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hino ranger

Hino Ranger - A Reliable Truck from Japan

Hino Ranger, a medium-sized truck of the 4 to 11.5t class, is a popular model overseas.

Making full use of technical capabilities is the greatest feature of Hino Trucks, Ranger is used in a wide range of purposes all over the world. The name "Ranger" means that it is a truck for professionals who promises profits by meeting customers' expectations and continues to evolve while making minor changes.

We will explain in detail about Ranger that has been loved for 56 years since 1964.

Which models are the best selling? Popular car lineup

There are various models of Ranger depending on the purpose.

The following models are popular especially in markets such as Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Fiji.

  • hino ranger FC2JCAD
  • hino ranger FC3HCAD
  • hino ranger FC3JCBD
  • hino ranger FD2JDBD
  • hino ranger GK8JKWA

Ranger series by loading capacity

Maximum carrying capacity 4.2ton series

Maximum carrying capacity 7.4ton series

Maximum carrying capacity 7.9ton series

Maximum carrying capacity 8.9ton series

Maximum carrying capacity 11t series

[Evolution of Hino Ranger] ~ There are reasons to be loved ~

Hino Ranger has been upgraded 5 times since the first generation!

The secret that has been loved for a long time since the birth of the first generation in 1964 is that the design has renewed to improve usability regardless of physique or age. Here, we will introduce the history of Ranger, which has been improved to become a more accepted truck!

Launch of the first Ranger in 1964! (1964-1984)

The first Hino Ranger was released in 1964 as a 3.5-ton truck. Minor changes of three sizes were carried out in 1967, 1969, and 1978, and it continued to be produced for 20 years after the launch of the second generation Ranger.

The second-generation Ranger was released in 1969! (1969-1980)

The second-generation Ranger was launched with a newly developed 120 ps engine installed, but 165 ps EH700 type engine was introduced in 1977, which later became 170 ps. It can be said that it is a model adapted with a high output of Hino Ranger.

The third-generation Ranger in 1980 (1980-1989)

of 4L, 4S, and 4D series were released on the market with the slogan, "The new era always starts with Hino Motors." It became a model that continued to be produced as an "Econo Diesel" until 1995 as an overseas specification vehicle in Asia and elsewhere!

The fourth-generation Ranger in 1989 (1989-2001)

The 4th generation Hino Ranger was released with the H07D engine that complied with the regulation of exhaust gas in 1989, adopting a two-lamp system headlamp. By 2001, various modern equipment such as ABS and following distance warning devices were adopted. A driver airbag became standard equipment, and the door handle was changed from metal to resin.

The fifth-generation Ranger in 2001 (2001-2017)

The fifth-generation model was a model that has significantly improved the natural environment and driving environment, such as the setting of low-pollution automobile LE type vehicles. For the first time in a medium-sized truck class, a bumper-embedded lower headlight was adopted, and the exterior design was changed to a new design!

The sixth-generation Ranger in 2017 (2017-present)

The result of truck technology released in 2017 by generously introducing Hino's technology cultivated over 50 years from the first generation!! Equipped with safety devices such as lane departure warning device and VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), it is a model that pursues simplicity regardless of age, gender, or experience!

Models and Engines


Short Cab Cargo
[FC series][FD]

Full Cab Cargo
[GK series]

Dump trucks/Mixer

Wing van Completed car


Ranger is focused on reducing fuel consumption so that more drivers can reduce fuel consumption.

  • TC(A5-3): 191KW(260PS)/2,300rpm, 882N.m(90kgf.m)/1,400rpm
  • TD(A5-4): 177KW(240PS)/2,300rpm, 833N.m(85kgf.m)/1,400rpm
  • TE(A5-5): 177KW(240PS)/2,300rpm, 794N.m(81kgf.m)/1,400rpm
  • TF(A5-6): 155KW(210PS)/2,300rpm, 706N.m(72kgf.m)/1,600rpm
  • TG(A5-7): 140KW(190PS)/2,000rpm, 706N.m(72kgf.m)/1,600rpm

Comparison between Hino Ranger and Isuzu Forward!

Ranger and Forward are often compared as medium-sized trucks! Both have a wide variety of models and have been supported by customers for over 50 years.

So this time, we will briefly explain each feature!

hino ranger

Hino Ranger

Speaking of trucks, its Hino, In pursuit of safety and environmental technology, Hino Ranger has adapted minor changes at appropriate times even during a long model change cycle and has improved its perfection. Also, there are some advantages such as a few engine horsepower and the least amount of damage! These points are also one of the big attractions of Hino trucks.

Isuzu Forward

Isuzu Forward

In 1974, the first medium-sized truck to be sold as an AT car, it always incorporates the latest technology of that era. We have absolute confidence in fuel efficiency, lower price, and excellent in design, but there are some comments that BR maintenance is difficult.

Various body types according to the purpose!

  • Hino Ranger Flat Body
    Flat Body
  • Hino Ranger Dump Truck
    Dump Truck
  • Hino Ranger Regrigerated Truck
    Refrigerated Truck
  • Hino Ranger Mixer


Depending on the car model, it is approximately 5km / L! Ranger has the following features to help more drivers to reduce fuel consumption.

  • By widening of the range, it contributes to further fuel efficiency. (* 6MT, 7MT)
  • Pursuing lower intake air temperature to improve fuel efficiency
  • Displays whether fuel-efficiency of the vehicle is carried out

Points that especially focusing on safety performance! Automatic control and inter-vehicular distance were adapted for the first time in the medium-sized car! Equipped with a collision avoidance function that detects pedestrians and even parked vehicles, it is the truck that is gentle not only for drivers but also for pedestrians.

The goal was to have the top level of seating comfort as a commercial vehicle that makes driver least tiring. The support around the waist and thighs is improved to reduce stress even during long hours of driving! It is also designed to expand the adjustment range of the driving position to fit drivers of various physiques. Even more! The meter has a universal design, and the size of the speedometer and engine tachometer is increased. This makes it easier to see the meter while driving!