Easy yet Effective Tips to Protect your Car from Getting Stolen

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The times have changed, and it is essential for drivers to find ways to protect their cars from being targeted by criminals. It is alarming to know that thousands of car thefts take place every year. Whether we’re talking about brand-new or used Japanese cars, buying any vehicle is a serious investment. Of course, you would not want someone to steal the car you worked hard for. As such, we’ve put together some tips that can help you ward off potential thieves.

The Right Way to Park in Public Places

Whether you tend to avoid pesky bollards or you refer parking right by the door, it is essential to let your car sit facing the wall when you’re leaving it in a public area. Doing so will help minimize the chance of criminals making a quick getaway in your vehicle. If they manage to get in your car and start it, they would have to reverse. As such, it would slow them down. So, they might not even target your vehicle in the first place.

You can also turn the wheels of your vehicle into the curb or towards another car. This also makes it difficult for a criminal to make a getaway in your vehicle. They would have to perform more maneuvers before they can get your car out of the lot.

Keep your Car in Good Condition

We recommend following our essential car maintenance tips. Aside from that, you should always ensure that there are no broken or cracked windows. Used Japanese vehicles or any type of cars that are well-maintained deter potential car thieves. They will see that you take auto maintenance seriously. It would also be easy for you to spot that your car alarm has gone missing. So, you can take action right away.

Avoid Leaving the Keys or your Handbag Near the Home’s Front Door
One of the techniques that car thieves use is letterbox fishing. What they do is put a pole through the letterbox to reach for your keys. Once they successfully get your keys, they will be able to enter your home and even take your vehicle. So, it is best to keep your keys and handbag away from ground-level doors. It would be best to leave them in a secure place like your bedroom.

Place an Alarm Sticker/LED

You can deter burglars by placing home security signs by the gate or door. Visual signs like this on your car are clear indications for thieves that they would be taking on a difficult job if they target your vehicle. When thieves scout through a row of parked cars, they are less likely to choose the one with a blinking LED light which indicates an alarm.

Keep your Car Parked in a Secure Garage

Some people only have a few hours of sleep at night before they get up and head back to work. In instances like this, it is tempting to leave the car on the street instead of driving it into the garage. However, criminals are always looking for vehicles that are parked this way. So, make the effort to drive your car into your secure garage. If you live in an apartment with no parking space, it would be a good investment to rent a garage.

Look Around Before You Leave your Parked Car

Sometimes, simple tasks can do a lot in protecting your vehicles. You can potentially deter thieves by simply looking around as soon as you leave your car. It just shows criminals that you are alert and aware of your surroundings. It also makes you appear to be security-conscious.

You do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money to protect your vehicle from getting stolen. In some cases, following these tips would suffice. However, if you want to reinforce your car’s security, installing a reliable alarm is always the best option.

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