Toyota Sienta: A Comprehensive Guide for International Car Buyers

Toyota Sienta's market dominance stems from its cutting-edge safety features, exceptional fuel efficiency, and the convenience of dual power sliding doors. Additionally, its spacious interior is complemented by a 360-degree Panoramic View Monitor (PVM), adding a touch of sophistication.

With ample cargo space and adjustable front-row seats, the Sienta exudes a sense of luxury and practicality. Its remarkable features extend beyond measure, all while maintaining affordability.

However, it's worth noting that some buyers express concerns about ride and handling when considering used Sienta vehicles. In this article, we'll guide you on how to make a wise investment when purchasing a used Sienta. We'll also delve into other Sienta models, such as the NSP172G, NCP81G, and NCP85G, to provide a comprehensive understanding of this exceptional vehicle lineup. Stick around to gain valuable insights and make an informed decision.

A Chart of Toyota Sienta Specs and Features

Features Pros Cons Cons Specs
Practical and aggressive Limited Seating Capacity Engine displacement: 1496 cc (1.5L)
Great for on-road use Small Cargo Space with All Seats Up Drive train: 4WD, 2WD, and AT
Affordable Limited Engine Options Body type: MPV(Multi-Purpose Vehicle)
Advanced safety feature Styling Brake Systems: ABS and EBD
Automatic climate control Stowable seat: hard plastic materials make seat rough Cylinder: 4
Sliding Rear Doors Narrow body: makes handling a bit tough Cooling: Ventilated
Increased fuel economy Resale Value Transmission: CVT
Auto headlamps Limited Off-Road Capability Seating capacity: 7 seaters
Infotainment Noise Levels Torque: 140 Nm
Considerable space and legroom Limited Towing Capacity Fuel Type: Petrol
Ease of Maintenance Spare Tire Placement Horsepower: 100-200hp
Versatility and multi-use: family, leisure and business Limited Customization Valves per cylinder: 4, DOHC

Most Popular Sienta Models and Engines


Highlighted features

Engine displacement: 1500 cc
Brake system: ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
Horsepower/Torque: 107hp (106 bhp)/ 111 Nm @ 3600-4400 rpm
Chassis/Speed: MPV/6
Year: 2017
Door: 5

The toyota sienta has a rich history spanning various lineups, generations, and models. Among these, the NSP172G stands out as a modern gem. It boasts automatic transmission and a plethora of safety features. Its 1,500cc engine displacement makes it a strong contender for family use.

Despite being a right-hand drive, two-wheel drive (2WD) vehicle with transmission steering, the NSP172G offers practicality with its 5 doors, silver interior, and well-thought-out dimensions. Powered by gasoline, it combines convenience with efficiency. Features like remote keyless entry and an anti-lock braking system (ABS) add to its appeal. Inside, the car pampers with leather bucket seats, power seats, power mirrors, a sunroof, and power windows.


Highlighted features

Year: 2008
Horsepower/Torque: 81.87 lb.-ft. @ 3600-4400 rpm
Brake System: ABS
Engine displacement: 1500 cc
Door: 5 doors (minivan configuration)
Transmission: CVT

Despite its earlier introduction in 2008 compared to the NSP172G in the sienta toyota lineup, the ncp81 shares several notable features. Equipped with a rear window defroster, the NCP81G efficiently tackles ice, snow, and frost while eliminating windshield condensation.

Powered by a petrol engine, the ncp81g impresses with its remarkable fuel economy. Furthermore, its adjustable seating arrangements and generous cargo space make it an ideal choice for both family outings and business trips. Notably, this hatchback model features a stowable rear door, providing effortless access to the cargo compartment and enhancing convenience on the go.

Moreover, the NCP81G model offers exceptional comfort courtesy of its exquisite interior design. The power steering incorporates a navigation system for added convenience. Additionally, it boasts cruise control, a feature that allows you to effortlessly maintain a consistent speed on the highway, freeing you from continuous accelerator use.


Highlighted features

Engine displacement: 1496cc
Door: 5-door van/minivan
Transmission: 4WD Automatic
Horsepower/Torque: 105hp/14.1kg/m(138N/m)/4200rpm
Braking system: ABS

The NCP85G, a member of the Toyota Sienta lineup, shares its heritage with the NCP81G but comes with a few distinct specifications. Originally manufactured in 2010, the NCP85G underwent a rebranding in 2014, resulting in a more rounded and contemporary exterior design.

With its sleek exterior and well-organized interior, this vehicle excels in providing comfort and convenience for drivers and passengers alike. It boasts a low-mileage engine that imparts the youthful vitality often associated with hatchback models.

Equipped with a 45-liter fuel tank, the NCP85G ensures exceptional fuel efficiency, making it an ideal choice for family outings and business trips. But that's not all. With a reasonable weight of 2932 lbs (1330 kg), it can comfortably accommodate up to five passengers of average weight.

While the 1496cc engine displacement may not cater to the desires of high-speed enthusiasts, the NCP85G offers a pleasurable driving experience with reduced risk, making it a dependable choice for your daily commute or adventures.

Common Problems of Toyota Sienta

While the sienta car has received praise, it hasn't escaped criticism from owners and drivers who have encountered certain issues with the vehicle. It's important to acknowledge these concerns, but our research suggests that not all of them stem from design flaws. Many of these issues can be attributed to a lack of proper maintenance and adherence to scheduled servicing. Nevertheless, it's essential to address these matters.

Transmission failure

In most cases, transmission issues show symptoms such as slipping, poor engine performance, and subpar response when shifting gear. Owners also complained that they experienced rough shifting, transmission heating, and a jerky ride with their Sienta.

How to fix

Allow a professional technician to scan and troubleshoot and come up with a diagnostic result. In most cases, failed clutch plates, broken transmission solenoids, or low transmission fluid levels are responsible for transmission failure. Replacement or repair may fix the issue.

Power loss

On average, a Toyota Sienta has a displacement of 1500 cc. Typically, this is often considered a low power, given that the vehicle can take 5 passengers at a time. You may experience jerky movement that will cause the car to even stop mid-way into drive. It doesn’t matter if your Sienta’s accelerator pushes on; it’ll show some signs of slow travel.

How to fix

Some of the reasons you used Sienta may show a power loss include a burnt ignition coil, worn-out spark plugs, or a clogged fuel pump. Some technicians also reported a failed exhaust pipe, faulty engine compressor, or clogged air filter. First, you have to be sure what the result of the diagnosis is before replacing or repairing.

Common Usage of Sienta

For Family:

With its spacious 7-seater capacity, the Toyota Sienta for sale offers a comfortable and ideal choice for family trips. There's ample front head and legroom, measuring an impressive 1,032 mm and 1,066 mm, respectively. In the rear, passengers enjoy generous head and legroom, measuring at 1,034 mm and 926 mm, respectively. Whether you have a small family of four or want to invite three additional average-sized passengers, there's room for everyone.

For Leisure:

The Toyota Sienta stands out with its distinctive and stylish appearance, setting it apart from many other Toyota models. Inside, the vehicle delivers a top-notch experience, featuring a trip computer, a digital fuel gauge, automatic climate control, and an array of safety and entertainment features. Moreover, the outside temperature indicator not only keeps you informed about the climate but also allows you to regulate the interior warmth for your comfort.

For Business:

If you've ever driven a Toyota Sienta for sale, you'll immediately appreciate its exceptional fuel economy, making it an ideal choice for business use. As a business person, this economical vehicle helps you manage your trips efficiently while saving on fuel costs. Additionally, the generous cargo space and internal storage capacity make the Sienta an attractive option for business purposes, enabling you to transport goods without incurring excessive fuel expenses.

Sienta Rival Models: Comparison

Sienta has several rivals in the market, but we’ll comparatively examine a few. No doubt, all the Vans, MVPs, and minivans under review are amazing, but Sienta has a few advantage points.

Sienta vs. Kia Grand Carnival
Sienta vs. Chevy Maxime
Sienta vs. Geely Jia Ji
Sienta vs. Maxus G10
Sienta Kia Grand Carnival Chevy Maxime Geely Jia Ji Maxus G10
Transmission 4-speed CTV (FWD) 4-speed AT 8-speed AT 7-speed wet DCT 5-speed AT
Torque 440N/m 318N/m @5200 rpm 290 N/m@ 6000 rpm 300 N/m @ 2000-3,500 rpm 315 N/m @2500 rpm
Horsepower 110hp-200hp @ 6000 rpm 107hp-270 hp @ 6400rpm 310-367 hp 183 hp @ 5,500 rpm 148 HP @ 4,000 rpm
Fuel type Petrol Diesel Diesel Petrol Diesel
Engine 1496-1500 cc 3342 cc 1500 cc 1477 cc 1995 cc
Door/Body type 5/minivan (MPV) 5/MPV 5/MPV 5/MPV 5/Minivan
Fuel tank liter 1.5L VVT-i 2.2L turbocharge 2.7L turbocharged 1.5L Plug-in-hybrid 2.4L
Number of cylinder 4 6 DOHC 4 4 4
Passenger/Door 5-7/5 7/5 7/5 6-7/5 9/5
Production year 2003-present 1998-date 1960-date 2019-date 2014-date
Brake system Standard ABS and EBD Standard ABS and EBD Standard ABS and EBD Standard ABS and EBD Standard ABS and EBD

Final Thoughts

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