Hiace partial wear can be prevented by rotation

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Regular rotation can extend the life span of tires!

Cars have drive systems that run on 4 wheels, but depending on how it is used, how it has been loading luggage, or how frequent the maintenance has done, the four tires are not evenly worn. It is possible that the alignment is out of order, so it is recommended that you need to have your dealer check the suspension system.

Now, even if the car is normal, regular rotation (replacement of tire positions) is recommended in the instruction manual in order to wear all tires in a well-balanced manner.

Everyone thinks that we have learned at least once in a driver’s license training, but the idea is to use five tires including spare tires in order to wear them evenly and efficiently. It is ideal to change tire positions by cross multiply by most definitions.

However, it should be noted in Hiace that the tires on the front and rear are not the same. Even though the tire size is the same, the load-bearing index differs between the front and rear. In order to extend the life span of the tires, it is recommended to rotate every 10,000 km (every 5000 km for 4WD vehicles), so you need to read the instruction manual once and know the correct method. Be aware that it differs depending on the grade.

Here we explain one row of the car for shooting. First, the front tires are switched left and right. There is no problem because the brands are the same. And since the spare tire is equipped with a high load type for the rear wheel, it can be used sequentially at three points on the left and right sides of the rear wheel.

As another method, when you change the tires, you can set the high-load type rear wheels on the front wheels, so that the degree of freedom in rotation increases. If you can change the position frequently, one way might be to arrange all four used tires to the same one (for the rear wheels).

However, wearing front tires on the rear wheels is absolutely taboo. Hiace is basically a freight car, and full load imposes a heavy burden on the rear wheels, so tires that can withstand it are used, so front wheels may overburden due to overloading.

Worn tires make it easier to slip on rainy days, which is very dangerous. In addition, if the slip sign comes out, it will not pass the car inspection.

Wheel nuts must not be tightened in order. Tighten diagonally so that they are evenly tightened throughout.

When changing tires, be sure to use the buckle to keep the car from moving. The place to put the wheel is on the diagonal of the tire to be removed.

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