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Land Cruiser Prado that is trusted and widely used all over the world.

Let us introduce the attraction of Land Cruiser Prado!

Land Cruiser, Land Cruiser Prado, is trusted not only in Japan but around the world.

Land Cruiser Prado is an SUV car that excels in durability and safety compared to general Japanese used SUV cars and is suitable for use as family cars and for outdoor use.

In addition, the engine of Land Cruiser Prado can be selected from a petrol car and diesel car, and it uses large tires that keep running stability. A large body size that can transport a lot of people and carry luggage is a major characteristic.

This time, we will introduce the features and popular models of Land Cruiser Prado, differences between models and engines, the history of Land Cruiser Prado, etc. in detail.

Features of Land Cruiser Prado

  • Smooth driving that cannot imagine from its appearance
  • Various body colors
  • Good fuel economy

To briefly list the characteristics of the Japanese car, Land Cruiser Prado, we would like to emphasize the above three points most strongly.

From here, we will explain each feature in detail.

Smooth driving that cannot imagine from its appearance

Land Cruiser Prado is a Japanese car that boasts Toyota's smooth driving performance that is unimaginable from its appearance, as the weight has been reviewed many times in the Land Cruiser series.

Land Cruiser Prado install a diesel engine called "Direct 2.8L 1GD-FTV", which can be suitable not only in Japan but also in all environments around the world. This function realizes a powerful driving.

In addition, Land Cruiser Prado is unique to the Japanese car, Land Cruiser Prado, which realizes smooth driving with the economical engine performance of "6 Super ECT".

Various body colors

One of the attractions of Land Cruiser Prado is that it has a variety of body colors.

In addition to the common body colors such as black and white, it also offers nine body colors such as dark blue and dark green.

Good fuel economy

Land Cruiser Prado is a Japanese car with a heavy car body and a lot of functions, so it's easy to think that it has a bad fuel consumption, but after repeated improvement and research, it has achieved 11.0 km/L, which is closer to that of a passenger car.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Models and Engines

Model nameSales period
Prado First ModelFirst model J7G/W type
Prado Second ModelSecond model J90/95W type
Prado Third ModelThird model J12W type
Prado Fourth ModelFourth model J15W type

Land Cruiser Prado was first released in April 1990 as the first J7G / W model and was sold as Land Cruiser Wagon until then.

The current Land Cruiser Prado 150 series has undergone a full model change from 2017 and is a model that had a minor change.

The current Land Cruiser Prado has an option between a diesel engine and a petrol engine, but we will explain the differences between them in detail from here.

Direct 4 2.8L 1GD-FTV type Diesel Engine

Grade NameEngine Displacement
TXDiesel 2754cc

Equipped with a common rail fuel injection system and a water-cooled intercooler with a turbocharger, it delivers overwhelming performance with a maximum output of 170ps and a maximum torque of 45.9kgf.m.

It is also environmentally friendly and has adopted the latest clean technology such as an exhaust gas purification device and a urea SCR system to achieve powerful driving.

Since the fuel is a light oil, it is also a big point that the fuel cost is cheaper than petrol.

However, since it has a urea SCR system, it is necessary to replenish AdBlue regularly.

Direct 4 2.7 2TR-FE type Petrol Engine

Grade NameEngine Displacement
TXPetrol 2,693cc

Land Cruiser Prado's petrol engine with excellent power and operability realizes not only smooth driving on road but also powerful driving on off-road that cannot be thought of a petrol vehicle.

It is quieter than a diesel vehicle, so it has a comfortable interior space with a quiet driving function like a luxury car.

It's economical because you don't need to refill with AdBlue, which was necessary for diesel vehicles. You can drive easily, and the petrol to be used is regular which is very economical.

Various uses of Land Cruiser Prado

Land Cruiser Prado is a Japanese car that can be used for various purposes other than daily use such as commuting and shopping.

There are many people who use it especially as family cars and outdoor use, and it can fully demonstrate the performance of Land Cruiser Prado. Since Land Cruiser Prado can choose between 5 to 7 passengers, it can also be used as a family car suitable for going out with a large number of people.

Toyota Safety Sense is installed in all Land Cruiser Prado vehicles, so high safety is also a good point for going out with small children.

The spacious interior makes it easy to take care of children in the car, and Land Cruiser Prado is also suitable for families going outdoors. In the outdoor scene, the powerful engine allows you to drive on off-road roads powerfully, so you can arrive at your destination comfortably and safely.

In addition, you can load large baggage such as a barbecue stove and a tent by turning the seat down, and you can put bedding to sleep on as it is completely flat.

The history of Land Cruiser Prado. It continues to evolve

In a word, Land Cruiser Prado, after undergoing many model changes, it has been through various minor changes in the original 70 series, 90 series, 120 series, and the current 150 series.

Therefore, from here, we will introduce the history of Land Cruiser Prado.

Land Cruiser 70 Prado (1990-1996)

This 70 series Land Cruiser Prado was named "Prado" after undergoing major changes from Land Cruiser Wagon that was the previous model of Land Cruiser Prado.

Given the exclusive front design, the 70 series were also loved as a Japanese car with specifications that are most familiar to users, as it added a 4-door and 8-seater and has an automatic car.

Model code:
  • LJ78G
  • LJ71G

Land Cruiser 90 Prado (1990-2002)

The 90 series Land Cruiser Prado, which was created by a strong awareness of Mitsubishi Pajero sold at the time.

The 90-series late model was a model that had breakthrough improvement as a 4WD at that time, such as introducing common-rail type generation diesel and independent suspension system.

Model code:
  • VZJ95W
  • KZJ95W
  • VZJ90W

Land Cruiser 120 Prado (2002-2009)

It is from the 120 series Land Cruiser Prado that has become more gentrified like the current Land Cruiser Prado.

Compared to the previous 90 series Land Cruiser Prado, this model has improved texture and performance and has exterior design and a complicated press line.

Model code:
  • VZJ121W
  • RZJ120W
  • VZJ125W

  • Prado RZJ120
  • Prado RZJ120
  • Prado RZJ120

Land Cruiser 150 Prado (2009〜)

Compared to the previous 120 Series Land Cruiser Prado, the premier version is the current 150 Series Land Cruiser Prado.

As we have introduced so far, it has diesel and petrol models, which was the first time in eight years for the Land Cruiser Prado model.

The engine has been further powered up from the 120 series, and expectations for the next model are increasing.

Land Cruiser Prado or Land Cruiser?

We recommend Land Cruiser Prado as it is extremely popular!!

Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser Prado, both are produced by Toyota. Many people think that they are the same because they look similar, but Land Cruiser was created to be a "car that is durable and can withstand overuse", and Land Cruiser Prado is "light and can be useful in the city”. It is a completely different Japanese car that has a different purpose.

In terms of price, Land Cruiser Prado is cheaper, and as for the weight, it is lighter than Land Cruiser.

Regarding fuel efficiency, Land Cruiser AX is 6.9km/L, while Land Cruiser Prado TX is 9.0km/L〜, so you need to pay attention to this big difference.

As for the passenger capacity, Land Cruiser can accommodate as many as 5 to 8 passengers, but in order to change the number of passengers, it is necessary to change the grade.

Land Cruiser Prado can choose 5 to 7 passengers depending on the grade, so it is possible to freely choose the number of passengers within the same grade.

For that reason, Land Cruiser Prado is better than Land Cruiser.

Prado URJ202
Prado TRJ150


Land Cruiser Prado does not have much difference in terms of appearance depending on the grade, but in the grades other than TX, genuine leather is used for the seat, electric power function of the seat, comfortable thermal seat, seat ventilation function are installed. Therefore, ride-comfort will be improved.

In conclusion, diesel cars have better fuel economy than petrol cars, and diesel cars increase the compression ratio in the cylinder to explode and burn light oil at a high temperature, so more energy is generated than petrol.

This compression ratio with petrol is strongly connected to fuel efficiency, and because the engine can be turned on with less fuel, diesel vehicles have better fuel economy than petrol vehicles.

Land Cruiser Prado can choose between diesel and petrol vehicles, and diesel vehicles can run on diesel fuel, and petrol vehicles can run on petrol instead of high-octane petrol.