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Nissan Caravan Introduction

Launched in the year 1973 as a multi-purpose carrier, the Nissan Caravan is a highly reliable cargo van that offers unparalleled versatility. The van series has 5 generations--all of which are known for their robust features and spacious passenger and cargo capacity. A strong contender of the Toyota Hiace Van, the Nissan Caravan is the perfect vehicle for both personal and commercial use.

The Nissan Caravan is available outside Japan in three models: the Nissan Homy, Nissan Urvan and Nissan King Van. The series boasts major upgrades that greatly optimize fuel efficiency for either gasoline or diesel-powered engines. Built to travel longer distances, the Caravan also offers passengers unrivalled comfort and convenience, thanks to its spacious legroom and sophisticated interiors.

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Nissan Caravan Specifications


In compliance to the dimension requirements of the Japanese government, all models under the Nissan Caravan were designed as a cabover van, which is a vehicle type popular for maximizing cargo space and maintaining appropriate exterior dimensions.

The first generation was 4325 mm x 1690 mm x 1900 mm (LxWxH), while the models under the 5th generation were longer, higher and slightly wider. The most current vans are around 4,695 mm (for SWB) and 5,080 mm (for LWB) long, 1,990 mm (for low-roofed vans) and 2,285 mm (for high-roofed vans) high and 1,695 mm wide.


Just like its dimensions, the curb weight of the Nissan Caravan is highly dependent on the generation the model belongs to. The first generation was around 1,190-1,425 kg heavy, while the succeeding generations were around 1,930 kg in weight.


The Nissan Caravan continuously outsells its contenders because of two main factors: price and engine power. Built with strong features that enable both fuel-efficiency and power, the models under the latest generations are equipped with turbodiesel and 4-cylinder diesel engines with displacements ranging from around 2.3 to 3.2. Common amongst the Caravan models are 2.7 turbodiesel i4 and 3.0 turbodiesel i4 engines.

Although the 5-speed manual transmission is designed for rear-wheel drive, there are also 4-wheel drive vans under the latest series, making the Caravan a versatile and multi-functional cabover vehicle.

Fuel Consumption

The Nissan Caravan stands out not just in terms of passenger and cargo capacity, but in terms of fuel efficiency as well. After multiple upgrades, it has evolved into a sophisticated and cost-efficient commercial van that runs on clean diesel technology, which significantly lessens fuel consumption.

Typically, the cabover van can run up to 12.2 km/liter. The CO2 emission of the latest generations, on the other hand, is 50% less than the 2009 models, which makes the Caravan a pocket and eco-friendly find.

Seating Capacity

A vehicle designed in accordance to the Japanese government’s regulations, the Nissan Caravan is known for its slim exterior and spacious interior. Capable of carrying up to 12 passengers without sacrificing legroom, this cabover van is a top choice amongst families and business owners.

Likewise, since most models are around 3,050 mm long, the Nissan Caravan features a large cargo capacity. In fact, it's popularly used as either an ambulance or a cargo van, thanks to its highly flexible seats and interiors.

Nissan Caravan popular model

This is a Japanese car, Nissan Caravan model, that has been widely popular from Africa to Oceania! VWE25 model of Nissan Caravan van, which is overwhelmingly popular in the import market!

Various grade variations

Japanese car Nissan Caravan van/Caravan coach/Caravan bus are developed in various grade variations. In particular, Caravan van is a different grade of Caravan van that looks the same at first glance, but each has its own characteristics.

Let's take a look at the characteristics of each grade you want to know when importing a cheap Japanese used car.

Caravan van DX

If you want to use less money as possible, Van DX is recommended as a standard van type of Caravan van.

Gasoline vehicles have a large maximum output and are useful for high speed running when driving over a long distance. It has a lineup of gasoline and diesel vehicles, and you can choose from 2WD and 4WD diesel vehicles.

Let's choose the type according to the purpose of use.

Model code: VR2E26, CS4E26, CW8E26, CW8E26, CW4E26, CWGE25, CWGE25, VPE25, VR2E26, VRE25, VW2E26, VWE25, VW6E26, VWME25

Caravan van Premium GX

Van Premium GX is more equipped than Van DX. Equipment such as privacy glass and ozone-safe dual air conditioner are added. It is a van that is equipped with safety equipment such as emergency brakes and supports business and driving safely.

Model code: VR2E26, CBF-, VPE25, VR2E26, VW2E26

Caravan coach DX

Caravan coach DX is a caravan that can accommodate more passengers than other van types.

A van has a carrying capacity of 6, but a wagon can accommodate 10 people. Of course, it's useful for business, but it's also perfect for leisure and outdoor activities with family and friends.

If you are looking for a commercial car with a low price and a big capacity, this is highly recommended.

Caravan coach GX

Wagon GX is a grade with additional equipment on Wagon DX.

It has great attention to details such as storage pockets and cup holders that are convenient to have. With the intelligent key and sliding door auto closure, it is convenient for getting on and off.

Caravan Rider Wagon GX

The exterior of Rider Wagon GX has been modified based on the Wagon GX. The front grille has been changed, so it is recommended for those who are particular about the exterior and want to choose a grade of a caravan.

Caravan bus DX

Caravan bus DX features an interior comfort that can accommodate up to 14 people.

When you want to pick up and drop off a large number of people, for example in Africa, it is often imported to be used as a village bus or school bus!

Caravan bus GX

Equipment of Caravan bus GX is upgraded from DX. Features such as storage capacity and auto light system have been added, so it is recommended for those who want to have a more satisfying minibus. Even if you want to enjoy customization, GX has basic features, but DX series is definitely the most popular DX imported from Japan in terms of its low price!

Popular Caravan van's loading capacity and engine

Maximum load capacity: 1000 kg (a riding capacity of 3 people)

Model Code Engine code Grade Drive system
CBF-VR2E26 QR20DE VX, DX, premium GX 2WD
LDF-VW2E26 YD25DDTi VX, DX, premium GX 2WD
LDF-VW6E26 YD25DDTi VX, DX, premium GX 4WD

Maximum load capacity: 1250 kg (a riding capacity of 3 people)

Model Code Engine Grade Drive system

Comparison of Caravan van vs Hiace van!

Among Japanese used cars, Caravan van and Hiace van are competitive cars that are often compared.

There are many parts that compete with each other, such as size, passenger capacity, and power, so it is difficult to know which one is better.

We will introduce the distinctive points by comparing the caravan and Hiace.

The great point of Caravan

It has overwhelming cost performance! And the enhancement of safety equipment and convenience of trunk space.

Compared to the king of a Japanese car, Toyota hiace van, Japanese car Nissan Caravan van is superior that it is overwhelmingly cheap in the used car import market. Compared to Toyota's world-famous hiace van, Nissan's Caravan van has high-cost performance in spite of its high quality. We will explain each in detail.

Two points that are as great as its quality!

1. Advanced safety vehicle

Caravan van is equipped with advanced safety equipment that was first set in the 4-number van class.

An intelligent around-view monitor that can secure a 360-degree field of view and an intelligent emergency brake that protects the safety of the preceding vehicle are adapted as standard equipment.

It has a high safety quality among Japanese commercial cars which is one of the great points and superior to hiace van.

2. Convenience of luggage space

A luggage utility nut is adapted as standard equipment in the trunk. You can arrange storage by attaching rails, hooks, and roof inner bar, etc., which are dealer options, by using nuts. It is a car model that can effectively utilize the trunk space and is convenient not only for business but also for spending a night in my car and enjoying leisure and outdoor.

Features of Hiace van

It is the name value of Toyota name and full customization parts

1. Name value

Hiace van is a Japanese car that is active not only in Japan but also all over the world. Compared to Caravan, the name value is higher as a Japanese used car.

These two car models have many similarities in a function, but when importing a used car by a name-value, importing prices for a used car tends to be higher than caravan's same model.

2. Fully customized parts

Hiace van sells customized parts from various manufacturers.

You can arrange Hiace van matches your taste, so even after importing, you can drive your own Hiace van that is particular about features and comfort.

Nissan Caravan History

Released by Nissan in 1973, the Nissan Caravan was designed as a multi-purpose cabover vehicle ideally used as either a cargo van or a fleet vehicle. It picked up features from the legendary Homy, which was originally launched as a different vehicle model in the year 1965 and was later reintroduced as a version of Nissan Caravan.

Prior the release of Nissan Caravan, its twin and counterpart, the Homy, was a separate vehicular model that was available in the market from the year 1965 to 1976. Initially, the Homy was manufactured by Prince Motor Company, which later formed a merger with Nissan during the year 1965. After the union of the two companies, the Homy, which already had a large following, was "rebadged" and re-introduced as the Nissan Caravan. Despite its change in brand name, the Caravan still shared the same framework with Prince Homer, a cabover pickup truck designed for heavy-duty work.

In 1976, the 2nd generation of the Homy series was released and advertised as an identical twin of the 1973 generation of Nissan Caravan. During so, the model was available only at Nissan Prince Store locations, while the Caravan was sold exclusively at Nissan Bluebird stores.

Throughout the course of its manufacture, the Nissan Caravan had 5 generations. Outside Japan, it is sold as Nissan King Van, Nissan Urvan and Nissan Homy.


If you are wondering whether to buy Caravan when importing a Japanese commercial car, there are certain parts that you are concerned about such as riding comfort and fuel economy. So, we picked up some important points of Caravan. Please refer to your questions about Caravan.

The seat is comfortable, and the ride comfort is outstanding! Highly functional and easy to drive!

The comfort of the seat is characteristic of Caravan's ride quality. The seats fit your body firmly, so you can drive comfortably and feel less fatigue during work and leisure. The ease of driving is also attractive, such as good visibility in the front and rear confirmation using the intelligent around-view monitor.

Although there are some differences depending on the grade, it is 8.8-12.4 km/L in JC08 mode!

The fuel economy of Caravan is 8.8 to 12.4 km/L in JC08 mode, although there are some differences depending on the grade. As a commercial vehicle, there are a lot of reviews that the fuel cost does not decrease even if a lot of luggage is loaded. There are a lot of reviews that the cost is cheap. One of the reasons for its popularity is its stable fuel efficiency regardless of whether it is used in the city or in the suburbs.