Carpaydiem President CEO's Vision - Founder of Tradecarview, Responsible of global marketing at Rakuten

Realizing his "contribution to society" in appreciation from all over the world

The biggest challenge he experienced in Carview was the launch of a global car online shopping mall. It is a mall where international users can purchase cars from Japan. It started with three people: the Web Production Manager, the Administrative Assistant, and him. They had worked on the development of member stores in Japan, acquisition of buyers from overseas, and creation of a platform where international users can comfortably use. Launched in 2004, it quickly expanded to the world, and the number of member stores increased to around 1,000 in about 5 years. It has grown into a lucrative business with more than 7,000 monthly transactions.

He was one of the founders of TradeCarView, which is now one of the biggest used car exporter in the industry, During his time with TradeCarview, with his knowledge in regards to the shopping mall business, has expanded the market for used vehicles worldwide.

Beyond the admiration from the surroundings, one of the things that moved Chatani was the voice of joy that has been sent from overseas. From a village in a developing country where a used commercial vehicle was purchased, there were comments such as "We can now send children who were walking to elementary school for 6 hours one way in 30 minutes." and "We can now carry people in the village at once, making it easier to procure life supplies." He also received voices from other countries such as "I was able to give the best present for my wife." and "I started the taxi business with the car I purchased". He realized that their business could support the daily lives of people around the world and even their lives. Chatani's desire to "contribute more" became stronger.

However, it was not just the voices of gratitude that came into his ears. "A broken car arrived." "A car different from the one I purchased arrived". Furthermore, there was a complaint that "The vehicle has not arrived even though the price has been paid". In Africa, there was a situation where cars ordered by collecting money from 50 villagers were not delivered.

Some of the member stores took advantage "because the other party is a developing country"and responded unprofessionally. It is unforgivable. You can never betray users' trust and expectations. At this time, he promised, "I have to deliver something that would make me smile, not tears. This is an unchanging belief."

After having been successful in the global online sales business for cars, this is how Chatani, received an offer, which asked, "Would you like to join us?" – the offer was from Rakuten who was advancing overseas. This was a great opportunity to gain knowledge about the organizational structure and management method of a big firm with 1,000 employees.
Chatani, then left TradeCarView and joined Rakuten. After Chatani left, the overseas transaction for TradeCarView has Decreased.

"I might as well try to gain a new experience if I could." - in an interview with Rakuten President Mikitani, Chatani expressed that he would prefer to be responsible for categories other than cars, and the request was accepted. It was decided that he would be in charge of international marketing of all genres such as fashion, gourmet, toy hobby, health food, sports goods and merchandising. The mission was to increase the amount of distribution from Rakuten Ichiba to overseas. The company achieved a 40% increase in inflows by improving UI / UX on English pages, grasping the number of users and popular trends by country, analyzing and improving issues at store openings, and taking SEM / SEO measures. In addition, he applied his knowledge in international sales to stores and support promotions to promote new store openings. In one year, the distribution amount had been quadrupled.

So far, Chatani has been successful at any stage. However, things were not always going in the way he planned. When he was a Business Manager at the age of 25, he was criticized by subordinates from major companies. Every time, he struggled a lot with the management, having serious discussions and drinking alcohol for business on a one-on-one basis. When he started the global online car sales business, he was ridiculed by saying, "There is no way he can do it." In the process of starting a business from scratch, there are many situations where he failed and struggled. It was a word that was engraved in his heart when he was 20 years old, which became the driving force for him to continue and not give up.

"To live is to attack. There is no such interesting thing as a defensive person." "Become a lonely wolf that does not count on others and lives without being relied upon by anybody's power!"

It was a book that his brother told him to read when he was going out to party a lot during his university life. He was shocked by the words in the book "Message to the Wolves" by an international journalist, Nobuhiko Ochiai. "I'll go hard with my life only once!" - This determination has taken root in Chatani since then.