Be careful with Hiace load-bearing index when replacing tires

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Tire pressure is important Check it once a month

First of all, the most important thing in tire maintenance is checking the air pressure, which is also in a daily check item. You need to read through the instruction manual once and understand how much the specified air pressure of the car that you use regularly. Even the same Hiace is slightly different depending on the grade, so be sure to know the specified pressure for your car. By the way, the specified air pressure is indicated on the right side of the instrument panel, which is visible when you open the driver’s door, so be careful to always keep the correct pressure.


If the driver is constantly conscious of air pressure, you would know how the air would be reduced and notice that there is a lot of decrease (air leakage) by just checking at one of them. When there is a slight air leak due to a small puncture, the air pressure drops without showing a sudden change when you are driving. It would cause a high risk of bursting at high speeds without being noticed.

Also, when you are cleaning a car, such as washing a car, be careful not to let foreign matter such as pebbles or iron fragments get caught in the grooves on the tread surface of the car. Depending on the case, there is a possibility that the tire may be damaged enough to cause a large crack, so you need to remove foreign matter frequently using a screwdriver and so on.

Also check the slip sign for tire wear. As the abrasion progresses, the vertical grooves on the tread surface of the tire become break off. The position where the slip sign appears is indicated by the triangle mark on tire sidewall, so you can see it by looking at the tread surface at that position. If this appears, your car will not be able to pass the vehicle inspection, so you need to replace it early.


You should consult a professional about selecting tires. It is certain that there will be no problem with OE (genuine) tires, and it is common sense that all four tires are made with the same brand. In some cases, tires for passenger cars are prioritized for riding comfort, but you need to be aware of the risks of not meeting the loading requirements that cannot be ignored. Having these needs, we hope that tires for cargo will have more options in the future.

Depending on the grade, the load capacity may differ even though the size is the same before and after. This is a point to be aware of when choosing tires.

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  1. Regarding front disc brake pads on late model hiace, there are no wear indicators on the pads, inevitably, the disc gets damaged when the pads wear down to metal.
    Has anyone found a pad with wear indicators, a substitute or a solution.

    Allan Wells.


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