Carused Partners Referral Program Terms & Conditions

This Partner Referral Program Terms & Conditions (referred to as “Agreement”) is made by and between you as a member of (referred to as " Partners", "you " or "your" hereinafter) and Carpaydiem Co.,Ltd (referred to as "we", "our" or "" hereinafter). This Agreement sets forth the following terms and conditions, which govern your membership and use of the Program Platform - A rewards program for registered customers who refer to new customers By registering in the Referral Program, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by this Agreement, the's Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service Disclaimer.

1. General Terminologies Partners Referral Program - The referral program developed by A rewards program for registered customers of who refer to new customers. Partners - Partners are customers who registered to participate in the Referral Program and are eligible to claim rewards. Partners Account - Partners can track referrer performance, reward history, payment withdrawal and more in their Partner Account. Referees - A new customers referred by a Partner to the products provided by

2. Referral Program Entry Qualifications/Requirements

(i) Eligibility. Eligible customers must be at least 18 years of age or older in order to qualify to the Referral Program.

(ii) Registration. In order to join the Referral Program, you must agree to the terms and conditions stated herein and register in the above mentioned Referral Program (registration can be done by clicking on the “create account” button at

Upon registration, a Partners ID (referred to as " ID”) shall be provided, with only one registration allowed per user. Any act of transferring or selling an account to a third party will be deemed invalid and will result in the termination of your registration. Upon such termination, any pending rewards will be forfeited.

(iii) Information Legitimacy. Partners shall provide and maintain complete and legitimate personal information (including reward payment information, payee name and ID copy) for the duration of participation in the Referral Program., in its sole discretion, reserves the right to confirm the legitimacy of registration and account information provided.

(iv) Account Security. Partners will take full responsibility for any account related activity including the occurrence of loss, theft, or unauthorized password disclosure. If such account activity arises, you shall promptly provide written notification of any suspected unauthorized use of your account.

3. Partner's Rights and Obligations

As a Partner, you represent that you fully understand and will abide by applicable laws and regulations in any jurisdiction that applies to the program. You shall take initiative in acquiring new referrals to and shall market products offered by

Upon making a referral, you are to provide your ID to the Referees. In return, the Referees shall input your ID into the “ Partner ID” field. Failure of the referee to provide the partner’s ID at the time of inquiry shall result to a forfeiture of any program reward relating to the referral.

In relation to matters concerning this Agreement, you, the Carused,jp Partner, shall comply with the requirements of any legislative body or government, provincial, regional, or local authority, including the laws and license conditions at your own cost and expense.

4. Partners's Referral Behavior

As a Partner, you shall refrain from the following conduct for the duration of your participation in the Referral Program:

(i) Engage in unlawful activities which cause any potential liability or damage to We,, will not be held liable or responsible for any such activities.

(ii) Directly or indirectly claim ownership of or use of any Brands, nor introduce yourself as an official agent of, unless otherwise agreed to with

(iii) A referrer may only register for one account, and cannot refer existing users or themselves. The Referees may only use a Partner ID once.

(iv) Unauthorized modification, copying, and publication of registered trademarks or service marks including but not limited to icons and logos of “” and “ Partners”, which are protected under applicable copyright, trademark, and other proprietary rights laws.

(iv) Advertise and market in any unlawful, disputable, and misleading method.

5.’s Rights and Obligations shall provide the mechanics and procedures of the Referral Program on its website. We,, at our sole discretion, reserve the right to suspend program registration if we determine that you have engaged in any unlawful or illegal activity. Regular Partners’ performance and sales channel review and evaluation will be conducted to ensure compliance with this Agreement., at any time or for any reason whatsoever, reserves the right to vary the terms set forth in this Agreement, including compensation rates relating to Referral Program rewards. In such a case, Partners will be notified of such change through the website or by other means., whether through direct, special, or consequential means, shall exclude warranties of any kind and will not be held liable for any costs, loss, liability or damages arising from the revision, suspension or termination of any terms set forth in the Agreement.

6. Program Rewards & Taxes

FOB price Rewards
$1 to $3,500 $15
$3,501 to $4,500 $50
$4,501 to $6,000 $80
$6,001 above $150

*FOB Price or Free/Freight on Board pertains to the total cost of the vehicle, along with transportation, insurance and loading costs from Japan. FOB does not include shipping freight and insurance costs Partners can track accumulated rewards through their Account, and reward calculations will be made based on the actual issuance date of the Pro forma Invoice – the preliminary bill issued upon mutual prior consent of payment price by the Referees and Upon fulfilling all applicable requirements, payment application cut off will be at the end of the month and the reward shall be paid on or before the 20th of the succeeding month if payment date falls on a non-working day, following the confirmation of payment by the referee for the purchase made within the specified promotion period of the program.

Reward payments will be made to the partner’s registered Account wallet, and can be used as credits for vehicle purchases at The Referees will automatically receive discounts upon encoding your ID during inquiry.

Payment of the reward shall be made in US Dollars through bank transfer or Paypal. Minimum withdrawal is $200, and the Partner shall bear the associated fees (Please refer to the transfer fees below). Partners will bear all taxes due in connection to the program reward, and will not, in any way, provide additional compensations for tax payments.

Bank fee: $30~$60 depending on the bank country
Paypal fee: Please refer to this link

All rewards earned through the program shall be forfeited upon the termination or discontinuance of the partner’s participation in the program. Provision of incorrect, inaccurate or fraudulent information resulting to unpaid rewards shall also be forfeited. Partners’ failure to provide any required information by the specified time will result in the delay and postponement of any reward payment until the correct information has been recorded.

7. Program Compliance & Audit reserves the right to conduct an activity audit anytime during the Partner’s participation in the Referral Program. You, the Partner, shall cooperate in such audit by providing any requested documents, and shall neither block nor interfere with the audit process. Failure to comply with the audit process shall constitute a material breach of the Agreement under the Terms and Conditions of this program. Refer to Section 9 of this Agreement.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

You, the Partner, acknowledge has all rights, title, and interest in any and all intellectual property, including, but not limited to present or future patents, trademarks, trade-names, service marks, designs, copyrights or other intellectual property used in connection with the sale and promotion of the vehicles, whether or not patentable or registrable under patent, copyright or similar laws, related to’s business.

Under our sole discretion and benefit, no royalty or other consideration will be due to you, the Partner, if commercializes or markets such Intellectual Property Rights as classified above in this paragraph.

9. Agreement Breaches & Termination Procedures

If determines that there has been a breach of this Agreement, Privacy Policy, and the Terms of Service Disclaimer due to the events listed in (a) below, we reserve the right to take appropriate steps and remedial actions, including those listed in (b) below:

(a) (i) Commitment of fraud, theft, or act resulting to dispute involving, its customers, and any entity involved with the brand whatsoever, and the (ii) Failure to perform the obligations stated upon entering the program.

(b) In the event that we have determined any of the events in (a) have occurred, we specifically reserve the right to take any and all of the following remedial actions: (i) Issuing a warning, (ii) investigation of your Referral Program account, (iii) suspension of your Referral Program account, (iv) termination of your Partners Account.

Engagement in any unlawful activity therefore, shall result in the immediate termination of this Agreement. Partners whose accounts have been suspended will be informed in writing of the reasons thereof, and shall no longer be rewarded for referral activities.

10. Confidential Information

You, the Partner, acknowledge that you will obtain, and provide to, confidential information during the performance of your obligations under this Agreement. With respect to any confidential information so obtained, you agree to the terms of this Agreement and shall maintain such confidential information in strict confidence.

Neither nor its Partners may disclose such confidential information to any third party, except for its employees that require the knowledge of such confidential information for the performance of this Agreement. Partners are prohibited from altering or removing any associated documentation owned or provided by under any proprietary, copyright, trademark, service mark or trade secret legend. and its Partners will use all reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality of’s confidential information in the Partner’s possession or control, but in no event less than the efforts that it ordinarily uses with respect to its own confidential information of similar nature and importance.

11. Limitation of Liability will not be held liable for any loss incurred from any form of malicious hackings that cause damage to the website. If any non-authorized human intervention, or software interference such as a virus, bug, or other causes outside of our control occurs, we reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Referral Program. Please also note that any attempt to undermine the legitimate operations of the Referral program may also be a violation of criminal and civil laws. Partners will make every effort to inform their referees of the fact that any purchases made through are subject to the’s Terms of Service. will not be held accountable for any issue or dispute between you and your referred customer. reserves the right to seek remedies and damages, including attorney fees, to the fullest extent of the law, including criminal prosecution, should such attempts to undermine the Referral Program occur.

12. Force Majeure

If the performance of this Agreement or any obligations hereunder is prevented, restricted or interfered with by reason of earthquakes, fires, explosions, drought, tidal waves and floods, war (whether declared or not), hostilities, invasion, act of foreign enemies, mobilisation, requisition, or embargo, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, or military or usurped power, or civil war, contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel, or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel, radioactive and toxic explosive, or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component of such assembly, riot, commotion, strikes, go slows, lock outs or disorder, or acts or threats of terrorism or a similar occurrence or condition beyond the reasonable control of the Parties, the Party so affected shall, upon giving prompt notice to the other Parties, be excused from such performance during such prevention, restriction or interference, and any failure or delay resulting therefrom shall not be considered a breach of this Agreement.

13. Use of Carused Partners ID

The Carused Partners ID or referral code can only be used for cars in stock at the website only.

14. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, shall only allow wholesalers from European Countries to register to the Partner Referral Program and the website. Any individual who will register to the Partner Referral Program and the website will comply to the clauses stated in this Agreement, the's Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service Disclaimer.

15. Governing Law of Japan and Dispute Resolution

The parties hereto submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court of Japan in respect to all controversies arising from or in relation to this Agreement, its performance, or any breach thereof.