Replacement and maintenance of wiper blades

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Deterioration of wiper is often neglected to check

Let’s check regularly

Since the wiper is used only in rainy weather, it is easy to forget it, but if it does not work in an emergency, it will not be possible to secure the field of front vision and you will not be able to drive.

The most important thing to check at a car inspection is whether the cracks are at the rubber of the wiper blade and opposite ends. Each time the wiper moves left and right, the rubber breaks, so if the rubber becomes old and loses its elasticity, both ends will be cut off.

A cracked wiper will not only pass a car inspection but also does not clean the windshield. If you think the small crack is not serious, the crack will get bigger quickly and the rubber may be torn when the wiper was in use.

In other words, if any cracks are visible, the blade rubber should be replaced immediately.

Even if the blade rubber hasn’t had any cracks yet, replace it if the wiping condition is not very well when the wiper is used. If it stains a circular arc on the wiped surface, it is time to replace it.

Replacement of blade rubber can be done not only at dealers but also at car supply stores and gas stations. Although it is not so expensive, it is a very important functional component for safe driving in rainy weather. You need to pay attention to the quick replacement.

Another problem related to the wiper is that the root of the blade is loose, resulting in malfunction. In this case, it can be solved by tightening the nut at the base and firmly fixing it.


If the wiping condition becomes unwell when you are away from home, emergency measures are possible. Since the left and right wiper blades are the same lengths, if the passenger’s seat blade is still OK, it can be temporarily used by replacing it with the driver’s seat side. However, there are many cases where the passenger side has deteriorated in the same way, so it is safer to replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

When it is parked in outside parking, or when using the wiper, the first time in the morning, the windshield is frozen and the wiper rubber is stuck, forcibly moving the wiper may damage the mechanism and the blade rubber. This is a point that you need to be careful.

The wiper blade is fixed with a U-shaped hook. Since there is a claw hook, you can easily remove it by pushing it and pulling it out.






When installing, it is OK in the reverse order of removal. It is possible to replace only the rubber part. This is usually cheaper, so we recommend this method.

There are rare cases where the root screw of the arm becomes loose and malfunctions. In that case, it can be solved by removing the cap and re-tightening.

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