Suzuki Carry Overview

Highly durable, compact, and slim, the Suzuki Carry is the perfect commercial minivan for both family and personal use. Designed with exterior dimensions that are narrow, it can easily travel on congested, smaller roads. It is perfect for city driving.
Originally, this microvan model was sold as the Carry van before being sold as the Suzuki Every.
As other minivan versions entered the market, the Suzuki Carry became renowned for its flawless design and superior quality.

In fact, despite having been manufactured by the Suzuki company, the Suzuki Carry has received accolades from other brands such as Chevrolet and Ford. This is because of its unique specifications and features.

As the Suzuki Carry became more well-known, Suzuki began to sell it in other countries where the demand for highly durable, affordable Japanese minivans was high.
Despite how many options are out there, buyers will be happy with the Suzuki Carry line, because it offers everything they need.

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Suzuki Carry Specifications

The Suzuki Carry has several specifications. These include its dimensions, weight, engines, fuel consumption, and seating capacity. By reviewing these specifications, you will know whether the Suzuki Carry is the right car for you.


There are different vehicle types you can choose from the used Suzuki Carry line. It has gone through 11 different generations, which means that options have expanded and are greatly diversified for any van enthusiast or driver.
Because there are truck, pickup, and van versions on the market, there are not dimensions that apply to all types. However, there is something that all these versions, even the rebadged and oldest ones, have in common.
All Suzuki Carry vehicle versions have a body type that is compact and slim.


Just like with its dimensions, the weight of the used Suzuki Carry can vary depending on the year it was manufactured and what model it is. For example, the 8th Generation Suzuki Super Carry, on the one hand, weighs between 600 and 780 kilograms.
The used 9th Generation Carry, on the other hand, weighs between 650 and 720 kilograms. (This model is also known popularly as the Autozam Scrum.)
Even though the structures and designs of the following Suzuki Carry have changed over time, the models released after the 9th Generation one usually weigh within the same range.


Because the Suzuki Carry has been manufactured by a company based in Japan, the Suzuki has specific features that make it better than other compact minivans available in the market. When the Suzuki Carry is made, the Suzuki Carry engine used is a petrol engine.
The pickup and dropsied versions run on an engine that holds 1.3 liters of petrol. It is well-known for being incredibly fuel-efficient.

Fuel Consumption

The used Suzuki Carry vehicles are powered by a petrol engine that holds 1.3 liters of petrol. Even there is not a diesel-powered engine version of this famed minivan, the petrol engine is still cost-efficient.
Prospective buyers will not have to pay large amounts of money for petrol since the Carry is affordable, a minivan that is ideal for either commercial or personal use.
In terms of fuel consumption, the Suzuki Carry is renowned for fuel efficiency, so it is the perfect choice for van enthusiasts.

Seating Capacity

The seating capacity of the Suzuki Carry varies significantly, as it depends on the vehicle model and type. Throughout the past few decades, the Suzuki auto manufacturer has made big changes to both the van's exterior and interior.
Today, the used Suzuki Carry is available as a truck, van, and pick up, which means that buyers can find the vehicle that is most suitable for their needs.

Suzuki Carry History

The first Suzuki Carry was manufactured in October 1961 by Suzuki. Since then, this vehicle has been demonstrated to be an impressive car, given that it was constantly rebadged and produced until 2015. Generally, the Carry is a Kei-class truck.
A Kei-class truck is a type of Japanese mini truck that is available in two versions: the 4WD and RWD. These are light trucks that have a large cargo capacity, which are typical specifications advertised for micro vans.

The most impressive vehicle of the first generation was the pickup truck FB Suzulight Carry. This was a "semi-cabover" vehicle with huge cargo space and an engine that was under the front seats.
In 1962, an additional vehicle was released, the panel van. Because of the efficiency and dimensions of the Suzuki Carry models, a new era for light trucks and micro vans began.

Since their initial impressive success, these first Suzuki Carry generations led to additional lines. After some time, this model became available in a variety of body types that had many different features.
From chassis cabs to light trucks to minivans, the used Suzuki Carry could offer many options to van enthusiasts and business owners alike.

Suzuki Carry Review

After releasing the first Suzuki Carry models, Suzuki gave a new name to minivans and commercial light trucks. Even though drivers and passengers might not completely appreciate the limited legroom and narrow features, these are what make the Carry so iconic.
Because the Suzuki Carry is smaller than other cars like it, it can drive on congested, small roads.
This makes it the perfect car for people living in the city. In fact, when it comes to maneuverability, this car is incredibly impressive because of its external dimensions.

The limited legroom makes it possible to have more cargo room in the back, which is a big advantage for anyone who needs to load bulky, large items regularly.
Additionally, the layout of the dashboard provides the right amount of room for front-seat passengers. For this reason, it is a great light commercial car for traveling around or in a city.

Also, compared to other LCVs, the used Suzuki Carry has all the right safety features that those do not. In addition to an airbag, some models also include an alarm and a centralized locking system.
Finally, this car is cost-efficient. The fuel consumption costs are low as well as the upfront fees.

Types of Suzuki Carry

There are four types of Suzuki Carry available. They are the Suzuki Carry Truck, Suzuki Carry Mini Truck, Suzuki Carry Pick Up, and Suzuki Carry Van. By reviewing all these different Suzuki Carry types, you can decide which one is best for you.

Suzuki Carry Truck

Originally made popular in Japan, the Suzuki Carry Truck is a Kei truck that has become popular among international and local business owners. This is because its narrow and compact dimensions are advantageous for city driving.
Additionally, it has other impressive features, such as a robust build, sophisticated cabin, and large capacity for cargo.
When on the road, this used car has optimum performance and power, which is why it is a top choice for business owners and drivers.

Suzuki Carry Mini Truck

Because of its unique features, the Suzuki Carry Mini Truck is quite popular. Because this car was designed to be maneuverable while still being able to accommodate bulky and large items, this truck is convenient and comfortable to use, even on busy city roads.
The used Suzuki Carry Mini Truck specifications vary because models are all made differently. However, usually, this truck is 1790 mm high, 1475 mm wide, and 3395 mm long.
The Suzuki Carry Mini Truck is available in 11 different generations. It is a great commercial vehicle for both passengers and drivers because of its unparalleled reliability.

Suzuki Carry Pick Up

Because the Suzuki Carry Pick Up offers both functionality and versatility, it is more impressive than comparable luxury pickups in the market. This vehicle is perfect for home builders and landscape owners because it combines maneuverability with large cargo space.
The exterior of the vehicle is made with robust features and elements. Even though it might not be that attractive as far as pickups go, it is still better than other contenders because of the usability and dimensions it has.
Additionally, this is a budget-friendly used car because of its fuel efficiency, making it a popular choice.

Suzuki Carry Van

Finally, there is the Suzuki Carry Van. This is an incredibly versatile van because you can easily rearrange the seats to maximize its load capacity. It also has a lot of space for both passengers and cargo.
Because this is an enclosed carry van, it offers more protection to carrier items, especially if there's inclement weather.
Even more important than how spacious the used Suzuki Carry Van is, this vehicle has external dimensions that are narrow, which makes driving it more comfortable.
Whether it is being used for commercial or personal use, this van is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs and families. You will not have to worry about used Suzuki Carry problems with this vehicle.