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Cheap Mitsubishi Canter Trucks for Sale

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Specification

Main Characteristics

Mitsubishi Canter brings lifetime value to anyone who owns it. Another important element it gives is the lower cost of operation. Expect the profits continuously roll in because the Canter boasts of longer vehicle life. Apart from being fuel-efficient, the Canter requires less frequent maintenance. Because it is comfortable and easier to drive, this truck reduces driver fatigue, making it safer on the road. What's more, it is built to be rugged and durable.

  • Economy
    The Mitsubishi Canter has it all - from performance, longevity, and utility. The smooth-shifting transmission even enhances fuel economy.
  • Design and Drivability
    Expect better fuel efficiency because of the aerodynamic contours. Drivers will stay alert and fresh, thanks to Canter's drivability and comfort.
  • Rich Body Variation
    Canter is available in different body variations, including low floor standard body, low floor long body, super low floor standard body, super low super long body, high floor standard body, high floor semi-long body, high floor long body, and high floor super long body.

If you want to learn more about the features of this truck, click on the button below to get the details

Maximum carrying capacityMore than 2t
Length of truck bed3,115mm
Width of truck bed1,615mm
Height of truck bed380mm
Canter Guts
Maximum carrying capacityLess than 1,5t
Length of truck bed3,100mm
Width of truck bed1,620mm
Height of truck bed380mm

Canters are roughly divided into the above two types, please note that it changes depending on not only maximum carrying capacity but also Length of the truck bed, tire size, flatness, and weight of mounted component and equipment

Because 2 tons are very popular in terms of maximum carrying capacity, canters are inevitably more popular than canter guts.

Variations of Canter

Flat BodyFlatbody features a selection of Normal, Wide Cab and Double Cab variants

Normal Cab - Comes in Low deck model, You can choose from either 4WD or 2WD models. This type is available in a long body and super long body variants

Wide Cab - Comes in Low/High Deck Model, You can either choose from either a 4WD or 2WD models. This is also available in a long body and super long body variants.

Double Cab - Has 2 major models which are the 1.5ton long body or the 2ton normal body
DumpDump has 3 major types in which it is classified based on the thickness / reinforcement of the bed which are the normal type, reinforced, and super reinforced.

High deck and low deck models are available for the 3 types. Each of types have either high deck and low deck models.

There are special versions of dump available, For examble a "Deep Dump" which is excellent for carrying tall goods, as well as carrying sand.
Refrigerated / Freezer VanThis type of trucks comes in 3 major models depending on the purpose, here are the 3 major models:

Cool Keeper / Cool Box - This model does not have a fridge built in it, It uses an insulated van to keep the temperature of the cargo.

Refrigerated - This unit comes in with a refrigiration unit built in, it is mainly used for transporting perishable goods.

Freezer - Mainly used to delivery frozen goods, this truck's freezer temperature can go as low as -20 degree celcius
Car Carrier TrucksA Truck for carrying and transporting cars, The models vary based on the degree of ramp / deck angle. Preferences on ramp / deck angles varies per person depending on the use.

For example. A low angled ramp is best suited when loading a low-to-the-ground car such as sports cars so that the car can be loaded without the bumper or rear making contact with the ramp.

Popular Canter Model

There are many Canter models available in the market, These below are the most sought after for their reliability throughout the world especially in the African and Asian Market such as Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Philippines and more!

Load Capacity

The Mitsubishi Canter is available in three load capacities, namely 2-3ton, 3.5ton, and 4ton/4.7ton. You can identify Canter's maximum payload by 4th digit number of model name. "0 - 3" is 2-3tons, "4" is 3.5tons and "5" is 4tons / 4.7tons. Below is a list of popular canter models by load capacity

Popular 2-3ton Mitsubishi Canter
* 1992 Mitsubishi Canter FE325E
* 1990 Mitsubishi Canter FE435E
* 1999 Mitsubishi Canter FE51CBT
* 1992 Mitsubishi Canter FE437F
* 1991 Mitsubishi Canter FE305BD
Popular 3.5ton Mitsubishi Canter
* 1999 Mitsubishi Canter FE648G
* 1987 Mitsubishi Canter FE445E
* 1998 Mitsubishi Canter FE648G
* 2006 Mitsubishi Canter FE72DEV
* 2007 Mitsubishi Canter FE73DY
Popular 4ton/4.7ton Mitsubishi Canter
* 2006 Mitsubishi Canter FE83DEY
* 2006 Mitsubishi Canter FE73DBY
* 2011 Mitsubishi Canter FEB90

For a complete list of the load capacities and their corresponding model codes, check out our Canter Load Capacity table

Models and Engine

The Mitsubishi Canter has four major models, and their codes begin at FE, FG, FB, and FD. The base model code of a Canter consists of at up to 7 alpha numeric characters, each character corresponds to a specific feature.

Meaning of each character in a Mitsubishi Canter Model Code
1st Digit - Base Model - F stands for Fuso truck and B means the bus.
2nd Digit - Drivetrain - A = petrol 2-wheel drive, B = diesel 2-wheel drive, C = petrol 4-wheel drive and D = diesel 4-wheel drive. E = rear wheel drive model of canter (4 x 2), F = 2-rear axle vehicle (6 x 2). G = 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive models of 1 number in Japan. (it does not stand for Canter Guts).
3rd Digit - Body Size - The odd number stands for the standard body and the even number means wide body
4th Digit - Maximum payload - 0 - 3 stands for maximum payload 2 - 3 t. 4 = 3.5 t, and 5 = 4 - 4.7 t.
5th Digit - Engine Model - 1 = 4D30, 2 = 4M51, 5 = 4D32, 6 = 4D36, 7 = 4D33, 8 = 4D35, 9 = 4D31(T) , 4D34(T1) or 4D34T4 engine is mounted respectively. The model code was changed in 1999, and 5th digit was changed from numeric number to alphabet. In the case of alphabet, B = 4M42, C = 4D33, D = 4M50(T), E = 4M51(1) or 4M51(2) engine is mounted respectively.
6th Digit - Wheelbase size - The more the alphabet goes, the longer body will be. B = standard 2500/2520mm, C = standard 2750mm, E = long 3350mm, F = ultra long 3760mm, G = ultra long 3850mm.
7th Digit - Specification - D = dump truck P = packer (refuse collector).

Let us use "FE305BD" as an example
this means F=Fuso Truck, E=Rear Wheel Drive of Canter 4x2, 3=Standard Body, 0= 2-3Ton, 5 = 4D32 Engine, B = Standard wheel base 2500/2520mm, D = Dump

To better understand the features through the model code, check out our Mitsubishi Canter Model Code Guide.

Popular Engines for the Major Models

  • FE - 4D32 Engine
    This is a direct injection diesel turbo engine with an engine displacement of 3567cc, a maximum power output of 110ps/3500rpm, and a maximum torque of 26.0kg-m/1800rpm.
  • FG - 4M50 Engine
    This is an inline 4-cylinder engine with a common rail direct injection and an engine displacement of 4899cc. It can generate between 147 to 175 hp.
  • FB - 4M42 Engine
    Another direct injection 4-cylinder engine with a 2977cc engine displacement and a Bosch VP44 rotary injection pump with turbocharging, electronic control, and intercooling.

Different Types of Mitsubishi Canter Trucks

The Mitsubishi Canter is ideal for various applications, including earthmoving, transporting perishable goods, carrying heavy cargo, and loading/unloading heavy materials. Here are the different types of Mitsubishi Canter trucks:

  • Dump trucks for moving earth, sand, debris, and waste, among others - Contact us on WhatsApp to request for a Canter Dump Truck.
  • Refrigerated freezer trucks with aluminum vans for transporting perishable goods like vegetables, meat, fish, and flowers - Contact us on WhatsApp to request for a Canter Freezer Truck.
  • Aerial work trucks fitted with equipment necessary for installing electric wire - Contact us on WhatsApp to request for a Canter Aerial Work Truck.
  • Power gates with a load platform for transporting heavy cargo - Contact us on WhatsApp to request for a Canter Power Gate.
  • Enclosed aluminum trucks for keeping cargo unexposed - Contact us on WhatsApp to request for a Canter Enclosed Aluminum Truck.
  • Wing trucks fitted with forklifts that can neatly load heavy cargo - Contact us on WhatsApp to request for a Canter Wing truck.
  • Crane trucks for efficiently loading and unloading heavy materials - Contact us on WhatsApp to request for a Canter Crane Truck.

Versatile application of Canter

How can Mitsubishi Fuso's canters be used?

In addition, many people who are considering buying trucks, including canters, would like to ask many questions.

From here, we will introduce the use of canters and frequently asked questions about truck purchases.

Light trucks can be purchased at a low price.

Light trucks are trucks that meet Japan's unique light vehicle standards and have a lower maximum carrying capacity and horsepower but can carry up to 350kg of luggage.

The "Refrigerated truck" equipped with an aluminum van on the truck bed as a cooling device can transport fresh ingredients.

Since the temperature of the truck bed can be kept at about 0〜5℃, frozen foods such as meat, fish, and ice cream can be transported in a fresh state.

A double cab is a truck that has more than two rows of seats and can accommodate more than 4 people.

Normal trucks can only accommodate two people, but the advantage of double cabs is that the number of persons can be increased, and they can also carry luggage.

The difference is that diesel engines use light oil and gasoline engines use gasoline. Diesel engines spontaneously ignite by injecting fuel in a mist into the air when it becomes hot after compressed. Gasoline engines, on the other hand, burn a mixture of compressed spray gasoline and air by igniting sparks with a spark plug. You can keep a car cheaper with gasoline, and diesel engines are a bit more expensive than gasoline. Most of the trucks that carry a lot of luggage are diesel engines because their horsepower is stronger than gasoline engines.

Wing body or flat body trucks can efficiently load and unload luggage.

By opening the side of the luggage compartment, the wing-body can be used to carry heavy luggage without forklifts and reduce problems such as having dirt, damage, and scattering while carrying luggage, as with flat bodies.

On the other hand, a flat body is a truck loaded with a flat type truck bed.

There is a risk that the luggage will be contaminated by exposure to rain and wind because the truck bed does not have a roof. It is characterized by high versatility because there are few restrictions on the dimensions of the load and the method of loading and unloading.

Comparison Between Canter and ELF

  • Isuzu Elf Truck

    The isuzu elf truck is a powerful and easy to drive truck with minimal engine noice. It is one of the most popular 2Ton Trucks in the market. The only downside is that the seats are stiff and can be uncomfortable on long drives

  • Mitsubishi Canter Truck

    The Mitsubishi Canter truck undoubtedly has one of the more durable engine among all the Truck brands in the market! It also has a very comfortable cabin and a wide variety of body types depending on the needs such as Dump, Refrigirated truck, Crane and more!

To discover how the Mitsubishi Canter differs from other trucks in its class, visit our Mitsubishi Canter Comparison page

Mitsubishi Canter History

Other FAQs About the Mitsubishi Canter

The model codes FE305B, FE315B, FE325, FE335, FE355E, FE425E, FE435, FE445 and FG335 have the 4D32 engine

The model codes FE637, FE63CE, FE667E, FE70CB, FE71CB, FE72C, FE73C, FE82C, FE83CE, FG327B, FG337, FE437E, FG507B and FG537B have the 4D33 engine

At, we feature a comprehensive list of used Mitsubishi Canter in good condition. All our trucks have been inspected by experts in the field. So, you'll know exactly what you'll get.

The third digit of the model code represents the body type of the truck. An odd number means a standard body, and an even number represents a wide body.

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