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Import Used Taxi from Japan in Your Country

"I want to buy an LPG vehicle"
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Carused's partners include large taxi companies all across Japan. Last year, we purchased over 200 vehicles from taxi companies in Japan, which were exported to various parts of the world.

Taxi vehicles come in 3 types:

  • Sedan type which is the most common
  • Van type for transporting large loads and big groups
  • and Welfare type for accommodating wheelchairs, etc. (mainly used by care facilities)

The most common type is the sedan type, which comes first to people's minds when they think about taxis.

Most taxis in Japan run on LPG, which is stored in a tank located in the car's trunk, just behind the rear passenger seat.

The vehicles we handle range from small cars (Crown Comfort, Crew, Axera, Sylphy, Tilda) to mid-sized cars like Crown and Cedric. We also have vehicles designed for hire, owner-driver taxis, as well as jumbo-sized taxis. Lately, there have been hybrid vehicles such as Prius, SAI, and Aqua.

If you are looking for a taxi vehicle, please register by entering your personal information below, and the car you are requesting.

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