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  • Order 10 cars or more & Get EXTRA DISCOUNT!
  • Buy 10 cars or more and Save 50%
  • To support your showroom more, we offer extra discount to our Royal customer !!
  • Tied up with over 2,500 Used car dealers and 3,000 Authorized dealers all over the Japan. Fresh dealer stock is updated everyday to support your business!!

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Genuine dealers connection

"I want to buy directly from a dealer or a used car dealer, without bidding in an auction."
"I want to buy a new car"
"I want to buy a car directly from the previous owner, before it's put up for auction"
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If you ever thought about that then - Carpaydiem can help you! has a business partnership with over 2500 used car dealers, used car wholesalers, used car marketplace, new car dealers, car rental companies, car leasing dealers, taxi companies, training institutes, disassembly centers, and more. Our partners also include Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Fuso, Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Isuzu, Hino, Mercedes Benz, BMW and more car maker dealers.

Our staff members regularly visit dealerships all over japan to purchase vehicles to fit our customers' requests. As such, upon your request, we can purchased used cars directly from the new car dealers all across the country.

Basically, we are able to find cars that are scheduled to be put up for auction and purchase them at reasonable prices without paying the auction comission.

If you have specific requests, please register by clicking on the button below and send us your car request.

User Questions

How long have you been exporting cars?

We at carpaydiem have been in the car export business for over 10 years now! We have extensive experience and we are happy to help you get the car you need!

What would be a good point of dealing with us?

Aside from providing the best service and support to our customers we are also offering the following:

  • Special Discounts
  • Dealer discounts for dealers who purchases 10 or more cars. You could save up to 50%
  • Access to our own stocks and stocks from other Japanese dealers
  • Access to auction with over 140,000 cars weekly
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Lower Price than other car exporters

How do I purchase cars from carpaydiem?

There are 2 ways to purchase from carpaydiem -

1. Purchasing from Stocks and Japanese Dealers’ Stocks

  • To purchase from our stocks, you would first need to Login/Register
  • Choose the car you want from our stock list
  • Click on the inquire button and we will be calling you shortly
  • Review the item and complete the payment
  • Receive your car!
Usual Purchase time: Immediately
Price: Cheaper
Cars currently in stock: 2,573

2. Purchasing from the Auction

It isn't much different from purchasing from our stock. The only difference would be that the car in the auction needs to be bided on meaning the price isn't fixed and may be higher or lower depending on the bid.

Click on the button below for more information on how to use our auction service.

Start Auction
Usual Purchase time: Around 3 days
Price: Based on market price and bid (Sometimes cheaper)
Cars currently in stock: Over 140,000

How About Shipment and Document Delivery?

All necessary documents will be sent to you by mail once the purchase is complete for you to be able to fulfill the necessary requirements in your country.

Each country has different customs requirements, rules and regulations, Choose your country from the list below for more information

Is your Country not listed?

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