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Import regulations and procedures for used cars in New Zealand

Port of Delivery in New Zealand

Because we want to further extend our reach to you and to other car buyers around the world, CarUsed.Jp has widened its horizons to serve you better. Instead of using just one port, we arrange car deliveries in different parts of New Zealand so we can facilitate seamless transactions. Now, you can pick up the vehicle of your choice in ports nearest your location so you can save time, money and energy.

Our ports of delivery in New Zealand are strategically located in the following areas: Auckland, Christchurch, Lyttelton, Mount Wellington, Nelson and Wellington

Car Import Regulations in New Zealand

However, if you want to import used cars in New Zealand, you need to learn about the rules and regulations in importing cars in your country. By educating yourself on the dos and don’ts in buying a used car, you can make an informed decision as you choose among the car models and makes available in the market.

As a guide, below are some of the important pointers you should know before you import used cars in New Zealand:

Age Restriction

In New Zealand, a used car must be no older than 8 years to qualify for importation. However, there is an exception to the rule. Based on New Zealand’s guidelines, used vehicles over 8 years of age can be imported to the country if it is of “special interest,” which means that the car was successfully registered to the buyer’s name in Japan.

Car Import Taxation and Charges in New Zealand

All motorcycles and motor vehicles are granted free of any tariff duty. Only a 15% goods and service tax is applicable during the import of these vehicles. However, ambulances and vehicles designed with features that enable occupancy such as toilet, cooking and sleeping facilities are subject to pay 10% tariff duty, along with GST.

Car Inspection in New Zealand

Before exporting a used car in New Zealand, it must first undergo and pass two types of inspection in Japan: JEVIC and Quarantine service (MAF Biosecurity) inspection. A biosecurity inspection is conducted to check the used car for contaminants including pest species like lymantria dispar, also known as the Asian gipsy moth.

Import used cars in New Zealand must also pass emissions tests based on the standards set by the New Zealand government. The standards vary depending on the vehicle type.

Other Requirements

  • Bill of Lading (BOL)
  • Passport (copy only)
  • Visas or immigrant permit (copy only)
  • Car registration and deregistration certificate from Japan (certified English copy)
  • Invoices: freight fee, export fee, marine insurance fee
  • Vehicle license document or insurance certificate (proof of ownership)
  • Client code application (New Zealand customs)
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