Honda Acty Truck Overview

The Honda Acty is a Kei truck type car.
It was first released by Honda from 1977 to 2021 and was first designed for the Japanese domestic market. The abbreviation "Acty" means Activity. Nowadays, it is a very popular vehicle in the United States, sought after for its lightness, durability and ease of use. This honda mini truck has crossed time with its first generation, marketed by Honda until 1983, when it received its first facelift.

Popular Keywords and specifications for Honda Acty Truck

Since this Honda mini truck is always in high demand, here is a list of popular keywords and specifications you should know when choosing your vehicle.

1st generation (TA, TB, TC, VD, VH)

The first generation of the Honda Acty truck was released on July 27, 1977.
The first generation of Acty was created to allow Honda to adapt to the new standards regarding safety and design of kei trucks (japanese mini trucks) vehicles. Indeed, on September 1, 1975, the Japanese government changed the rules concerning kei cars. This first generation of Acty was marketed until 1988 by Honda. In terms of vehicle characteristics, it is composed of a 545cc engine with a double cylinder EH SOHC with liquid cooling. Honda designed this vehicle to be economical and light while keeping a set of standard equipment for comfort and safety.

2nd generation (E05A engine : HA1, HA2, HH1, HH2); (EN07A engine : HA3, HA4, HA5, HH3, HH4)

The second generation of Acty was introduced by Honda in 1988. This new generation introduces major changes in the equipment of the vehicle as it underwent many modifications: first from 1988 to 90, from 1990 to 1993 and from 1993 to 1996. It is the first generation to use the E05 three cylinder 547cc SOHC engine. This engine develops 34PS with 5500 rpm and 4.5 kg.m of torque at 5,000 rpm. The vehicle also features many improvements such as power steering, a change from round to rectangular headlights (after the 1990 facelift), and an increase in vehicle length by 10cm. The 1990 revision also introduces the new 656 cc E07A engine which offers 38 PS at 5,300 rpm and 5.5kg.m of torque at 4,500 rpm. Other models of Acty have been proposed by Honda to meet the needs of professionals: The acty attack, acty vans, acty street.

3rd generation (HA6, HA7, HH5, HH6 with E07Z engine)

The third generation of Acty was launched in May 1999.
On September 30, 1996, the Japanese government validated a ministerial order in favor of strengthening the safety of front passengers. This order obliges the kei truck manufacturers to improve the safety of their vehicles without allowing them to increase the size of the vehicles. Honda has made safety its priority and has redesigned its vehicle. In terms of changes, the driving position has been changed but the location of the mid engine and rear wheels has been retained. This generation introduces the 660cc 12-valve E07Z engine. This engine, in its first configuration (1999), provided 46 PS at 5000 rpm. Progressively, improvements have been made to increase its power (53 PS at 7,000 rpm) and reduce the vehicle's fuel consumption.

4th generation (HA8)

The fourth generation of the Honda Acty truck was released on December 17, 2009. The vehicle is now available in several versions, ranging from commercial vehicles to personnel transport vehicles. In terms of changes, first of all for its engine, the fourth generation Honda mini truck continues to use the E07Z engine but with a 45PS (33kw, 44hp). The size of the vehicle has also been reduced (1.9m/6.2 ft) and is closer to the second generation. A choice made by Honda to gain more space in the cabin.

Engine & Models

The most popular model is the second generation Honda Acty HA4 (4 wheel drive) with its 39 horsepower E07A engine.This model is very popular with our customers around the world, especially in the United States and Africa. This Honda Acty truck is a pleasure to drive with its four wheel drive and light weight. The reliability of Japanese vehicles has been proven, and it is a low-maintenance and fuel-efficient vehicle that will simplify your life and allow you to carry out long days of work without difficulty.

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Common issues that you will find in used Acty Truck

As Japanese kei trucks are primarily designed as light and compact vehicles, safety on board is minimal. Be careful if you are driving on busy roads with high speed limits because in case of an accident, you will have little protection. A common problem with these vehicles is their radiator overflow reservoir. Sometimes, even if it's not broken, it often malfunctions.

Popular Usage

The Honda Acty is a true gem of versatility. Although it is mostly used for transporting light equipment, it can also be used for outdoor activities such as camping or transporting marine equipment for diving or surfing. Kei trucks are an excellent alternative to pickup trucks because they are lighter, more compact and more economical to maintain. Most of our customers prefer manual transmission models, but there are also versions with automatic transmissions.

Popular use by our customers

  1. Transportation of light equipment and people
  2. Outdoor activities (diving equipment, camping)
  3. farming works
  4. Advertising
  5. Ambulance services

Rivals of Honda mini truck

The two main competitors of Honda Acty trucks are Subaru sambar truck and Suzuki carry truck. From their appearance, one might think that they are similar vehicles. In reality, both models are entry-level and are offered at a lower price for customers with a limited budget. The Honda Acty mini truck has better trim level and its frame is made to last. The Daihatsu Hijet can also be considered an interesting vehicle.

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