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Toyota Hiace Van - The most reliable Van from Japan

Hiace van is one of the most popular car in the world!

Hiace, which is manufactured and sold by Japan's leading car manufacturing company, Toyota, is one of the most accepted models not only in Japan but also overseas.

Hiace is called a one-box completed model, and it has a 50-year history from the launch of the first 10 series to the current 200 series. It is an ideal vehicle that balances high utility, high quality, high-quality equipment, and a high level of economy and safety.

There are a variety of models of Hiace, and the van type is the most popular in the world among the three models such as wagons, commuter, and vans.

Therefore, this time we will introduce the details of the most popular Hiace van in the world.

Hiace van is one of the most popular car in the world!

The first Hiace was made in October 1967, when Japan was thriving during a period of high economic growth.

Hiace is a very-long-selling car sold in more than 150 countries around the world, including a 50th-anniversary model car that was released to commemorate its 50th anniversary in 2018.

Here, we will explain the production volume and characteristics of the world's most popular Hiace van among Hiace.

Hiace Production Volume

TypesMaximum capacity
Released October 1967 : 10 series Sales volume: 730,000 units
Released December 1982: Series 20/30/40 Sales volume: 730,000 units
Released in December 1982: 50/60/70 series Sales volume: 770,000 units
Released in August 1989: 100 series Sales volume: 2.14 million units
Released in August 2004: 200 series Sales volume: 1.98 million units

As of 2018, Hiace has produced over 6 million vehicles in Japan and worldwide since it has been released 50 years ago.

Hiace is one of the few long-selling vehicles in Japan's leading automobile manufacturer, Toyota, which lasts five generations from the first 10 series to the current model 200 series.

The current 200 series was sold in 2004, selling 7,000 units a month in Japan and 9,000 units abroad, and these sales figures clearly indicate its popularity.

Each time a new Hiace is introduced, improvements have been made, and for example, the Hiace Widebody has launched, so far about 1.98 million units have been sold after several improvements.

Among them, Hiace van was released in 1967 at the beginning of sales and was developed with the concept of "cab-over type passenger/commercial vehicle smaller than TOYOACE".

The Hiace 50th anniversary commemorative car in 2018 has a variety of options with special body colors, mainly white parts for the exterior and two-tone colored seats. Also, "COMPLETE CAR by MODELLISTA" is released with instrument panels with white wood grain pattern and flooring floors which can be used as a hobby.

Features of Hiace van

Super GL / Long / Standard roof (2WD)Super GL/ Long middle roof (2WD)
Total length469.5cm484.0cm
Total height198.0cm210.5cm
Total width169.5cm188.0cm
Seating capacity2~5 people2~5 people
Loading capacity850~1,000kg850~1,000kg

Hiace vans have different maximum loading capacity and seating capacity depending on the grade, and fuel efficiency differs depending on whether they are diesel or gasoline engine, 2WD or 4WD, so you can choose your favorite Hiace van in terms of purpose and economy.

The body width is standard and wide, and the roof specification is standard, middle, and high. The floor shape is set to the standard type with the rear tire house protruding, as well as to the flat just low.

The engine can be selected from 3L diesel, 2L gasoline, and 2.7L gasoline, and the Hiace van type has 2WD and 4WD which are not available in other types.

In a minor change in 2012, the "Engine Immobilizer System " was installed as a standard feature on all models as security against theft. In 2017, "Super GL " with a middle roof and a standard roof, and "DX" with a high roof and a standard roof are now available.

The Super GL features a full wheel cap, a plated front grille, an electrically retractable remote-controlled plated door mirror, etc. as the exterior.

In addition, "the Toyota Safety Sense P", a safe driving support system designed to prevent accidents, has been installed as standard equipment, successfully improving the level of safety.

It can accommodate a lot of people and carry many things!

Hiace van is a one-box car made under thorough rationalism, considering how to be able to be stylish without wasting the body size regulation of the 4 number small-sized commercial vehicle was the basis of development.

Therefore, it can accommodate a lot of people and carry many things.

Hiace vans are designed to be used to accommodate a lot of people and carry a lot of things and are designed to be multi-purpose with a focus on driving over 1 million km, so they are very durable.

Hiace vans, which are suitable for transporting a lot of people and goods are widely acclaimed for their ease of use and are highly regarded by Hiace users.

What you need to know about the good points of Hiace

Hiace is one of the cars that loved as a commercial or private use even after the first generation was sold 50 years ago.

Since the demand is high not only from Japan but also from overseas, the resale value is high, and various customization can be made according to the application such as passenger and commercial vehicles.

Here are five best points to know about the Hiace.

1st place: Multipurpose

TypesMaximum capacityTotal lengthTotal widthTotal height
Specialty Vehicles
Based car
2 people4,695mm
Super GL
2~5 people
VanDX3~9 people

The feature of Hiace Van is its versatility that can handle anything. Even with the same Hiace, there are variations depending on the type and specifications.

Many Hiace users use Hiace for a variety of purposes, as it will be used as a private or commercial vehicle, camper, small-sized bus, and ambulance. Hiace is a car manufactured under thorough rationalism without any waste, so the interior of this car is spacious and can accommodate more people and carry a lot of luggage.

Depending on the type of Hiace, it can be used by transporting passengers, such as shuttle buses, jumbo taxis, and hires, taking advantage of its advantages, such as a maximum capacity of 10 passengers including the driver.

2nd place: It can carry a lot of luggage

In particular, Hiace vans are Hiace with a large luggage compartment. The luggage compartment is as large as 3,000mm and can carry a lot of luggage such as building materials.

For example, in the case of private use, it is possible to carry tents, camping equipment, and food in addition to five family members from the simple interior of the car. You can also load long items, so you can load motorbikes and bicycles without any problems.

Hiace vans have a maximum of 5 passengers, but by changing the registration and customizing the seats according to the required number of passengers, it is possible to change to 6-10 passengers.

Because customization is possible depending on the place and purpose of use, the number of passengers, and the things to be carry, purchasing "a complete car that you can get a Hiace van more suited to the specification purpose and application".

3rd place: Diversity of seat arrangement

For example, in the case of a minivan, it is possible to fold the seat forward or flip it up sideways to increase the luggage compartment, but doing so, it may reduce the width and height of inside the car.

In the case of Hiace, it is possible to accommodate seat arrangements for up to 3 to 9 passengers, so the width and height of luggage will not decrease even with the seats stored. The second and the third row of the seat can be moved forward, and the third row can be put on the second row to be stored. Once the seat is folded, it can be slid so space will be completely flat where you can put luggage freely.

This allows the car can keep 2,470mm when it is flattened as much as possible by folding the seats so that not only you can put more luggage but also you can extend your legs can be extended and sleep comfortably.

The variety of seat arrangements is attractive, such as creating a space like a living space when the vehicle is stopped, and the ability to forward all seats when many people are loaded.

4th place: It has a very high durability

In general cars, the engine and body deteriorate when the mileage exceeds 100,000 km, but Hiace does not show any significant deterioration at about 100,000 km, and it can be used with the total mileage is 300,000 with frequent care.

How much mileage can Hiace have? According to Iwata of Toyota Motor who manufactures and sells the Hiace has said in the past, "it can actually be used one million kilometers smoothly".

Hiace was originally used as a commercial vehicle, so it was designed to be used for commercial purposes. As a result, it has high durability and is hard to break down.

Overseas, many people maintain their own cars frequently, so it is not unusual for Hiace to be used around 1.3 to 1.5 million km, even with the previous 100 series and the current 200 series.

  • Oil change every 5,000km
  • Air cleaner replacement every 5,000km
  • AT fluid replacement every 10,000km
  • Fan belt replacement every 30,000km
  • Gear oil change every 50,000km for manual vehicles
  • Change of cooling water
  • Battery replacement every 4-7 years

By changing consumables frequently, Hiace can be used longer.

5th place: Plentiful specifications according to application

Hiace is bigger than general passenger cars, so if you use it every day, you need to consider the parking lot and choose the body size and grade.

Hiace van type is also very popular for commercial use because it can carry a lot of things, such as being used as a base for ambulances since the first Hiace.

Standard roof, middle roof, and high roof. The length can be selected from standard, long, or super long, so you can freely choose Hiace van according to the application.

Specifications of Hiace van 

 Long VanSuper long van
 Super GLDX * DXGL packageDX * DXGL package
Total Length4,695mm~4,840mm4,695mm5,380mm
Total Width1,695mm~1,880mm1,695mm1,880mm
Total Height1,980mm~2,105mm1,980mm~2,240mm2,285mm
Riding capacity2~5 people3~9 people3~6 people

Hiace vans are the easiest to understand among Hiaces, but the total length, total width, and total height vary slightly depending on the specifications.

Long Van Super GL body can be selected from the standard body, wide body, standard roof, and middle roof for a long van, and the DX * DXGL package has an only standard body, and the roof can be selected from the standard roof and high roof.

 Total LengthTotal WidthTotal Height
Wide * Middle roof4,840mm1,880mm2,150mm
Regular roof * just-low4,695mm1,695mm1,985mm
High roof4,695mm1,695mm2,224mm
High roof * just-low4,695mm1,695mm2,245mm
Super long * wide5,380mm1,880mm2,285mm

In the case of a Hiace van, if it becomes the wide or high roof, it will be registered for freight, so you will not be able to register 4 numbers, you will be registered with 1 number.

This changes the amount of car insurance each year and may slightly increase maintenance costs. Hiace van body sizes are generally as shown in the above two tables.

Make sure to check the height and width and the restrictions on the height of the parking lot that you often use before choosing a Hiace van.

 Long vanSuper long van
 Super GLDX * DXGL packageDX * DXGL package
 Regular bodyWide body Regular bodyWide body
 Regular roof Middle roofRegular roofHigh roofHigh roof
Gasoline types3L diesel 2L gasoline3L diesel 2.7L gasoline3L diesel 2L gasoline3L diesel 2.7L gasoline

Depending on the grade, you can decide whether it is gasoline or clean diesel, automatic or manual.

Compared to gasoline engines, diesel engines have advantages such as better fuel economy, cheaper fuel oil, higher torque, and higher durability.

Gasoline engines, on the other hand, have more practical torque and elongation than diesel engines.In addition, 2.7L gasoline is installed only in the wide body.

Ride capacity for each grade
Super GL5 people
DX (GL package) 3-seater3 people
DX (GL package) 6-seater6 people
DX (GL package) 9-seater9 people

Hiace vans can increase or decrease the number of passengers by removing or attaching seats.

If you want to increase the number of passengers by attaching a seat to a Hiace van, you can increase the number of seats without complicated calculations, so you can customize it freely according to the purpose.

The popular model of Hiace  

There are various model numbers in Hiace van. The functions and features of the Hiace van differ depending on the Hiace van model number, so it is important to know the Hiace van model number clearly.

Here are four of the most popular Hiace van models overseas.

1st place: Hiace van model GE-RZH112V

Total Length4,690mm
Total Width1,690mm
Total Height1,980mm
Maximum loading capacity1,250kg
Riding capacity5 people

Among the Hiace vans, the model GE-RZH112V is the most popular not only from Japan but also from overseas users.

The GE-RZH112V has a 50mm larger body front than the previous Hiace van, and the design around the front area has been changed. The interior uses an Optitron meter.

In addition, the capacity of the front seat slide has been expanded to 45mm, and an accessory outlet has been adopted, making Hiace van easier to use for commercial vehicles.

The current Hiace is the 200 series, but the previous 100 series had the catchphrase of "another luxury car", and Toyota has been manufacturing and selling it since 1989.

The world's first equipment that embodies its catchphrase is the luxury car, and it adapted a luxury car specification that is also competitive with Crown, manufactured and sold by Toyota.

For example, in addition to newly developed 2L gasoline, the power easy-access system and the initially installed engine, 2.4L gasoline engine, which has been registered as a 3 number, is also adapted.

In the 100 series, the Hiace van model GE-RZH102V, which was launched in August 1998, is particularly popular.

2nd place: Hiace van format KR-KDH200V

Total Length4,695mm
Total Width1,695mm
Total Height1,985mm
Maximum loading capacity1,000kg
Riding Capacity5 people

The second most popular Hiace van overseas is model KR-KDH200V.

The KDH series of the KR-KDH200V features a rich lineup, and the body style is selected from long and super long in length, standard body and wide-body in width, and standard roof, middle roof, and high roof in height depending on the application.

When the Hiace 1 type was first launched in August 2004, the headlamp features a manual leveling function for adjusting the optical axis of the headlamp, and at the same time, the high mount stop lamp has been standardized on all models.

The KR-KDH200 has an expanded passenger seat reclining function for vans and commuters, as well as optional HDD and DVD navigation. Later, with the Hiace 2 type, the appearance of the front grille was changed, and three grades of Super GL, DX, and GL came to be adapted in the van model.

The major change is a major improvement in the diesel engine. Until now, the 2.5-liter 2KD-FTV model has been replaced with the 3-liter 1KD-FTV model. In addition to increasing the engine displacement, the cleaner exhaust gas has been further improved and the fuel combustion can be optimally controlled.

The Hiace 3 model has a slightly larger grill size than the conventional model, standardized auto air conditioners, and body colors such as white pearl crystal shine are added.

In the current Hiace 4 model, the front grille and front bumper were changed again with the third minor change, and the fuel efficiency of the gasoline engine was improved by a major improvement of the cylinder head, and the AT of the gasoline car was changed from 4-speed to 6-speed to match the engine improvement.

3rd place: Hiace van model TC-TRH112V

Total Length4,690mm
Total Width1,690mm
Total Height1,980mm
Maximum loading capacity1,250kg
Riding Capacity5 people

This is also the popular TC-TRH112V in Hiace van.

4th Place: Hiace van model KG-LH172V

Total Length4,690mm
Total Width1,690mm
Total Height1,980mm
Maximum loading capacity1,250kg
Riding Capacity5 people

This is also the standard model KG-LH172V in the Hiace van.

How to choose a Hiace van

There are various grades and types of Hiace vans, so many people may not know which Hiace van to choose. Therefore, here are the details of the points for choosing the best Hiace van for you.

Types of Hiace

There are three types of Hiace: Van, Commuter, and Wagon. From these three types, you can choose the grade and engine option from each type, so you can get a Hiace according to the purpose.

Hiace Van

FuelEach body typeGradeOther options
GasolineLong * RegularSuper GLNone
Long * RegularDX/DX-GL-p> 3 to 9 passengers
> 3-seater route van
> Only for 3-6 passengers Selectable from 5 doors and 4 doors
Long * Regular * Just-lowDX/DX-GL-pMT/AT
Long * Wide * Middle roofSuper GL2WD * 4WD
Long * High roofDX/DX-GL-p> MT/AT
> 5 doors and 4 doors
Long * High roof * Just-lowDX/DX-GL-pMT/AT
Super long * Wide * High roofDX/DX-GL-p2WD * 4WD
Diesel Long * RegularDX/DX-GL-p> 3 to 9 passengers
> 3-seater route van
> 2WD / 4WD
> Only 5 or 4 doors available for 3 to 6 passengers
Long * Regular * Just-lowDX/DX-GL-pMT/AT
Long * Wide * Middle roofSuper GLNone
Long * High roofDX/DX-GL-p> 2WD / 4WD
> 5-door / 4-door
Long * High roof * Just-lowDX/DX-GL-pMT/AT
Super long * Wide * High roofDX/DX-GL-pNone

Hiace vans are often used mainly for freight, and the lower grade DX, in order to carry cargoes, the rear seat area has a simple structure. In the higher-grade Super GL, the seat is wagon style, so it can be used for transporting people. Because it is assumed to be used for freight, you can register with 4 numbers or 1 number.

Hiace Commuter

FuelEach body typeGradeOther option
GasolineSuper long * Wide * High roofGL2WD / 4WD

The exterior is almost the same as the Hiace wagon's grand cabin, but it is a type of Hiace that can expand the number of passengers to a maximum of 14 people.

Hiace Wagon

FuelEach body typeGradeOther option
GasolineWide * Middle roofGL2WD / 4WD
Super long * Wide * High roofGrand cabin

Since it is mainly used for passenger use, it is designed with a priority on riding comfort. The interior is also designed for passengers, so it has a luxury feel, but since only three numbers can be registered, the automobile tax will be significantly higher.

Increased loading capacity! What is the low floor?

If you want to make the most of the loading capacity of Hiace, just low is recommended.

Just low is a so-called low floor, and if a regular Hiace, the tire house is exposed in the luggage compartment, so when loading luggage with width, it will hit. But if it is just low, there is no tire house, and the luggage compartment can be completely flat.

Although it is just low that has the advantage that the luggage compartment can be flattened and a lot of luggage can be loaded, there are disadvantages that the height of the luggage compartment is lowered because the truck bed is raised, and the luggage compartment capacity is reduced.

However, it also has a space for storing long items under the truck bed, which is a function of the just low, so that it can be distracted to some extent.

What do you know by grade?

Hiace has different exteriors and interiors depending on the grade, and various other options. In particular, considering the interior, the important points differ depending on whether you want to use it as a passenger car or completely as a commercial vehicle.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each Hiace van, commuter and wagon grade.

Hiace Van

Super GL

* The same seats as passenger cars are available, and reclining is possible in the second row
* Furthorium, which is hard to burn inside and has excellent sound insulation, is used
* The bumper is similar in color to the body, so it doesn't look like a van

* Up to 5 passengers
* Price is higher than DX
* In the 200 series, only AT is available
* No high roof

* It has the minimum equipment as a freight car
* 3 people in the front row
* Low price
* You can select the number of passengers, the number of doors and AT / MT as an option

* The exterior looks like a commercial vehicle
* The second row has no headrest and reclining
* The side mirror is manual

* Cheaper than Super GL
* Because the body color is used for the bumper, it looks like a passenger car
* The side mirror is electrically retractable

* The same interior as DX
* Price is slightly higher than DX

Hiace Commuter


* Sheet fabric is more expensive than DX
* The air conditioner can be used automatically, and the audio is equipped with a 6-speaker system with CD.
* Price is almost the same as DX

* Commercial vehicle exterior
* It has only minimal functions

* Slightly cheaper than GL
* Little difference other than seat audio

* The riding comfort is not very good

Hiace Wagon

Grand Cabin

* Riding capacity 10 people
* Body size is super long and high roof specification, so spacious interior space
* The luxury grade for both exterior and interior

* Although the size is large, the seating capacity is 10 people which can be not enough
* Heavyweight and poor fuel economy
* The equipment and functions are the same as GL, but the price is higher

* Cheaper than Grand Cabin, but the equipment and functions are almost the same

* Trunk space is smaller than the grand cabin
* There is an inconvenience that you can hardly put luggage in the trunk space unless you knock down the last row
* There is a feeling of pressure because the ceiling is a middle roof

* Price is cheaper than GL

* Same size as GL
* Simple sheet fabric
* Minimum equipment and functions
* The exterior is similar to a commercial vehicle

Is a standard body good? Or Is wide-body good?

There are two types of vans, the most popular type of Hiace in overseas are standard body or standard roof, wide body or middle roof.

The standard body has a total length of about 5m, but the overall width is the same as that of a general car, and it is characterized by a small turn, and the luggage compartment has overwhelming storage capacity compared to a passenger car, so while the cost can be reduced, space can be secured. It is recommended for those who want to focus on ease of use.

With a wide body that can secure a space compared to the standard body, a truck bed has enough space for adults to sleep sideways, so it's recommended for those who want to load a lot of luggage, or for those who want to use for spending overnight in the car or camping.

By choosing Hiace according to the intended use, you can get the Hiace that is right for you.

Let's choose the right Hiace to have a happy life!!