Learn Specs of Fighter

Mitsubishi Fighter Specs by Model Code

Spec by Model Code
There are many models of the Fighter, but the specification of that type can be understood just by looking at the model. Here, the contents of the specification information hidden in the type will be introduced to understand it
1st digit F stands for Fuso truck and B means the bus.
2nd digit It indicates the driving system. Only H is 4 x 2 Fighter Mignon. K is 4 x 2 rear wheel drive, L is 4 x 4, M is 4 x 2 with high floor specification, N is 6 x 2, and Q indicates 6 x 2 with low floor specification.
3rd digit It indicates the cab type. 4/6 is full cab, 3/7 is short cab, and cabin bed is equipped with full cab.
4th digit Vehicle rank and the suspension system can be understood. Detailed contents are unknown.
5th digit The engine that is equipped can be distinguished. For numbers, 2 indicates equipped with 6D16-T, 5 is 6D14/6D14-T, 6 is 6D15/6D15-T, 7 is 6D16, and 8/9 indicates that 6D17/6D17-T is equipped. For alphabets, F is 6M60-T, H/G is 6M61, and R indicates that 4M50-T is equipped.
6th digit The wheel base length can be understood. As the alphabet advances, the body becomes longer.