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There are over 100,000 cars going up for vehicle and truck auctions every week from Monday to Saturday. JPN Auction has all types of used vehicles you can imagine from JDM, Classic cars, Luxury cars, European left hand drive cars, Trucks, and Commercial vehicles.

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    More than 3,000 users bought cars using our online car auction service from over 100 countries. We have several options to make it easier to use our car auction service.

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    95% of exported cars come from online car auction. You can buy cars directly from auction. Also, by using our car auction system, you can reduce the cost and total fee since you don't have to pay the bidding fee.

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Very happy customer from Poland

The Mercedes 500E has arrived. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you very much.

Very many thanks.

Car has arrived safe and sound and looks great. Very many thanks.

Happy Customer from Canada

Here is the happy owner of the prado she loves it.

Thank you

This customer was very happy with the Toyota Prius he bought from us to start a taxi business!

See Daily Updated 10,000+ Auction Cars!

Online car auction is updated every week with over 10,000 auction cars! Even if you couldn't find the car you want, there is a chance every week! Japan car auction has an extensive lineup, ranging from Toyota car auction to JDM car auction. Using Japanese car auction can both save money and get the car you are looking for!

See Auction Cars For Sale

There are more than 190 car auction including the largest car auction in Japan called USS. By using Japanese car auction site, there is a chance to find the car you are looking for! Many brands are listed in the online car auction in Japan. Every week, about 50,000 cars are sold from online car auctions. Toyota is known as the biggest car company. In the auction, you can find more than 30,000 units from Toyota out of 50,000. Toyota has a lot of popular models. Hiace van is one of the best van type units. Not only vans but Toyota has some popular SUV models for example Land Cruiser Prado and Harrier. Due to its overwhelming durability and name value, cars from Toyota are popular. Other than Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan are one of the popular brands. For Mitsubishi models, Pajero, Delica and Outlander are examples. Pajero is often compared with Land Cruiser Prado from Toyota. Also, Mitsubishi has some popular models of trucks and Nissan is known as the maker of X-trail, Juke etc.

Find Used Truck Auctions

They are also trucks in auction. By using online car auction, there is a chance to find any used trucks that you want! For trucks, Mitsubishi has some popular models. For example, Canter and Fighter are both known to have a high specification and durability. Other than Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Hino are also popular. You can also find mini trucks from online auctions. Mini trucks are getting popular these days, especially in the US. Mini trucks like Suzuki Carry truck and Honda Acty truck are popular because of their small body which allows small turns and ease driving.

Find Used Euro Car Auctions in Japan

You can also use Japanese online car auction to search cars from European Brands! We can find several units from Europe by using our easy-to-use online car auction system. Japanese car auctions have a wide range of euro car models for example Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen and Maserati etc. Even if the name is Japanese car auction, there is a chance to find your prefered models from countries other than Japan.

Find The Best JDM Imports Cars For Sale

"JDM" stands for Japanese Domestic Market. JDM, is a Japan-based car market that houses cars and vehicular parts that were designed and engineered to follow the road regulations in Japan. There are several models in JDM cars for example JDM sports car or JDM drift car. Those cars are expensive and hard to find. Nissan Skyline GTR is one of the popular models of JDM cars. Other examples of popular JDM cars are Toyota Supra, Honda Civic EK9 Type R. JDM cars are often hard to find a specific model but by using Japanese car auction, the lineups are updated every week so there is a chance to find your prefered JDM cars! It is easy to find Cheap JDM cars that you want.

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  • You can see over 50,000 cars from the largest auction houses in Japan called USS.
  • You can see the original prices of the cars before dealers put a margin on it.
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  • You can make more profit by buying the cars at a wholesale price!

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