[NEW HARRIER] What are the five differences between the new Harrier and the previous model?

The Japanese Toyota brand, Harrier, which is extremely popular not only in Japan but also overseas, has pioneered a new SUV genre as a leader of luxury SUVs.

Its elegant and luxurious design represents a high-class feeling in exterior and interior, and it looks as if it involves the handiwork of craftspeople. It is recommended for those who want to get a luxurious car.

Harrier will undergo a full model change in June 2020, and the fourth generation new Harrier will be released in Japan.

Therefore, this time, we will explain the details of the differences between the new Harrier and the previous model.


Differences between the new Harrier and the previous model

The differences between the new Harrier, which will undergo a full model change in June 2020, and the previous model, are that the design, size, power unit, and safety performance have been improved, and it has evolved into a more attractive Harrier.

From here, we will introduce the difference between the new Harrier and the previous model.

Differences in exterior

Toyota Harrier

One of the major features of the new Harrier is the change in its exterior.

Compared to the previous model, which had an orthodox and soft body line, the new Harrier has a design that emphasizes the SUV shell with a slightly straight body line with a sense of wildness.

The continuous design from the previous model that flows from the front grille to the headlamp gives a sharp and futuristic impression by connecting the plating on the bottom of the grill and narrowing the vertical width of the headlight.

In addition, the emblem has been changed from Eastern Marsh Harrier (family Accipitridae) to the Toyota emblem, and the side mirror is attached to the door.

Differences in interior

Toyota Harrier

Not only the exterior but also the design of the interior has changed significantly.

In the center of the top of the instrument panel, there is a 12.3-inch wide LCD display, and an electrostatic air conditioning switch is installed in the below.

It has a sporty interior design that makes it easy to get a feeling of unity with the vehicle, and the instrument panel uses synthetic leather to further create a sophisticated feeling compared to the previous model.

Differences in size

Toyota Harrier

The previous model, the third-generation Harrier, had a total length of 4,725 × total width 1,835 × total height 1,690 mm, but the new Harrier was a total length of 4,740 × total width 1,855 × total height 1,660 mm, which is 15 mm longer and 20 mm wider, and the total height is 30mm shorter than the current model.

In addition, be changing the size that the wheelbase is 2,690 mm extended by 30 mm, and the tread is 1,605 mm in the front and 1,625 mm in the rear, the front tread is expanded by 45 mm in the front and 55 mm in the rear, greatly improving running stability.

The minimum turning radius is 30-40mm shorter than the previous model, and by shortening the front overhang while extending the overall length, control stability has achieved.

Differences in power unit

Toyota Harrier

The 2L turbo engine that was in the previous model has been abolished, and you may select either the inline 4-cylinder 2L non-turbo normal type and the 2.5L hybrid.

For the drive system, both front-wheel drive 2WD and 4WD are available for both engines.

In the previous model, the hybrid drive system was only 4WD, but in the new model, you can also choose 2WD.

The power unit of the 2L gasoline NA and the 2.5L hybrid remains a carryover, so the basic performance evaluation values do not change significantly.

However, with the new platform, it aims to increase the performance level of running capability by strengthening the suspension system, improving body rigidity, and reducing weight.

Differences in safety performance

Toyota Harrier

As for advanced driver-assistance and safety equipment, the new Harrier has the latest functions.

”The Toyota Safety Sense”, which is a safety device that can activate collision avoidance system brakes, can also detects pedestrians and bicycles during the day.

In addition, a liquid crystal type rear-view mirror called a digital inner mirror has a drive recorder function, such as the ability to record both front and rear images on an SD card.

The safety performance of the new Harrier is greatly enhanced because it has a function to automatically report the fire department and police when the airbag is activated in the event of an accident.

How to get the new Harrier cheaply?

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