Carused Partners Referral Program

Introduce new customers and get up to $150 per sold car

How do i share my code? We have prepared a guide for you at your referral page, just login and view 🡒 My Referral Page

Carused Partners Program is the most generous referral program in the car exporting industry. Why work with other car exporters when you can earn more money with

FOB price Rewards
$1 to $3,500 $15
$3,501 to $4,500 $50
$4,501 to $6,000 $80
$6,001 above $150

Share your code "Unlimited Times" to different people to get unlimited amount of rewards! it is all up to you! You have control how much you earn depending on how many people your refer! NO LIMITS!

Use your partner code, share and start earning!
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For individuals who wants extra income
For car buyers with friends interested in buying
For businesses and owners who wants to earn more
For Anyone and Everyone!

For Businesses and Owners

You have the advantage of earning extra from our referral program, it doesn't matter what kind of business you have, you can refer us to your customers and earn extra! We can even provide brochures and other advertising materials!

For Individuals and Locals

Even if you are not buying cars from us or an individual who has a couple of connections or friends interested in buying some Japanese used cars, you can refer them to us and earn money! it's that simple!

For Buyers and Resellers

For previous customers who was friends or clients and you want to give your customers or friends a discount and earn at the same time, This referral program is perfect for you! Refer your customer or friend and both of you will get the benefit!

Each time you will refer a friend, you will automatically give him a discount on his first sale on You can even give those discounts to your family members.

$20 Discount

Carused Partners Program is a free referral program with which you can earn money each time you help find a new customer. Everyone can join it and make money with it. You do not need to be a professional car importer or having any experience in car importation to participate in that program and make extra cash. Moreover, you can refer your friends and give them discount on the vehicles they want to import.

  • You need to create a free account on You can sign up now.
  • You will need to accept our Terms & Conditions before being able to participate in the Carused Partners Program.
  • After your registration, you will receive a Promo code that you will have to give to all the friends you want to refer.

Share your Promo code: You will just have to give your Carused Promo code. When they will start the car buying process they will be able to add your Promo code. It’s after they’ll add it that will receive their discount. On your side, you will receive your reward after we will confirm the payment of your friend.

Use Promo links: After your registration, you will be able to generate links with your Promo code. You will just have to publish this link on your website or social media like Facebook. Each time someone will click on it, your Promo code will be automatically filled in.

It's Easy! If you already have more than $200 in rewards, Just complete this form to apply to withdraw.

We send the rewards every 20th day of the following month. if in any event that the 20th is on a weekend or holiday, we will be sending the reward at the earliest banking day 18th or the 19th. Please make sure to send us a message before the 18th of the month so that we could verify your rewards and send it as soon as possible.

You can also choose to use your rewards to buy a car from us! Just send us an inquiry and notify us by whatsapp, email or by call that you will be using your rewards to pay for the car!