Highly Specialized Staff Inspect Vehicles On-site

Usually, a bidding agent makes a successful bid for a vehicle online, you cannot see the actual vehicle. But our company is different! Specialized staff affiliated with us will inspect the condition of the vehicle before the auction and actually start the engine to check if there is any problem, so we can estimate the price more accurately and offer it cheaply.

We have car yards all over Japan; Yokohama, Kawasaki, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe and Fukuoka just to name a few.

Certified inspectors are available in each port so that they can inspect and repair the cars if necessary, before shipment.

We buy cars from auctions that take place all around Japan and ship the vehicles to the nearest port where the inspectors will thoroughly check for any issues. This process allows us to provide our customers width a quality vehicle and the best possible deal.

At Carused.jp, you can access this tool!

  • You can see over 50,000 cars from the largest auction houses in Japan called USS.
  • You can see the original prices of the cars before dealers put a margin on it.
  • You can decide on how much your budget is for the car based on it's market price.
  • You can make more profit by buying the cars at a wholesale price!

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