Suzuki Carry

Slim, compact and highly durable, the Suzuki Carry is a commercial minivan perfect even for personal or family use. Designed with narrow exterior dimensions, it can easily fit into small, congested roads, making it the top choice of city-based companies.

Back in its early years, the Suzuki Carry microvan model was launched as the Carry van before it was re-introduced as the Suzuki Every. As newer minivan versions were released, the Suzuki Carry became well-known for its superior quality and flawless design. In fact, although it was manufactured by Suzuki, it earned badges from Ford and Chevrolet, thanks to its unique features and specifications.

As Suzuki Carry’s name grew bigger, it became available in other countries that have a high demand for Japanese minivans that are affordable and highly durable. With so many van models out in the market, prospect buyers can definitely find everything they need in the Suzuki Carry lineage.

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Suzuki Carry Specifications


The Suzuki Carry is available in different vehicle types. With 11 generations on its family tree, the minivan has greatly expanded and diversified to fit the needs and demands of every driver and van enthusiast.

Since van, pickup and truck versions are now available in the market, the Suzuki Carry dimensions cannot be generalized. Nonetheless, if there is one common denominator amongst the oldest and the rebadged versions of the lineage, it’s their slim and compact body type.


Just like its dimensions, the Suzuki Carry weight is highly dependent on the model and year of manufacture. For instance, the Suzuki Super Carry, which was released as a part of the model’s 8th generation lineage, weighs around 600 to 780 kg, while the 9th generation Carry, more popularly known as the Autozam Scrum, has a curb weight ranging from 650 to 720 kg. Despite changes in design and structures, the weight of the succeeding models also fall between these figures.


Manufactured by a Japanese-based company, the Suzuki Carry has distinctive features that set it apart from other compact minivans in the market. During its course of production, the models bearing the Suzuki Carry name are consistently powered by a petrol engine. The drop side and pick up versions run on a 1.3-liter engine that has a great reputation in terms of fuel efficiency.

Fuel Consumption

The Suzuki Carry models are powered by a 1.3-liter petrol engine. Even though the legendary minivan is not available in diesel-powered engines, it still has a good reputation in terms of cost-efficiency. Prospective buyers don’t need to break a bank to buy a unit since the Carry is an affordable minivan ideal for either personal or commercial use.

In terms of Suzuki Carry fuel consumption, on the other hand, the model is known for its fuel efficiency, making it an ideal buy for van enthusiasts.

Seating Capacity

The Suzuki Carry seating capacity is greatly dependent on its vehicle type and model. Throughout the decades, Suzuki made tremendous changes in the van not only internally, but externally as well. Today, it is now available as a pickup, a van and a truck, making it easier for buyers to pick the most suitable vehicle type for their needs.


Suzuki Carry History

First manufactured by Suzuki back in October 1961, the Suzuki Carry withstood the test of time as it was incessantly produced and rebadged until 2015. In general, the model is a Kei-class truck, which is a Japanese mini truck available in either 4WD or RWD version. Typically advertised with microvans, Kei-trucks are light trucks designed with a large cargo capacity.

The main highlight of its first generation was a pickup truck called FB Suzulight Carry. Built to offer a huge cargo space, the FB Suzulight Carry was a “semi-cabover” vehicle with an engine placed under the front seats. Aside from this model, a panel van under the series was also available in the market in the year 1962. The compact dimensions and the efficiency of the Suzuki Carry models marked the beginning of a new era for microvans and light trucks.

After receiving massive success, the first few generations of the Suzuki Carry was followed by other more advanced lineages. Soon enough, the model was available in different body types that boasted varying features. From mini vans to light trucks to chassis cab versions, the Suzuki Carry continued to offer a wide array of options to business owners and van enthusiasts.

Suzuki Carry Review

Suzuki basically gave commercial light trucks and minivans a new name when it released the first few models under the Suzuki Carry. Ironically, while passengers and drivers may not fully appreciate the narrow dimensions and the limited legroom, these are the exact unique features that made the model more iconic.

Since the Suzuki Carry is more compact than its counterparts, it can easily squeeze into small, congested roads, making it an ideal choice for those who live in the city. In fact, this model remains undisputed in terms of maneuverability, thanks to its external dimensions.

Also, its limited legroom enables more cargo space in the back, which is a huge advantage for those who need to regularly load large, bulky items. Plus, the dashboard’s layout gives its passengers adequate room in the front, so it is definitely the perfect light commercial vehicle if you are travelling in and around the city.

In addition to that, the Suzuki Carry offers basic safety features other LCVs lack. Aside from an airbag, a centralized locking system and an alarm are also available in some models.

Lastly, the Suzuki Carry is a cost-efficient find. Aside from its low upfront fees, it is also known for its low fuel consumption.

Types of Suzuki Carry

Suzuki Carry Truck

A Kei truck popularized in Japan, the Suzuki Carry truck is a popular choice amongst local and international business owners. While its compact and narrow dimensions already pose a huge advantage when it comes to city driving, the Suzuki Carry truck also has other standout features, including a large cargo capacity, a sophisticated cabin and a robust built. On the road, the truck offers optimum power and performance, making it a top choice amongst drivers and business owners.

Suzuki Carry Mini Truck

The Suzuki Carry mini truck has a great following, thanks to its unique features. Designed to accommodate large and bulky items without sacrificing maneuverability, the truck offers optimum driving comfort and convenience even in the busiest city roads. While the dimensions may vary from one model to another, the truck is typically 3395 mm long, 1475 mm wide and 1790 mm high.

Available in 11 different generations, the Suzuki Carry mini truck also proves itself to be the perfect commercial vehicle as it was built to provide drivers and passengers unparalleled reliability.

Suzuki Carry Pick Up

Far from the typical luxury pickups available in the market, the Suzuki Carry pickup boasts versatility and functionality. The perfect vehicle for landscape owners and home builders, the model offers a huge cargo space, along with an unrivalled maneuverability.

Externally, the vehicle was made with robust elements and features. Although it may not be the most attractive pickup out there, it continues to rise above its contenders because of its dimensions and usability. Plus, the Suzuki Carry pickup is also popular for its fuel-efficiency, making it a budget-friendly vehicle.

Suzuki Carry Van

Equipped with a large passenger and cargo space, the iconic Suzuki Carry van is a versatile choice as its seats can be arranged to maximize load capacity. Plus, since it is enclosed, it can offer carrier items more protection, especially when poor weather conditions strike.

More importantly, despite being spacious, the model was built with narrow external dimensions, which further optimizes driving comfort. A vehicle for either personal or commercial use, the Suzuki Carry van proves to be the perfect choice for families and entrepreneurs.