Carpaydiem President CEO's Vision - Became CEO of Carpaydiem Co., Ltd.

Innovation with the "All-Managers' Mind"

Chatani, who gained new experience at Rakuten, returned to the used car export business again as the President of Carpaydiem. While working at the SoftBank Group and Rakuten, he learned the management techniques unique to a growing company that was at the forefront of the times. Both companies' business operations and organizational management methods were completely different. Now that he has become a manager, he incorporates the best parts of each management method. "It is better to move this way in this phase" "At this timing, this kind of management style is appropriate" — the ability to flexibly change the organizational strategy according to the situation has helped him to gain confidence as a manager.

Currently, most major exporters are trying to monopolize the used car industry, Chatani's goal is to provide fair pricing and choices to help the masses.

"A visionary company that is loved by users all over the world, innovating, and continuing to grow in a long term. That is our vision."

The purpose of innovation is nothing other than "contributing to society". The means for achieving that purpose is not limited to the used car business. He is expanding the field, utilizing the knowledge and network cultivated so far.
One of them is the recruitment business. There are many people in the world who are intelligent, but work in poor conditions. These people will be able to demonstrate their power in Japan, which suffers from a declining labor force and build a win-win relationship. On the other hand, Japanese people who want to work abroad or study abroad are also supported. We will serve as a cross-border bridge that overseas and domestic human resources can utilize.
In addition, the company is also engaged in the purchase of used products such as cameras, home appliances, iPhones, and cosmetics, and the Internet advertising agency business that utilizes knowledge in attracting customers online. Going forward, the company will continue to develop new businesses based on "IT / NET × Global".

Friends who sympathize with such a philosophy and vision are gathering one after another. Human resources who have experience in major companies, financial institutions and consulting firms participate as employees or advisors. In this fast-changing industry, the company has established a system to constantly catch up with the latest knowledge. For the employees, Chatani hopes to assign them as the business managers, and to ultimately delegate his responsibilities.

"I would like the organization to be one where everyone has a managers' mind. It is okay not to be able to speak English at the moment. I want to work with people who think strong to bring new value to the world with their own hands."

Carpaydiem Co., Ltd.CEONobuaki Chatani