Toyota Harrier Overview

Toyota Harrier is a compact luxury SUV that debuted in 1997 and became one of the most popular SUVs in the world. Actually, the Toyota Harrier has been serialized for more than 20 years.
Its sophisticated and comfortable interior attracts people all over the world, and makes Toyota Harrier legendary famous crossover SUVs. If you want a polished, luxury and reliable car, the Toyota Harrier would be one of the best options.
The Toyota Harrier tends to be more expensive compared to other SUVs, but you can get a Toyota Harrier for a cheaper price by purchasing a used Toyota Harrier.

Popular Keywords and specifications for Toyota Harrier

Toyota Harrier is introduced as a luxury class crossover SUV with five doors and a large cargo area. It became a pioneer of the luxury SUV category. Especially the second generation, where Toyota produced hybrid models beside the original model.

Engine & models

1st Generation Harrier (SXU10, ACU10, MCU10 etc.)

The Toyota Harrier SXU10 is the basic model in the Toyota Harrier range. Originally, It had two models, 3.0-liter V-6 engine and 2.2-liter straight-4 engine. Later, the model developed 2.2-liter straight-4 and 2.4-liter straight-4 engines which had VVT-i, which is an automobile variable valve timing technology.
It has both two types of drivetrain 4x4 and 2WD aiming for city driving, and has a 4AT transmission.
The later engine model provided the maximum power output of 140ps at, 5600rpm.

2nd Generation Harrier (ACU30, MCU30, GSU30 etc.)

The second generation of Toyota Harrier is the most popular in terms of models. In the second generation, there was no model change of engine. However, the newly improved "electronically controlled air suspension", so-called EP-S, has been installed to improve maneuverability. Beside the installation of EP-S, the "Super Intelligent 5-speed Automatic (5 Super ECT)" brought smooth acceleration.
Briefly explaining the difference among ACU, MCU and GSU is that the 2400cc models are ACU, 3000cc models are MCU, 3500cc models are GSU, and hybrids are MHU.

2AZ Engine

2AZ-FE Engine is one of the popular engine models of Toyota cars. This engine is employed for Toyota Alphard and Estima also known as Previa. The Straight-4 piston engine is the characteristic of Toyota AZ engine family, and 2AZ line has a 2.4 liter for displacements.

1MZ Engine

1MZ engine is a short stroke engine with a bore of 87.5 mm, stroke of 83.0 mm and bore stroke ratio of 0.95. Its piston diameter is larger than stroke volume. Though, the displacement and number of cylinders are the same, it is said that the engine is inferior to the long-stroke type in torque characteristics at low rpm and is expected to be difficult to handle. However, the engine can produce more power due to improved filling efficiency and a smaller increase in sliding resistance at high rpm.

Overview for 2nd Generation of Harrier

The second generation of Harrier, from 2003 to 2013, was launched in 2003 as a fully remodeled version of the first generation, and is the most popular line of Toyota Harrier among used car buyers. The reason why old models of Harrier have good reviews is its refined design that exudes a sense of quality, and its spacious space as 5 seaters is the point.
Safety equipment has also been enhanced since the first-generation Toyota Harrier, with the seatbelt warning buzzer and two-mirror auxiliary confirmation device now standard equipment. Furthermore, it was the first time that a pre-crash safety system as automotive equipment was installed as an option. The car navigation system has also been upgraded to an HDD type.
The model 240-G PREMIUM L - P, which was sold in 2011, was also the legendary popular Harrier model in the world.

3rd Generation of Harrier

The third generation of Harrier(SXU, ACU and MCU#1), from 2013 to 2020, debuted in November 2013. Toyota fully remodeled the Harrier for the first time in 10 years after a blank of about a year, and changed the generation to the third generation.
The third generation of Harrier’s petrol model's powertrain and drivetrain consisted of a 3ZR-FAE 2.0L straight-4 engine with continuously variable valve lift (VALVEMATIC) that produces 151 ps/6100 rpm and 193Nm/3800rpm, a CVT, and an electronically controlled coupling system (FF). Dynamic Torque Control 4WD was available.
The appeal of the third generation lies in its ability to provide a crisp, high-level ride while excelling in relaxed cruising. In particular, turbocharged vehicles are given high-performance dampers in the suspension for a more direct driving feel.

Common Issues With Used Harrier

It is said that there are some problems with the engine of the 2AZ. If the engine is driven in such a way that the driver decelerates without stepping on the brake from mid-low speeds to just before stopping, the negative pressure in the intake pipe and combustion chamber is maintained at a high level, and engine oil is sucked up to the combustion chamber, which would cause the increase of oil consumption.
Needless to say, the Toyota Harrier is quite a popular and reliable car with a high level of build quality. However, there are some potential issues with vehicles, but it does not happen often. The Harrier is one of the best reliable Japanese SUV in the market, so if you are looking for a Japanese used SUV for sale, we recommend this unit.

Popular usage

As Toyota Harrier is a compact crossover SUV, has a refined design for on-road and 5 seater cars, one of the popular ways of using it is daily family car. With its leather seats, driving dynamics and wheel drive, the vehicle offers a high level of driving comfort.
In addition, the high driveability, operating performance, cargo space and safety system are the reasons why Harrier is used as a family car.

Rivals of Toyota Harrier

Toyota Harrier and Nissan X-Trail are frequently compared. Both of those models have similarities in some points.
Nissan X-Trail also has five doors and also has high driveability, durability and reliability. Beside the common points, X-Trail has the model which is 7 seaters. However, the price of Toyota Harrier is cheaper and varied compared to Nissan X-Trail.
Beside the price, Toyota Harrier has more spacious cabin room as it has 4.7(L) x1.8(W) x1.6(H)m while X-Trail has 4.6(L) x1.8(W) x1.7(H)m.
Even though it is a used car, the convenience and high driveability are the reasons why Toyota Harrier has been a great deal car for a long time. Over the years, the midsize luxury SUV segment has become increasingly popular and now includes many other competitors such as infiniti qx50, Lexus NX, Audi Q7, Volvo xc90, Mazda cx-5, BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz gle, Nissan pathfinder, acura mdx. has such Toyota Harrier on various grades, models and prices!

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