to tighten them. To tighten them further, use the tire wrench. Once you’ve secured the spare, you can lower and remove the jack. After that, place all the tools back inside the van.

Some Reminders About Using a Spare Tire

It is important to note that the spare tire is not intended as a permanent replacement for the damaged tire. You should only use it for a short period of time at speeds lower than 50 mph. Your spare tire is just a temporary workaround that will allow you to drive until you reach a car service center. It should be replaced with a full-size tire with the help of a hydraulic tool to ensure optimum performance and safety.

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