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Mitsubishi mitsubishi-bus

Mitsubishi Mitsubishi bus

Delivering high quality buses since 1932, the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has gained a good reputation in the industry because of its dedication to meet the consumers’ need for efficiency and versatility. From mini buses to heavy duty coaches, Mitsubishi does not fail to offer bus variants suited for different commercial applications. Among its famous models include the Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa, the Aero series, the Mitsubishi Cruiser and the Mitsubishi Eagle. While long body variants of the mini bus can carry up to 28 passengers, the heavy duty coaches offer more interior space, making them a suitable short and long-distance passenger vehicle. Aside from its capacity, the Mitsubishi bus has a renowned name because of its reliability and durability. Polished inside and out, the bus variants can turn heads for all the right reasons as they shine not just aesthetically, but mechanically as well.