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Toyota Premio Overview

The Premio was a four-door sedan-type passenger car manufactured and marketed by Toyota Motor Corporation. The Premio was launched on December 25, 2001, as the successor to the Corona.

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Premio is the successor to Corona. Counting from the first-generation Corona, the first Premio is the 12th generation in total. The previous generation, the T210 Corona, was given the sub-name "Corona Premio”.

Engine & models

Toyota Premio RT40

T40/50 series are the models of the third generation of Toyota Corona Premio, from 1964 to 1970. In September 1964, the Corona Premio underwent a full model change.

Drawing on the lessons learned up to that point, it was developed with the aim of becoming a high-performance, high-quality car that could be used in overseas markets as well. The engine was the 2R type (1,490 cc, 70 hp), an improved version of the R-type engine that had a reputation for durability and ease of use, and a flat torque curve for ease of use was adopted.

The newly designed suspension lowered vibration and noise. The overall length and width were increased by 60 mm each, and the interior width by 40 mm, compared to the previous model, in order to improve comfort, and equipment to the level of a midsize car.

Toyota Premio ZZT240

T24# the series is the model of the first generation of Premio from 2001 to 2007. The Premio was marketed as the successor to the Corona.

The exterior of the Premio is differentiated from that of the Allion, with an elaborate sense of quality, and no aero parts or other items for dress-up are provided.

In the first generation, there are four types of Premio; NZT240 1500cc/FF model, ZZT240 1800cc/FF model, ZZT245 1800cc/4x4 model, and AZT240 2000cc/FF model.

4A engine

The Toyota A engine is a series of Toyota’s water-cooled inline four-cylinder petrol engines, the successor to the T-type, which were mainly installed in B-segment cars such as the Corolla/Sprinter series and C-segment cars such as the Carina/Corona series.

The horsepower and torque of this engine per liter of displacement are 72.46 PS/L and 9.4 kgm /L, respectively, while the horsepower and torque per cylinder (single cylinder volume 396.6 cc) are 28.8 PS and 3.8 kgm, respectively.

1ZZ engine

The Toyota 1ZZ-FE is a liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder, all-aluminum, 1,800cc, 16-valve, naturally aspirated, in-line four-cylinder, naturally aspirated engine for small and medium-sized vehicles formerly manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation.

The 1ZZ-FE engine was developed as a practical engine with an emphasis on mid- to low-speed operation. Therefore, it would be difficult to feel its appeal even if it is installed in a lightweight, sporty car as it is. However, this is why it is an engine with high expectations for tuning effects.

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Toyota Premio price

RT40 US$ 8,000 - 14,000
ZZT240 US$ 1,400 - 10,000

Common Issues With Used Toyota Premio

Some problems with a vehicle only become apparent after many years of use. However, others are technical problems where manufacturers are forced to issue a recall.

Fortunately, manufacturers provide needed maintenance for defects for an unlimited amount of time. Accordingly, you'll want to have your mechanic check if any recall fixes were missed if you purchase a used Toyota Premio. You can start by having the mechanic check your vehicle history with the VIN number.

Toyota Premio is a quite reliable car and there are much fewer reports of potential problems compared with other cars.

There have been a few reports of problems with bolts in the engine breaking due to metal corrosion caused by deteriorated oil.

Popular Usage

The usage of Premio is varied for its safeness, comfortability, good fuel economy, and high driving ability.

The fuel economy is remarkable, and one of the biggest points that make Premio attractive. The Premio adopts the “Valvematic” system, which pursues high output and fuel economy at the same time. This system has the effect of increasing the combustion efficiency of the engine by, for example, reducing resistance to air intake.

The 1.5 L 1NZ engine delivers fuel economy of 19.2 km/L. As always, the engine is also equipped with an idling function that automatically stops engine idling when waiting at a traffic light or when pausing.

Rivals of Toyota Premio

There are famous rival models of Premio. Nissan Bluebird is compared with Toyota Premio many times.

The Bluebird is a compact sedan with a number 5 size. Two body types are available: sedan and hardtop. It is also available in two grades: saloon and SSS.

Beside the rival car, Toyota Corona Premio has strong points. The styling of the Corona Premio RT40 series Corona is characterized by an arrow line running straight down the side of the body and a sloping, clean-cut front nose, etc. The R-type engine has been significantly improved (62ps→70ps) and the body weight has been reduced. The new suspension tuning and durability, redesigned steering mechanism, and increased fuel tanks set it apart from other vehicles. offers such Toyota Premio, Toyota Corona and Allion for sale for the best prices!!

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